Anteater #shorts

Anteater #shorts

Labels man…#shorts

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46 Responses

  1. Geeky says:

    Poor ant just wanted a cookie crumb, RIP random ant

  2. Dummy Dummy says:

    “The modern anteater uses sympathy to manipulate ants into allowing the anteater to consume them.”

  3. Weston Acrey says:

    “When your a *furry* everybody expects you to like every animal”
    “labels man”

  4. Jago says:

    “I understand”

    the ant’s last words as he accepted his fate

  5. Nefluf V says:

    “Any cat owner can tell you that being put inside a box is a lot different that hopping in a box yourself”

  6. Knot Stoopid Studios says:

    National geographic channel: anteaters like to eat ants


  7. Lonely Sandwich says:

    R.I.P ant, 2021-2021. You will be missed

  8. Haminations says:

    He accepts his fate

  9. Lily A. says:

    Anteaters eat around 35,000 ants per day so you really have to watch this video 35,000 times in a row to get the full “day in the life” effect

  10. Maxon Mitchell says:

    “We didn’t know we were making memories, we were just having fun”- Winnie The Pooh

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