Annoyed Husky Howling

Annoyed Husky Howling

English springer spaniel annoying a husky, which leads to a lot of howling. Sky (Husky), Marshall (black/white springer), and Sadie (brown/tri springer) performing what I guess you could call some sort of trio.

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20 Responses

  1. TheDaneist says:

    The wolf pack pact has been established.

  2. Peter Mcloud says:

    The Three Tenors……

  3. Deutschehordenelite says:

    eyy, eyy, eyy, come on, come on

  4. Meg Moses says:

    The Three Tenors……

  5. Bullet Tooth Tony says:

    That husky got owned. It’s the beta bitch of the pack that’s for sure. 

  6. theworldowner111 says:

    My 2 favourite dog breeds HOWLING TOGETHER! This is too cute!

  7. noe urbinan says:

    I live in indiana is it good for my husky

  8. God Almighty says:

    Mmmmmmm Delicious 

  9. Micah Newby says:

    Cute dogs. I would hate to be their neighbors.

  10. steve41557 says:

    my favorite next door neighbors

  11. Kyle Andrew says:

    #trending +JukinVideo Annoyed Husky Howling 

  12. David Thompson says:

    I doubt if Sadie was irritating Sky. I suspect Sadie started singing the
    blues and the others joined in. If you are one of three large dogs cooped
    up inside like the chickens they’d rather be chasing, they all feel better
    sharing the misery. 

  13. swissaroo says:

    All together on 1! …..5, 6, 7, 8! And 1!

  14. angie stansbury says:

    Krohn27 Channel You Tube. What a crew this guy has for dogs Lol

  15. 8BitGamer4life says:

    They were doing a ritual and trying to summon satan.

  16. Gozzimo54321 says:

    Wtf is even going on xD

  17. Luigi says:


  18. Jared Gottfried says:


  19. Nicole Juarez says:

    Wdf. army :v

  20. VERSACE says:

    best neighbour ever..