Anne Heche Dead at 53

Anne Heche Dead at 53

Anne Heche has died. She’s survived by her two sons, Homer and Atlas. The actress was known best for roles in movies, such as ‘Six Days Seven Nights’ and ‘Volcano,’ as well as her TV performances, including ‘Hung’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’ Anne appeared on season 29 of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ in 2020, where she opened up about her past romance with Ellen DeGeneres and its lasting impact on Hollywood.

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26 Responses

  1. Rated R says:

    I’m so sad it ended this way for Anne. She was really vibrant and creative but sadly dealt with very dark personal demons her whole life. Really wishing peace and wellness for her family who are suffering from a tragic loss right now. If you know someone who is struggling in life right now, please remember Anne, and let them know they are loved and how much their life means. Because no one knows who’ll still be here tomorrow.

    • Ben Jack says:

      @Mrs Ladybug 👍

    • Mrs Ladybug says:

      @Ben Jack I could hear it in your first comment. I’m really sorry things are rough. Life is hard, and there’s no denying that. I can honestly say that I’ve been at the very bottom, a few times. Something I learned is that life — and emotion — is like the ocean, with waves. Some of them are huge, and it feels like you’re going to sink. You wonder if you’re going to drown. But nothing ever EVER stays the same forever. If you’re in the depths right now, you will for sure rise on a wave and see the sunlight again. It probably doesn’t even feel comforting for you right now. It might not even have helped me to hear this during the worst times I was “sinking”. But I hope it reaches your heart. Truly, if I had given up, I would have actually missed the best of life that I would not have ever imagined I could have. But I had to reach out. I walked into an ER once. I called somebody another time. Because I knew I was in over my head and needed a hand up. I slept in between my boys’ cribs a few nights one time because I knew they mattered SO much and I couldn’t leave them alone in life and had to remind myself every single second. I printed pictures of every one I believed might miss me, and I put them in my purse and carried them with me to look at for when I was on the brink. And today, I am thankful I am still here.
      I noticed you Ben. You matter. I care. You can print a picture of these tulips on my profile to add to the people who care about you. The wave will catch you, and you will see the sun again. I pray it peeks between the clouds even today.

    • G@n@21 says:

      @star shine No one died. Edit: Except Anne Heche. The renter who lost everything now has over $150,000 raised in gofundme and the insurance will cover the house. If the renter sent her condolences and is heartbroken over the loss of Heche, then maybe you should put a plug in the negativity and think of her minor son. 💁‍♀️

    • G@n@21 says:

      @Marchel S She had committed a hit and run earlier. She was either running or just so messed up or both. 🤷‍♀️

    • G@n@21 says:

      @Butter Cup her rep literally said she sustained severe burns.

  2. IKMS says:

    Anne’s character in the Legend of Korra, Su Beifong, resonated with me because she didn’t let her past be her present and future. She was a rebel child, but she turned her life around and did great things.

    Much respect to you Anne.

  3. Erika Smith says:

    I really liked Anne. I watched her back when she was acting in Soaps. Always loved her acting as I found her intelligent and she took pride in her work. My heart and deepest condolences to her two sons, her friends and family. This is beyond tragic, and I wish it wasn’t so.
    Rest easy Anne, and know you are loved and missed.🥺🙏🏻

  4. Catherine English says:

    My heart breaks for her boys . A great person with a tragic legacy , so much talent .

  5. Jennifer L says:

    I’m sad for Anne. We have no idea what’s going on in someone’s life. Life is so fragile.

  6. Rebecca Stout says:

    This is sad enough, but for her to go in such a horrific way just kills me. An hour she was trapped in fire and toxic smoke.

    • Tammy LaRonde says:

      It is indeed sad that her life ended this way.

      It’s also sad that this was preventable.

    • Rebecca Stout says:

      @LottaTroublemaker My goodness, small world! I will indeed and I hope your weekend goes well despite the recent tragedies.

    • apok1980 says:

      @Mike Morris I think lack of empathy can be dangerous. I’m not saying erase bad choices people make. I think she made bad choices. I think she could have killed someone. But I also have sympathy that she died and her kids lost their mother. Ultimately, I don’t feel like it has to be one way or the other. I’m going way off course here, but this brings to mind a science fiction book I read years ago called “Speaker For The Dead”. One of the concepts in the book was about someone who would aggressively research you after you passed and speak for you both the good and the bad in a ceremony. In other words, she was a mother, actress, had mental issues, abused drugs, also a SA survivor. That’s 53 years of life.

    • Tink says:

      @Mel Safken I agree with you 💯 on all of that! So many are so quick to judge and condemn no matter if they have all the facts or not! I’ve seen some of the most evil comments that people have made and I’ve also come across some truly nice heartfelt respectful comments and within minutes people are attacking them like a bunch of rabid animals! Nobody is perfect we all make mistakes myself included it would be ashamed if we all were treated like this for each and every mistake we made!

  7. Marley Bedford says:

    RIP Anne. Such a tragic end to a beautiful, roller coaster ride of a life. Sincere condolences to Homer and Atlas. I hope your pain eases with time. With best wishes from Australia.

  8. Christy Price says:

    My heart goes out to her family and friends. I truly hope she’s finally found the peace that she never got while on earth. I’m also glad the lady who lost her home is okay. Such a tragedy for all.

  9. N S says:

    This is absolutely devastating, I am so sorry to those who are close to and love Anne Heche on a personal level, my heart goes out to all of you during this time. We all got to appreciate her talent, how lucky we are 💕

  10. D Finite says:

    Sexual abuse causes lifelong damage, harms the victim’s soul. So sad for her, and all that she endured. Anne Heche was a brave, talented, shining light.

    • Mike D says:

      @Jelly Baby definitely

    • Mike D says:

      Ann was brave flying thru someone’s home could’ve killed people ? 🗑🤡

    • Tash Tatkat says:

      This is tragic but I hope people don’t forget that she chose to involve other people who lost their house and could have lost their lives, had they been in the house and not in their backyard, if someone wants to end their life that is their choice, but to involve others, a very selfish act, and I feel very sorry for her family, friends and the people that lost their home, just senseless.

    • Jelly Baby says:

      Na, the white powder shoved up the nose causes life time damage, ask her, oh, you can’t

    • Dee Webb says:

      @Rose Almeida you are quite judgemental.

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