Another Company Was Inspired By Gillette’s Ad

Another Company Was Inspired By Gillette’s Ad

Gillette’s ad about toxic masculinity is nothing compared to the new commercial for Iceguard windshield scrapers.

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107 Responses

  1. TheRandomView says:

    I believe in the best in men. I believe in the best in women. Let us all work to be the best versions of ourselves regardless of whatever shaving products you care to use.

    • Sir Cloud says:

      I don’t think you get my point. Societies problems are complex because different genders, bahviours and politics are shaping it. This Ad is basically “Yeah guys, just stop being assholes” while completely dismissing why guys become the way they are. And I’m not necessary talking about cat calling. Literal quote from the Ad: “Some already are”. The entire Ad is implicating that we have a epidemic with toxic masculinity where men basically go in the day by checking their “how can I sexually harass women today” to do-list while this is certainly not the case for the majority of men.

      Make the same Ad with blacks about gang voilence, muggins, gang shootings, drug abuse and single mother hood, while a white guy stops the black guy from mugging somebody and says “Bro, not cool” and see the exact same crowd that’s celebrating this Ad shitstorming on Twitter because it’s racism.

      I agree, some are just triggered because they fucking hate the left wing narrative in this Ad but putting such complex issues in such a simplyfied Ad, filled with stupid stereotypes that are not even the majority of todays men and expecting them to think it’s good is incredible retarded.

      The message of the Ad should be “Try to be a better person” but the actual message is “You’re not having common sense you stupid male pig so let me berate you about social justice”

    • K C says:

      +Sir Cloud What do you mean they aren’t addressing why guys become the why they are? Toxic masculinity occurs because of the behaviours the ad shows, like the whole “boys will be boys” thing. That is EXACTLY what the ad is addressing. I also disagree that the ad implies men go through a daily checklist. I think the whole point of the ad is that these are behaviours we might not normally think about and that we should make more of an effort to address them in both ourselves and others, and consider the consequences they have.

      Although I do agree that most men probably don’t behave the way the ad shows, some do. They never said all do, or even most. They’re just addressing the group that do, and telling the rest to openly condemn that behaviour so that going forward people understand that our society finds that behaviour unacceptable.

    • Sir Cloud says:

      +K C The “boys will be boys” thing is basically nonexisting in todays age. I’ve never seen somebody saying shit like this when they saw somebody sexually harassing or bullying someone. “Boys will be boys” can be said when kids are doing rough play, which is completely normal. Boys need stuff like rough play if they ever want to be competitive or successful in life. Do you realize that? Also, you’re getting told by women that they prefer strong guys. They like to feel protected. Playing hard-ball? “Guys are attractive when they’re successful”? Women finding men with money attractive? The list goes on. All that has influence of guys, believe it or not.

      If society wants men to change, society have to change. Bullying has nothing to do with gender. In fact, when I saw bullying by girls it was usually even more ruthless than bullying by boys. Of course, there are assholes and of course there are men that are treating women like shit. But men like this wont change because they saw this shitty Ad basically generalizing a entire gender based on the bahviour of the bad guys and most stuff happens behind closed doors.

      I’m completely fine with the core message of the Ad. Everybody should try to be a better person, no matter what race or gender they are. But how the Ad actually showed these problems was completely dumb and oversimplified.

    • MysticKoolaid808 says:

      I whole-heartedly agree. That’s all anyone seems to want from anyone else–respectability and respectfulness–and in terms of sex and gender roles, it’s no different.

    • K C says:

      +Sir Cloud When I was young I heard it all the time whenever I got into fights with boys because they started something with me. And if you don’t believe it’s said about sexual harassment just look at the news lately. Trump gets a free pass because “locker room talk”, Hedley brushes off sexual harassment and statutory rape as “rock star culture”… those ideas come from the same place as the “boys will be boys” mentality. There’s a difference between rough play and getting into fights. Roughhousing is messing around, fighting is being unable to control yourself and communicate properly. And neither of those is a gendered thing really, I’m a girl and I did way more of both growing up than my brother did. Side note, how is rough play necessary? Harmless, yes, but not necessary. Lots of boys don’t do it and they turn out just fine.

      It’s also a common stereotype that women like men who are sensitive or romantic or stylish or,especially lately, “nerdy”. Different women like different things. But I agree that a lot of society, especially media, is pretty bad with pressuring guys to be the Strong and Manly Dude. And we have to counter that by introducing media that promotes a different message and goal for masculinity, like, say, this Gillette ad.

