Anne Hathaway & Kelly Clarkson Remix David Bowie & Vanilla Ice In Name That Tune Game

Anne Hathaway & Kelly Clarkson Remix David Bowie & Vanilla Ice In Name That Tune Game

In an aggressive game of “Sing That Name That Tune” hosted by Matt Iseman, Anne Hathaway and Kelly go head-to-head to see who can sing the lyrics to popular songs first just by hearing the melody. Anne’s “fool-proof strategy” gives her the early lead, but will she be able to pull out the win? Also, did she and Kelly accidentally create the best remix of all time? Watch and find out!

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38 Responses

  1. jjmarz1001 says:

    Anne takes no prisoners when it comes to singing games. She never loses. Her lip sync battles are epic.

    • SUB 4 SUB says:


    • offthesidelines says:

      @Anders Larsen oh I loved Tom’s performance too but his episode was later; before Anne all the Lip Sync Battle’s duels (starting from when it was a segment on Jimmy Fallon’s shows) were pretty low production and chill. Anne Hathaway made into an actual full production performance and from then on other competitors starting upping their game.

    • Anders Larsen says:

      @offthesidelines Then you haven’t seen the Tom Holland episode.

    • Judith Mac Donald says:

      Yes, I saw that!

    • Rainman says:

      Lip syncing has nothing to do with whether or not you can actually sing tho…Anne can,I’m just saying…

  2. insan3d0wn3r says:

    Everyone forgot she won an Oscar for Les Miserables. Yes she can sing and act.

    • SUB 4 SUB says:

      ┴NƎWWOƆ SIH┴ SƎʞI˥ pN∀ ƎW O┴ Sq∩S OHM ƎNO⅄N∀ O┴ פNIqq∩S W,I


    • AlizMari23 says:

      Don’t forget about Ella Enchanted! I was actually just watching Les Misérables yesterday cuz I saw the short clip of this video and it made me want to watch it 😂

    • AnnMarie MCLEOD says:

      She was also on Barbra Streisands album duets

    • jakesbel says:

      Her mom was an Opera Prima Donna (means huge star) she grew up singing the right way almost from birth singing classical and opera.

  3. A K says:

    I died when Anne bodied Since U Been Gone while Kelly faceplanted. Kelly wasn’t lying when she said she doesn’t remember her own songs.

  4. kaouter Mouslim haliba says:

    This Vanilla Ice/Queen collaboration between Anne Hathaway and Kelly Clarkson is a hit that needs to be recorded and published properly!! I loved that little last bit they did !

  5. johnnyquest870 says:

    Did Anne Hathaway just completely kill Since You’ve Been Gone? That’s kind of a hard song, too. Also, they need to record the mashup of UnderPressure/Ice Ice Baby. That would be badass.

  6. Anderson Mendes says:

    Anne Hathaway IS THAT SHIT!!!!
    The girl can act and sing!!

  7. Nate Huff says:

    “CAN YOU PLAY A FREAKING SONG ILL KNOW?!” (Literally plays her song) still misses it 😂😂

  8. Ernie says:

    Anne rocked this! Phenomenal stuff!! I will certainly watch We Crash.

    • Jamie's ETM Cult says:

      The first episode is free. It was so damn good, I’m thinking about subscribing to Apple TV, lol! Both Anne and Jared were, as you’d expect, fantastic. I’ve watched interviews with Adam, the WeWork sociopath and I find him repulsive but damn if Leto didn’t make him both repulsive and endearing. That’s acting!

  9. Jaelah Edwards says:

    Let’s not forget that This is Kelly’s Show and that She got some bars Kelly girl can rap.

  10. D W says:

    I love that Kelly doesn’t take herself too seriously and can graciously take the loss to Ann Hathaway!
    *Can we please get that Queen/Bowie/Vanilla Ice remix cut and released PLEASE!*

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