Announcing a new partnership with one of the most celebrated game developers in history

Announcing a new partnership with one of the most celebrated game developers in history

The first software title created by the newly formed Kojima Productions will be console exclusive to PlayStation 4.

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20 Responses

  1. MatiasDarRobles says:

    Welcome Kojima San… this is your new home :’)

  2. Andree Hide says:

    Hideo is Back ! Like Big Boss did in the past ! A man without Konami
    Punished Hideo

  3. mikesyr says:

    “We’d like to offer our full support on your new journey.” Basically “f u
    Konami!” :D

  4. Colin Richard says:

    Please let it be Z.o.E 3…….I know it is an incredibly long shot…..but
    please…..please let it be Z.o.E 3 :(

  5. SUPER GAMER says:

    só vim aqui pra ver porque não entendi nada kkkkkkk

  6. TheHonestjbone says:

    I’m so thrilled, admin if you read this let Andrew and execs and higher ups
    know that the fans are extremely happy!!

  7. NeoLudditevisons says:

    Andy says relax! =) great news for PS!

  8. Josafat Guerrero says:


  9. micahman3000 says:

    Once in a lifetime moment…..

  10. Leong Mun says:

    I really really really hope daryl and whatever the producer of pacific rim
    is working with hideo like silent hill

  11. Dire Knight says:


  12. L4L1LuL3L0 says:

    Kojima Productions has the most badass logo ever.

  13. Luca Porrello says:

    If you pay some attention you can ear the Microsoft scream’s

  14. SuperArppis says:

    I hope he does something different than Metal Gear. 🙂

    But if he chooses to do something similar, I hope it’ll be good.

  15. TheDrunkenBooma says:

    Congrats Kojima!

  16. i1234pipio says:

    This is beautiful

  17. Juan José Del Pino Rivas says:

    ¿Maybe a new Metal Gear? I’d love to see the faces in Konami if Kojima
    announces ”Metal Gear 6”

  18. Smith-Dimension says:

    A great person respects people, fans, loved ones, friends, and their
    creations. That is Hideo Kojima, and that is not Konami. I’m glad to see
    Kojima establish his own new studio, and I wish it success. Thank you Hideo
    Kojima for all the great and hard work you have done in your life. I
    respect your hard work and creations unlike Konami. I wish you nothing but
    happiness, freedom, and bigger success. Give Konami a run for their money.
    Also, thank you Sony & Playstation for helping this man through a dark part
    of his life. Hideo Kojima, and Sony Playstation will always be in my heart.
    I thank all of you.

  19. TryHARDBlackGuy says:

    nice Japanese weeb

  20. Mark Smith says:

    Poor Xbox. Microsoft not only lost this console generation, they were
    knocked out, KO, destroyed. It’s like Rousey V Holm. Utter defeat. Except
    no chance of a rematch until the next console generation.