      I also don’t think the ad was trying to say any of these things were gendered issues, per se. It’s a gendered product being marketed towards one gender, that’s the reason they addressed issues in their gender. Venus can deal with women’s problems, lol. (Now that I say that though they should, that’d be neat, sticking with this theme)

      It’s an ad, it’s gonna be a bit simplified. They only have like 30-60 seconds. I thought they got their message across fine all things considered, so it’s just interpretation I suppose.

  2. Shawna Bingham says:

    “Jump on the “woke” bandwagon”. I get it’s satire but that statement was real talk.

  3. Tacet the Terror says:

    That Iceguard ad at the end is painfully accurate to what Gillette tried to do with their ad.

    • Elizabeth Stuart says:

      +Aupa Atleti then don’t be an enabler. Problem solved.

    • DarkThief Darek says:

      @Kenneth Green: I completly agree. The media coverage has a huge impact on the people around the world. It’s why ads are effective in the first place. And if you have an overrepresentation on a subject, that subject is more in peoples mind than others subjects.

      Most commentators I read criticizing the ad where not offended (like those who defend the ad leads us to assume) but simply tired of this overrepresentation of degrading males to empower whatever. On the one hand you have those tired or angry, on the other hand you have those who believe males should be degraded constantly, because it’s everywhere in the media. This doesn’t solve problems, it will create more.

    • MysticKoolaid808 says:

      +Jeremy S You’re right, women can be asses just as much as men are. People shouldn’t get patted on the back or be defended or justified for doing something shitty just because of their sex.

      But to think that “toxic masculinity” means “all masculinity” is way off the mark. Is that really what men think it means and could that explain why so many seem to be so offended by this ad? Because that logic is incorrect, and it’s actually irresponsible to react to the phrase before one uses correct logic to try to make sense of it first.

      Saying that I don’t like red sneakers, you wouldn’t understand that to mean all sneakers are red, or that I don’t like sneakers at all. You’d likely understand it to mean that I don’t like sneakers that are red, our both knowing that they come in many different colors.

      Edit: clarification

    • not likely says:

      +Elizabeth Stuart
      So…just because a man wants to talk….that’s…..”toxic”?

      Am I getting the right message there?

      Just want to make sure I’m teaching my son the “right” way

    • Fernando Arista says:

      Lol are you serious?

  4. sprybug says:

    It’s hilarious watching the right, alt-right, and anti-SJW crowd shit themselves over this ad. Dare I say they’ve been…triggered? XD

    • Spoderman233 says:

      Im far left and i hate this ad

    • luchomscyfy says:

      I’m not from right wing, or alt-right. I’m more socialist. But the ad is awful. I don’t like to be treated like a rapist in the eyes of everybody only because I’m a man. I never harrass, rape, bully, or treated women in an objetifying way. But they believe that everybody “had to be better”, I ask “better for what”?
      It’s like asking a musulman “not to be a terrorist”. It’s awful.
      It’s a bad ad.

    • Ari Goldstein says:

      Those people you listed are called the majority.

    • Pawlo says:

      its not about the bs in this ad, its about bringing politics into shaving… like wtf… also normal people have emotions too

    • Ari Goldstein says:

      +Vanessa White YOu’re projecting again.

  5. Elizabeth Britton says:

    Men getting upset by being asked to be a role model /better person. Maybe this advert speaks volumes about you.

    • yallknow whoiam says:

      How about an ad telling immigrant to be more civilized ,oh no that would be racist now would it?

    • blurglide says:

      If I make an ad that depicts women as, say, a bunch of cannibals, and women find that insulting, I don’t get to come back with “why so triggered? So you support cannibalism them? That speaks volumes about you”

    • LupusAries says:

      +Vanessa White The current like to dislike count is 421k likes to 833k dislikes, even while there are allegations of dislikes getting removed. Which is not that uncommon, given there were a lot of them on the
      So right now we have a near 2:1 ratio of dislikes to likes…………….that is not some, that is the majority of viewers disliking it. So based on it being an ad targeted at men, that it would be disliked by most men who viewed it.

      ” I guarantee you, even if there were a million dislikes, that would still be an extremely tiny fraction of men.” Reductio ad absurdum…………..meaning that your argument is a fallacy, because your claim is that it still is “…an extremely tiny fraction of men” is:
      a) underdefined…………because you never say which men. Those in the US? Those in the world?
      b) is useless, as the majority of the men in the US, nevermind the world, very likely haven’t seen it, therefore they can’t have expressed an opinion.

