Ansu Fati rescues Barca! CF Intercity vs. FC Barcelona | Copa Del Rey Highlights | ESPN FC

Ansu Fati rescues Barca! CF Intercity vs. FC Barcelona | Copa Del Rey Highlights | ESPN FC

Barcelona need an extra time winner from youngster Ansu Fati to get past lowly CF Intercity 4-3 to advance to the next round of the Copa del Rey.

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51 Responses

  1. Art Alvarez says:

    It’s like all Barcelona players know how to create chances or openings but their finishing is what lacks a lot

  2. Jeff says:

    Despite the win, this is embarrassing for Xavi and Barca, imagine this side against big clubs not only in Spain but in Europe

  3. The Barça Boardroom says:

    A lot of players need to be very dissapointed with themselves. A lot of them had something to prove and almost no one took their chance. Disgraceful

  4. maybe victor says:

    Impressive for intercity , disappointing on Barcelona, watching this I realize that it’s miracle that Barca still first place in laliga

    • Freddy Rivera says:

      @Zaye Honest 3 points? This is a knockout tournament. Since when do you see 120 minutes played on a league match

    • Lshadows13 says:

      Barca should have more points in league if it wasn’t for bad refs

    • DudeWithTheFro says:

      barca played 2nd and 3rd string players plus players who havent palyed for a long time like aroujo, also teams 2nd game since the world cup. we usualy score these chances cus our starters like lewadonsky and pedri gavi frenkie score. back up gaolie. all this factors to a bad game that we won. comeback in a month when we smoke united and most teams

    • Zaye Honest says:

      @Jamaican876 yeah man, people posting dumb comments like we stillll got that 3 points on a shitty day

    • Jamaican876 says:

      Just wasn’t our day

  5. marvin134397 says:

    As a Barca fan we might as well put them in the same category as Brighton, Atalanta, monaco, schalke. Because European giants we no longer are ☹️

  6. flightmizzarc says:

    Ferran plays like me in fifa 23 😩😩 everything except the finish every time 😂😂😂

    • Jesus says:

      @Ryukobestwaifu they never did lmao it was all lies but i’m sure they would’ve if they HAD to but they don’t and he’s still on a contract anyways. but that OP is funny😂

    • Ryukobestwaifu says:

      @Daniele Odurono they don’t stop lying they aren’t trying to sell de jong anymore

    • Daniele Oduro says:

      Dunno why he still there!! But they want to sell F. De jong smh

  7. Hg Hg says:

    Such ties are why the national cup competition exists… The mighty Alcorcon eliminated RM in 2009 and the upsets in FA cup are par of the course almost every year so though Intercity couldn’t pull it up all the way to win their fans and players will remember that game forever. Nobody is invincible and everyone can dream of their day of glory no matter what and that’s how it should be. No American style of creating leagues of untouchables and I am American btw.

    • FootPauler says:

      @URINT But it still gives opportunity for smaller teams to work their way into the league,improve their funding, and maybe have a season where they overperform and topple even the big clubs. most importantly, it creates a sythem with investment and merit aree what matters. theres actually a real payoff to working hard to improve and build your players and club performance. and even the musical chairs of the bottom of the table teams is still thrilling and exciting.
      Thats an experience you can never get in american sports and i can speak from experience as someone who plays and helps run a team in america. we have teams in our leagues that have dominated for 9 years straight and still are stuck in the same league doing the same thing over and over. it gets old and creates alot of burnout, and creates a far less passion driven game because there is no real reward other then to have fun.

    • URINT says:

      correcting myself: this is Copa Del Rey, not La Liga obviously

    • URINT says:

      @David Salas  Now we’ve fully lost the envelope. This is a La Liga video. Barça and Real collectively account for a fifth of La Liga’s total worth in player salaries. They are literally a self-perpetuating machine of sponsorship/TV deals. I like the relegation system because of the sheer drama, stakes, and competition it promotes. But it’s literally a game of musical chairs for the minnows in the big leagues lmao

    • David Salas says:

      @URINT rightfully so, american sports don’t have the promotion/relegation distinction that european football does. so all amercican sports become is “doesnt matter which team you support, all the money goes to the same people” that being league owners and the few ownership groups that exist at that level.

    • URINT says:

      bro got a little heated 💀

  8. andrew berman says:

    CF Intercity is in the Spanish 3rd division. Their stadium seats 2,500. I’m pretty sure they’re in the relegation zone, too. They played well & didn’t look like a 3rd div team to me. Barca needs to regroup.

  9. Jimmy Gonzalez says:

    Very impressive game for the opposition I was impressed by the way the played and I was also disappointed with Barca performance

  10. Jamaican876 says:

    If our defense and goalkeeper showed up today we wouldn’t look so bad.

    • Nicolas Aragon says:

      @Jamaican876 the only reason Barca scored is because they had their defenders putting pressure in the opponents half. If the forwards were good enough to score on their own they wouldn’t have been so vulnerable in the back.

    • Jamaican876 says:

      @Shabir 4 nil is a decent score. Imagine if we didn’t concede

    • Shabir says:

      It wasn’t the defence it was the attack we would’ve scored 10 goals today but it’s like we can create chances but we don’t have any finishing

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