Another comic I made in the 3rd Grade (LOST EPISODE)

Another comic I made in the 3rd Grade (LOST EPISODE)

I found another comic I made. Ima read it

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Songs used:
a loop made by me
kevin mccleod

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49 Responses

  1. SomeThingElseYT says:

    For those who were able to see this video before and are confused, youtube told me to delete the video because there was a horrible glitch that was hiding my channel and all new uploads. According to them 90% of my audience was unable to see any new videos for a while and no one was able to search up my channel as it was hidden by the youtube algorithm. Anyone who was able to see the video when it was first uploaded was part of the very lucky 10% who were able to watch the video through their notifications (which…. 90% of my audience didnt get either…). If you want more info check my community page.

    Also If you havent already go check out my new second channel!

  2. Alexa Hurst says:

    Very creative name “rock is stupid”
    There’s so many buts
    The suspense
    The yellow stain on every page
    This is everything that funny oh one more thing Elvis was mad that he broke his glasses lol 😆

  3. Mythical Destroyer says:

    Whem i pressed the like button he said “NO DONT TAKE OFF!”
    I was dying

  4. Emily Jeska says:

    since everyone isn’t gonna say it i will: adam’s voice >>>>
    edit: adam’s voice is greater than a lot of youtubers’ voices. it’s literally unintentional asmr, but not inherently weird like asmr if that makes sense?

  5. Indian tech support says:

    Me seeing his face again
    My brain: OH NO HE’S HOT

  6. KzCreationz & More says:

    Adam: “Okay so we need a name for the villian of this story! Any ideas?”
    His brain: “Well he hates Elvis and rock, right?”
    Adam: “Yeah….?”
    His brain: “So what about…. Rock Is Stupid?”
    Adam: “Thats……….. THE BEST IDEA EVER!”

  7. LenaLines says:

    I need two more seasons of this and a movie, not even joking.

    • imsecretlyacookie says:

      @LenaLines we ALL need it

    • A Very Special Someone says:

      Would we really pay 14 dollars to see a movie of this?…


    • imsecretlyacookie says:

      @A Very Special Someone I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere but don’t remember. If it’s got to do with something Adam said….I’ve watched like all his vids plus other ppls so…sorry if I don’t get it 😂

  8. Brayden Luke says:

    someone knocked on Elvis’s door… Who is it? the IRS. He didn’t pay his taxes.

  9. potato_cult_unit 1 says:

    Adam: ‘ego rapter blah blah blah’

    Me: ‘DOGGO!!!!!’

  10. HΞTIC HΞIDΞN says:

    No one:

    Not a single hummen:

    Not a single soul:

    Adam: AT0MIC B0OM!

  11. Dark star says:

    “…and a guy turned weak and small…”
    Me: and BALD

  12. Mrfriendlolo says:

    I don’t know why you think a face cam is bad you’re not ugly… 🤷‍♀️

  13. PassThe EggRolls says:

    Adam: Look at the book

  14. Karen Gray says:

    This doesn’t need to exist, but it Doe’s and its PERFECT!!!!!!

  15. rumi says:

    when Adam said “DONT CLICK OFF THE VIDEO!” I literally got so scared-

  16. the weirdo Jesse says:

    “I didn’t hate bald people, I don’t think.”
    -Adam Ortiz, April 11th, 2020

  17. Joy_Matters Isabel ayule says:

    Adam: holy shi

    YouTube: why hello there..

    Adam: shi… oot

    Youtube: I guys ima leave now

    Adam: what an asshole!

    YouTube: well I guess I’m coming back

  18. That One Cosmic Autobot says:

    Adam, showing the comic pictures to the camera for us: Do you see that?
    White saturation making the pictures unseeable: *INTENSIFIES*

  19. Captain Five head says:

    Start of Video: “hey everybody, markiplier here”

  20. A Creeper says:

    The name “Rock Is Stupid” is ironic because he wanted to steal a diamond, also a rock

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