      Oh and c) 800+K Dislikes is a huge number for youtube, hell even for likes that would be a huge number.
      Even the infamous Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer “only” got 3.7 million dislikes out of 41.896 million views.
      The even more infamous Youtube Rewind 2018 got 15 million downvotes out of 161 million views………I would say the Gilette Ad has a pretty standard response rate of about 10%.

      Here we have combined 1.2 million votes or less than 10% out of the hits of 16.5 million, the question would rather be how many did see those videos and went without voting.

      “But this isn’t actually about “a razor company”. It’s about the message. Trying to camouflage it as something else really doesn’t stand up under scrutiny.”
      No it isn’t it’s a “razor company” trying to tell people how to behave, and claim they have the moral high ground while they profit of child labour and labour abuse in general.

      What pisses people off is the blatant hypocrisy in that, they shit on the workers and the shit on children, yet they claim the right to tell them what is moral behaviour.

    • not likely says:

      Know your target audience…

      Women require group validation…they obsess about “feeling fresh”….and if their friends think their teeth are white enough

      When you try that on men….you get the “two word rebuttal”…men internally validate….our role models….the people we aspire to be….are offten outside society….

      And that’s the error…think how “Dirty Harry” would react….not “June Cleaver”

    • Cole Rosenbalm says:

      Or maybe it’s men being mad about being called sexist as a whole despite the majority of us being good people. Issue is people like you not giving a damn. Imagine if it was an ad against crime and showed a whole bunch of black people doing various crimes. The outrage would be immense, like it should be.

  6. TheDroidBay says:

    Don’t hit me but I actually like the ad.

    • xyzz Doe says:

      Metoo! ?

    • HASEnoncorperated says:

      I will hit you… In a fistbump

    • Sahil Stark says:

      I don’t understand……who gives a fuck about razors anyway?!? Do people actually focus on their razor brands ? Is der any difference? …..idk coz I haven’t used one yet …..
      Maybe Gillette was just trying to spread a good message regardless of whether they want people to buy a razor or not…..we do need such ads because kids grow up watching television…….and if using a razor can make them remember to be a better man ( any brand razor idc ) then it’s a good thing…’s not feminist bullshit…..this is an existing issue ….maybe less in America but it certainly exists more prominently in other less developed countries of the world

    • Chrissie K says:

      It was like one of those onion choping, heart grabbing short movies… Not sure if ad was a right format. But yes, it was beautiful ?

    • HASEnoncorperated says:

      +Sahil Stark well if you’ve bought one razor handle it’s generally incompatible with other brands’ blades so that’s fairly important.

  7. Lady Love says:

    The Alt Right are so pissed over this that they think dislikes will do anything ?????

    • yallknow whoiam says:

      So disliking an ad makes me alt right now ,yeah sure

    • Il Al says:

      +JoePescisBoss you must not have heard of 4chan’s old accomplishments 😀 Like

    • JoePescisBoss says:

      hahahahah, fantastic.
      you cant do that on youtube though, well you can, but it takes a lot of time and money,
      you can be certan the dislikes are real people, while the likes that came after the first day are mostly fake. gillette has actually the money to do that.

    • Dissident101 says:

      I’m not alt right I’m not even american and I hate that garbage, patronizing shit, like grown men need to be raised again like children, if our single mom failed, it’s done, there is no coming back from a lack of parenting, half the input, half the output. People stop buying Gillette products will do plenty, dislikes is just a heads-up.

    • Cole Rosenbalm says:

      I’m not even right at all, but I disliked it because indoctrination of sexism against men is bad.

  8. TheCstar07 says:

    The message wasn’t bad just the execution, it felt like watching a really sappy, preachy lifetime movie

  9. TheReal008Zulu says:

    Fairly certain that the only people offended by the ad are those that should correct their behaviour.

    • Ken E says:

      Yea only them… Plus all those who are against sexism

    • Eddie says:

      TheReal008Zulu pretty sure the only Black people offended when I say they need to correct their laziness are those who need to correct their behavior

    • Soren says:

      More like being tired of being told our behaviour *should* be “corrected” by some corporation that knows nothing about us and paints us with a broad brush just by virtue of being a man.

    • K C says:

      +Jeremy S There were… literally both of those in the ad. There were good men and bad men. The ad showed good men and said be like them, not the bad men. And besides, its not weird for something to only show the people it’s targetimg. That’s like saying “this drunk driving ad is offensive because they didn’t show anyone drinking responsibly and therefore implied that everyone who drinks is irresponsible and a murderer”. If you don’t drink and drive the ad’s not talking to you, of course they’re not going to show you.

