Anne Heche “not expected to survive” after Los Angeles crash } ABC7

Anne Heche “not expected to survive” after Los Angeles crash } ABC7

Anne Heche is not expected to survive after suffering a severe brain injury in a car crash last week, a representative for her family said Thursday. Details:

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  1. *** says:

    I met her once. I was headed to Vegas and stopped at a gas station to use the restroom and there she was waiting too. She started to chat me up and asked me why I was going to Vegas. I told her that my friends and I were going to celebrate our birthdays because they all fell on the same week. She told me she was on her way back home after getting away for a couple of days with her good friend. Afterwards I saw her talking to her friend…Vince Vaughn! We ran into each other again outside and she wished me a happy birthday and told me to be safe and have a good time. She then turned to Vince Vaughn and excitedly mentioned to him that it was my birthday so he congratulated me too. I’ll never forget how thoughtful and kind hearted she was.

    • It'sjstanopinion🤔 says:

      Amen! Thank you for sharing.
      And for those people who are perfect and have chosen to post hurtful, ungodly things:
      Matthew 7
      New International Version
      Judging Others
      7 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    • It'sjstanopinion🤔 says:

      @jane doe
      Matthew 7
      New International Version
      Judging Others
      7 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.(2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    • David Little says:

      That would be so Cool

    • It'sjstanopinion🤔 says:

      @Mr Positive Human JKH2
      I didn’t know this actress but my heart goes out to her family, friends, etc., and may she RIP.

  2. Aayla Breast Vlogs says:

    So sad. Abusing children on any level is unimaginable. Her father scarred her for life. Some people want to be truly happy – good people. Unfortunately their past won’t let them. I pray she finds peace.

  3. Dee says:

    My heart breaks for her loved ones, especially her young kids. You can love people but you cannot control their detrimental ways. 🙏🏼

    • SeoulPassion says:

      @Rosie I didn’t mention the bottle of vodka in the car until after Tom, but nice try.

    • SeoulPassion says:

      @Crow Medicine Anne Heche has done this same thing before, nothing about this incident is out of character for her. She also has drug/alcohol issues. Not sure why people refuse to believe the evidence stating she was high and drunk.

    • SeoulPassion says:

      @Crow Medicine She wasn’t tested for alcohol because of her injuries. But she was drinking straight vodka with wine chasers on a podcast 90 minutes before her second crash. She also had a near empty bottle of vodka in her cup holder. Her and the co-host were bragging about drinking on the show. She left the studio in her car. She was drunk.

    • Rosie says:

      @Tom Campbell lol but YOU didn’t know that UNTIL little Ms know it all said it! Ha!

  4. J Mac says:

    She is such a fighter I really thought she’d prove everyone wrong, I loved her in the movie Return to Paradise I believe it’s her best performance. This makes me awfully sad to hear, I really hope they gave her every fighting chance and made no decisions too soon

    • China Doll says:

      If she has a DNR ..then she has made her decision already. That could be why they are keeping her in a coma so they can bring her out & if she starts to slip away they can keep her on long enough to donate her organs. God Bless Her Soul and her SPIRIT!!
      Horrible for kids to need their mom’s support in their lives & she not physically be here.

    • China Doll says:

      Not when you don’t want to be here.
      I remember her trying to not be here before. GOD Bless Her immortal Soul !

    • JEwLz says:

      I’ve never seen that movie, or even heard about it. I’ll have to now. Especially if it’s her best performance. Thanks for posting that.

  5. Saundra Huff says:

    My daughter was hit head on with an impact speed of 110 mph. I cannot even tell you how many times she flatlined. I know of 7 times. I was there in SICU for 2 of them. She had no hope of survival. For 10 days I stood by her side and fought with her to keep fighting, not to give up. That was 7 years ago. We were so lucky. It could have gone the other way easily. Not everyone made it out of there alive. I learned, in any ICU, there’s only one way in, you have to be near death. But there are 2 ways of leaving. Being transferred to step down room, or to the morgue. And, it’s up to fate which one you use. God Be With Her.

  6. lisa brown says:

    I remember her best from “Another World.” She was the reason I watched that show. Her portrayal of Victoria was fiery, and just amazing. I also just recently watched the Lifetime movie (way before her accident) in which she co-starred with Eric Roberts. She played a character based on a real-life true crime. Another amazing performance. I am so saddened to hear of what has happened for all involved. This world is tough, full of chaos. All the more reason for us to love one another. My prayers for everyone, Psalm 34:18 always brings me comfort. If you don’t know what it says, please look it up.

    • Jeffrey Harnden says:

      Loved her on another world to Lisa she played both Marly and Victoria I watched her from the very beginning back in 1987 watched the show to the end I have memories of Marly and Jamie in France the viki Jamie Lisa was one of my favorite love triangles . Of course viki and Ryan were one of my all time favorite bay city couples way to many to name I’m just so glad that I’m not the only one who remember her from her soap role but than again not to many people watch daytime anymore can’t say that I blame them it’s not as good as it used to be don’t worry you are not missing anything I still watch but only out of habit but other than that the ones that are left are barely watchable I struggle just to sit and watch but it’s out of habit will miss Anne and so will her another world family

  7. Loren Hewitt says:

    She inhaled super heated air and toxic fumes from the fire in the vehicle. I spent twenty plus years on the job as a career firefighter. My experience is that the victim seems fine other than the obvious burns unfortunately the lungs have been comprised.

    • Loren Hewitt says:

      @Neil Patel I agree,but the pulmonary function is also greatly compromised because of the extreme temperature of the air she inhaled while in the vehicle. This happened with a burn victim we had. Conscious and relatively alert at the scene but passed away twelve hours later in the burn unit. The victim was only seven years old.

    • Neil Patel says:

      It’s more anoxic brain injury rather than traumatic. When the lungs can’t transport o2 to the brain it’s over

  8. Bradley Harting says:

    She’ll have the peace she’s always been searching for in her tormented life. I could feel her dis-ease in her interviews…something was off. Condolences to her two sons and people who loved her.

  9. Little Ogeechee says:

    Really sad! Prayers going out to all her family and friends. You just never count anyone out, though, before the Good Lord says it’s their time. Praying that she will push through and come back. Just thankful that no one else was injured or killed in the crash. Prayers for her sons and extending to them comforting thoughts.

  10. Holly Hayes says:

    I also suffered a brain injury, was on life support, and wasn’t expected to survive. I had to learn how to walk, talk, and eat again. I was in a coma for 10 days and on life support. Here I am. There’s hope. Edit: she has, apparently, passed away.

    • Geoff H says:

      @Margie F doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you mixing drugs and driving is never good option.

    • Idont Care says:

      @Claire It did take an hour to put the fire out and get inside the home to pull the car out with her in it.

    • Rosie says:

      @Sharma Wade Amen and she definitely has a LIVING testimony. God is definitely in control and he’s in the business of making miracles happen too! 🙏🏻❤️

    • Idont Care says:

      Yea I’ve heard they give up on people real quick if they are organ donors. Not right but glad you made a recovery.

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