    • Cole Rosenbalm says:

      Or people that are against sexism

  10. martinaee says:

    Look I’m a pretty liberal guy on most issues, but why is this somehow a liberal vs conservative thing to have an opinion on this ad. I think it’s a really dumb ad and if you think Gillette is morally the “good guy” and they are doing this just because they believe in “justice and equality” you’re incredibly naive. They don’t give a shit about anyone. For the past few years we’ve seen ads like this from multi-national corporations posturing as being on the right side of social moral issues for one reason: To gain mind-share. They get to look like the “good guys” while at the same time reaping the rewards of what a good ad does. It gets people talking about Gillette in many different ways.

    Now excuse me while I go drink some Pepsi and battle racism, bullying, sexism, and social injustice while I shave with over-priced razors and eat a few Tide pods.

    • K C says:

      That’s a decent opinion to have, I fully accept the “virtue signalling publicity stunt” criticism. I don’t know if I necessarily agree, because 1. we can’t know for sure whether the Gillette people actually believe in this cause or not, and 2. how much does intent really matter anyways? If they say something good for publicity or because they actually believe it, the result is the same.

      Either way, that’s a fair criticism. The problem is all the (mostly) men getting personally offended at the message itself. The people who hear “don’t bully people ” and respond “how DARE you” are the “antis” being criticized here

    • Esmé says:

      martinaee correct, it’s a money grab ! But, the content of the ad is happening in real life.

    • Mikesean45 says:

      I kinda don’t care if they’re doing it to make money? They’re gonna advertise regardless, I’d rather them promote good values while doing it than the alternative.

    • Rhett Cujo says:

      Wow to all these reactions and lol. All I got from the ad was look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself don’t be a dick! Me: “Oh ok” I didn’t look too much into it after. ? good comment tho.

    • MrLoneWoof says:

      Gillette is so progressive it makes women pay thrice the amount men pay for their razors. And the feminine line comes in pink, because that’s not stereotypical in any way. Gillette is so woke it’s been caught and fined for price-fixing, and it’s parent company P&G used child slave agricultural labour in developing countries (they will tell you they had no idea where their palm oil came from). Oh, and most political donations they do go to republican PAC’s, since republicans like giving big companies tax cuts.

  11. Vanessa White says:

    Should have showed it all. A lot of people raging haven’t even watched it. “Are our moral institutions so fragile that we need to be lectured by a razor company?” Uh, evidently, based on the response, the answer is “very much so, yes.”

    • Ejaz PA says:

      Vanesa white, you mean a razor company that uses child labour and do many other shady business ???

    • yallknow whoiam says:

      come on if there was such an ad about woman ,feminazis would have acted crazier

    • herrikudo says:

      Vanessa White, You should be ashamed of yourself. Absolutely ashamed as a human being capable of critical thought. You are so desperate to be on the right side of things that you dont even care to genuinely consider differing opinions. You keep calling everyone sexist and insisting our society has this great male problem. Never once have i seen you acknowledge that just *maybe* someone offended by this isn’t sexist. I pity you so greatly. Enjoy your one track conversations in your group-think hive, you misandrist.

    • Akshat Agarwal says:

      +Are We Not Men? It’s virtue signaling. I’m not religious and it’s easy enough for me to identify that, and the ad was extremely political, the theme was MeToo. So yeah while I am offended at the disgusting tactics Gillette have used, I don’t need an old book for morality nor do I “bash SJWs” online. And what they’re saying is true – if women were told to behave better in any manner the ad would be banned. I mean, “slut shaming” should be criticised but when thirsty fuckboys on the street approach a beautiful woman, that’s “Not cool”

    • not likely says:

      Fat shaming… bad
      Slut shaming….is bad

      But two boys wrestling(I didn’t see any hitting)…we should put an end to that because that might lead to…..the Olympics?

  12. Erik S says:

    Corporations have no sense of morality, if their customers hate gay people, they hate gay people too, if their customers support gay marriage, they do too. If a company thinks it’s to their advantage, that they’ll attract more people than they’ll upset, that is the direction they will go…at least with their marketing. This ad is the Corporate equivalent of “How do you do, fellow kids?”

  13. Nora AlMeida says:

    *So some males getting so emotional about an ad that reminders them not to be animal creeps? I am glad some actual men get the message of the ad, respect it because it’s true, and that is that; no need to get their briefs in a bunch— Gillete isn’t forcing anyone to buy its products, but any guy who is going to stop buying their products because of the ad does mean he’s likely a perpetrator. What Gillete did is similar to other companies doing the ‘for every dollar you pay for our product, we’ll match it and give it to this or that organization ‘— you wouldn’t get worked up over it, and so, likewise, you shouldn’t be worked up over Gillete’s Ad. If anything, their ad is a good one considering the countless sexist ads that other companies have aired over many decades (like some scantily-clad woman with big breasts eating a burger, because those who were behind that ad didn’t have the intellectual capacity to think of an ad that is not sexist towards women).*

    • jzizzles says:

      What about a tampon ad reminding women to treat men with respect and not be a gold digging hoe? But to go to college and make your own money?

    • DigitalDon says:

      +jzizzles Bingo!!!

    • Intervast says:

      Gillette can do whatever they please, just as I can stop purchasing their products.. doesnt mean Iam a perpetrator? Lol. Men are already conisdered toxic to society and always put in a terrible light. I know a lot of good men, more than I know bad men. But this video isn’t helping societies view on men.. and for Gillette they are biting the hands that feed it. Its their decision to put this advert up, they took a gamble, but they lost me on this one.

    • Cockoff Gewgle says:

      And the Mexicans offended at Trump for calling some of them rapists and criminals? They’re the same, right? And the Muslims who get offended when people tell them to stop being terrorists? Ditto, right?

      Oh no, on your planet, it’s just straight when men who have to be ashamed of who they are. Even though they’ve constructed a planet in which cunts like you are the most privileged and protected class of people to ever live.

    • HASEnoncorperated says:

      *that sure is a bold statement you’re making there*

  14. New Message says:

    “Don’t question MY masculinity!”

    – Some ‘Alpha Male’ while shaving his nads –

  15. HaiHiung Lo says:

    I was amused by all the sensitive crybabies “alpha males” offended by the Gillette aid.

    • K C says:

      +Tom yt Exactly.

      I don’t know if the ad is trying to target those types of people. The fragile and the insecure will check out at ANY criticism, so there’s no point. The ad, as I saw it, was targeting the people who may not realize they’re doing/enabling some of these things, and also telling everyone else to be open and vocal about their disapproval of these behaviours by stepping up and saying something about it when it comes up.

    • Bucky Pinata says:

      Factually, anyone with intelligence would be offended by the toxic masculinity rhetoric…..

    • K C says:

      +Bucky Pinata Anyone with intelligence wouldn’t take something personally that isn’t targeted towards them. And if it is targeted towards them, then it’s justified. I’m not going to be offended if someone says “god I hate man-hating feminists” because 1. I’m not that and 2. I agree that this is a major problem in a group I’m part of so I wholly welcome efforts to correct this issue because it benefits both the victims of said toxic behaviour and the reputation of the group I’m in

    • Bucky Pinata says:

      +K C Factually, it is targeted at males in general, while we see nothing being pushed on toxic femininity. And we see this as being a new Left guilt piece being taught is schools. Again, everyone should be concerned about this propaganda. If not, you are part of the problem.

    • Cole Rosenbalm says:

      +Julian Skinner sexism isn’t something to smile about.

  16. Gareth Rowbotham says:

    Idk … It’s definitely virtue signalling by Gillette to drum up sales, but at the same time the Ad has a good message and the fact so many people get triggered by that message is pretty sad.

    • Jimmy Thornseed says:

      I’m mostly liberal, but that whole commercial was portraying harassment and bullying as just what men do by default. Those things are problems, but you’re not having a serious constructive conversation with it through your razor commercial, you’re just annoying people. I took particular issue with the one part of the ad where a guy saw a hot woman walking down the streets said “wow!” to himself, then went to go talk to her, and got blocked by his friend from doing so.

      A lot is being assumed about what that guy is gonna do. He could have been saying “Hey baby! You got a fine ass, wanna hook up?!” or he could have just wanted to say hi and gauge her interest. I have a real problem with the idea that guys can’t go talk to any women in public because that’s harassment. I don’t know what feminists think they want when they assert this other than guys can only hookup with women at sleazy bars, on dating websites (where 90% of men get 0 hits,) or until a woman decides she wants to be empowered enough to go ask a man out.

      Guys take a lot of risk putting themselves out there always having to strike up conversations and try to ask women out. It’s not very helpful to imply that it’s always unappreciated.

    • Faizan rana says:

      +Lucía Kaminski I want to see Feminist supporting advertisments condemning Toxic Femininity( GOld digging, False Rape accusations…). Care to elaborate?

    • Mikesean45 says:

      +Jimmy Thornseed It’s not portrayed as the default, but it is portrayed as a real ongoing problem that needs to be addressed. Like, the ad was very explicit in saying that.

      “Guys take a lot of risk putting themselves out there always having to strike up conversations and try to ask women out. It’s not very helpful to imply that it’s always unappreciated.”
      The risk is getting turned down, that’s it. You are not owed appreciation for simply asking someone out.

    • HASEnoncorperated says:

      +Jimmy Thornseed thing is, I do enough preliminary checks to know that it’s very likely unappreciated. That’s why I do preliminary checks.

    • Micisme86 says:

      +Lucía Kaminski If a man questions how a woman is moving and interacting with the opposite sex they now call it “slut shaming” but now male behavior is being called to the carpet like the other 50 % of the population had NOTHING to do with the society we’re in? Real Housewives, Kardashians, 16 and pregnant, dating the “bad boys” , catty gossip, passive aggressive bullying, body shaming (making fun of small dicks) over sexualized imagery there some toxic shit women contribute as well. I think WE ALL need to do better not just men

  17. godlessyurifan says:

    “Are our public institutions so weak that we need to be taught moral lessons by razor companies?”
    Yes. Yes, they are. I’m pretty sure the United States hit rock bottom of the moral cesspool a long time ago, and by now it’s just the consequences of that playing themselves out. When the party full of people screaming about “moral values” don’t have any moral values but just scream because they don’t want whole groups of people to exist, your country is in a pretty shitty place.

    • Aupa Atleti says:

      godlessyurifan No, actually morality is at his highest ever. Perhaps you need to pick up a history book.

    • Il Al says:

      Well, PornHub has way better sex ed (on their sex ed pages) than a lot of places in USA. That is pretty unsettling.

    • Mark says:

      @Il Al: what?  It has educational pages?!  Why have I never noticed that?  Oh…@Aupa Atleti:  nyet, komrad, nyet.  Your handlers have screwed up your training.  Please report them immediately so they can be purged.

    • Dirk McNasty says:

      +Aupa Atleti “morality is at his highest ever” – first, learn english. 2nd, no it is not. Morality is NOT grabbing someone by the pu$$y, morality is NOT denying healthcare to those that need it, morality is NOT a gun in everyones hand and a cap in everyone’s ass, morality is NOT poisoning the earth, morality is NOT stealing from the poor to give to the rich, morality is NOT caring for your neighbor but only if they look just like you, I can go on, but the point of all this is that we should continue to improve and care about our fellow man (and NOT just the ones that look just like you do)

  18. David Anderson says:

    There will be another panty soiling session amongst the mostly white male anti-PC brigade. As much as they carry on about ‘everyone’ being offended, it’s usually them making the most noise.. ?

  19. Stewart Professional Services says:

    Speaking to a television interviewer in London, Hawking called Trump “a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator,” a statement that many Trump supporters believed was intentionally designed to confuse them.

    Moments after Hawking made the remark, Google reported a sharp increase in searches for the terms “demagogue,” “denominator,” and “Stephen Hawking.”

    “For a so-called genius, this was an epic fail,” Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said. “If Professor Hawking wants to do some damage, maybe he should try talking in English next time.”

    Later in the day, Hawking attempted to clarify his remark about the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee, telling a reporter, “Trump bad man. Real bad man.” A brief history of time.

  20. András Agócs says:

    I will take sanctimonious lecturing from a giant company seriously when they stop exploiting or seriously underpaying their employees in Eastern-European, African and Asian sweatshops. I’ll appreciate companies taking a moral stance on social issues when they decide that a sizable portion of their profits should go to innovation, real, tangible investments, and into the pockets of their employees instead of the director’s board as hefty “Christmas bonuses”. (Yes, I understand capitalism and how companies work, but you do not deserve or need 300 million dollars as a bonus if you’ve already made 100 million during the year, also, miss me with that “slippery slope” bullshit). Or when they start seriously regulating their emissions instead of telling me that I’m the worst person ever for eating meat and it’s all my fault, not them dumping toxic sewage in a nearby river, which makes it foam. When the CEOs of large companies stop being the largest tax evaders, when they stop abusing their position to silently “metoo” women, when they stop having an entire “fleet” of the most elite “escorts” on the planet, *THEN* we can talk about ethics and changing the image of manliness. Until then, it’s all empty talk designed to cow consumers into buying even more of their products.

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