Anthony Davis is pressuring the Lakers to trade for him – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Anthony Davis is pressuring the Lakers to trade for him – Jalen Rose | Get Up!

Jalen Rose says the timing of Anthony Davis’ trade request from the New Orleans Pelicans allows the Los Angeles Lakers the opportunity to trade for him before the February 7th trade deadline.

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107 Responses

  1. Pascal Spicy P Siakam says:

    Cant believe i’ll be a pelican soon.

  2. zero says:

    BREAKING NEWS: lebron trades luke walton for AD

  3. j0epark1 says:

    Nahhh, ESPN started all this pressure. But I won’t lie, AD to the Lakers would make things a lot more interesting so I guess I gotta give y’all props for getting it done. Almost.

    • Official Bully says:

      +Jacob Denomy Lakers lose if they do the trade. They lose to many pieces for davis and have to give up picks with atleast lonzo, kuzma,ingram

    • Jacob Denomy says:

      +Official Bully if they could keep kuzma, I think its pretty fair. Ingram, lonzo, zubac and a pick? Maybe they should keep Lonzo tho hes underrated and could be a great pick n roll player with davis. So Kuzma, ingram, zubac?

    • Jon Perry says:

      Lakers would be dumb asf to do what the Cavs did trade away there future to try to win now with a ageing lebron and a injury prone ad and no bench with gsw warriors team they wont win shit. And have no future besides ad.

    • fear me says:

      They really don’t need him

  4. Reignsus says:

    Sam Presti do your thing

    • S M says:

      Reignsus damn! Can’t think of Adams leaving OKC.

    • Kvng Chris 23 says:

      Hey Hayes u don’t realize the pacers put him up for trade when he was finna be a free agent??we took him and y’all got Oladipo

    • Kvng Chris 23 says:

      donnell brown who tf wants to play for the Clippers?? I never heard nobody say I wanna go the Clippers. All I hear is LA this LA that

    • Bro What Are You talking About says:

      ​+Kvng Chris 23 If u look At the way fergy nd grant hve been playing lately, A trde with one of them nd Schroeder plus steven nd picks would be enticing… fergy nd grant r outplaying Any young plyer you can name other than doncic

  5. RonBoss_08 says:

    Can’t Kyrie sign an extension right now so AD can hop on their roster?

    • Meile Cai says:

      He can, but wont. Hes said that repeatedly before.

    • Troy Davis says:

      Get rid of Kyrie then lil bastid

    • Tom Kirk says:

      He makes more money if he waits and re signs im pretty sure

    • Israel Morales says:

      No because of the rose rule. I believe is a new rule that two players cannot be on the same team. Kyrie has it and AD as well. So basically kyrie expires this summer so kyrie can sign the new deal with out that rule. If Celtics get AD then I’ll be ok. I’m sure magic will do whatever it takes to get him now. See what happens

    • Ransom Smith says:

      BOS wouldn’t be able have both of them signed to same roster RIGHT NOW because they both signed extensions under the Rose Rule. So either they trade Kyrie or wait until he signs a new deal.

  6. Alen Ajradinović says:

    Magic and lebron dont have the time to eat they making phone calls!!!!

  7. Superduper A says:

    Breaking news: AD traded to the warriors for Quinn cook and some cash

  8. Mino361 says:

    Everybody in the Lakers locker room pacing back and forth ?

  9. Antonio Rivera says:

    ESPN so trash, why would the Pelicans trade to the Lakers?

    Their assets arent that good and why would they create even better teams in the west?

    ESPN man lol.

    • burning the candle at both ends says:


      Haha warriors didn’t play one serious game for the first half of the regular season. Good 1

      I’m hoping they will get the lakers in the first round, u will see they won’t take one game

    • Millip says:

      +burning the candle at both ends So true. But the Warriors will probably play the Clippers in the first round, and Lakers will miss the playoffs. haha

    • rupiny jude says:

      Antonio Rivera they are trying to rebuild dumbass

    • Jeff G says:

      +MisterAlerion LOL you really live in LALA Land fool lol

    • Patrick Ryan says:

      MisterAlerion I was referring to them last year without Lebron. I’m pretty sure they don’t give out rings for winning one game in December. The Celtics went three rounds deep while the lakers were golfing last year. All their young players performed when it actually mattered. Yeah Kuzma can put up numbers against trash teams in December. But you’re lying if you’re saying you’re happy with Ball and Ingram. Both have been dissappointments.

  10. KANYE EAST says:

    *GSW trades Jordan Bell & a bag of chips for AD.*

  11. Kangman02 says:

    This is NO’s fault.  You should have kept Boogie and resigned Rondo but your dumbasses didn’t want to pay neither one of them.  Now your best player is leaving so what you got now.

  12. chaolin xing says:

    Yo shout out to Jalen. He predicted that Kawhi wanted out months in advance and now this. And he coined the term pre agency

    • EyeLoveTheStars says:

      Huh? EVERYONE saw this coming man. I was waiting for Ad to finally do the smart thing and request a trade. I.wouldve been surprised if AD had waited til.summer to request a trade.. Anyone who is shocked by this doesn’t understand how important legacy is to players.

    • chaolin xing says:

      +EyeLoveTheStars exactly jalen knew it would be during the season

    • Replicant Roy says:

      The Podfather gifted him that term on the BS podcast.

    • The Finest Mind says:

      Martin Mikkelsen Dumbass

    • Sean Tiplitsky says:

      chaolin xing I saw that someone already told you but Bill Simmons told Jalen Rose about pre agency when they did a podcast together. It’s just funny because Bill said Jalen will give him credit once and then after that claim the term as his own and that everyone will think Jalen created and sure enough I see your comment lol. You should check out that podcast btw

  13. Emmanuel James says:

    New Orleans can’t catch a break. First the NFC championship now AD wants to leave. Ya love to see it.

  14. Kangman02 says:

    NBA has to do something about players just demanding trades to be contenders.  AD is supposedly a top 5 player yet he can’t get his team in the playoffs.  I”m sorry but he actually has decent players.  Jrue Holiday 21.2 ppg, 8.1 assists.  Julie Randle 19.9 ppg, 9 trb, Mirotic 16.7 ppg, 8.3 trb, Moore 12.3.  They all shooting 45-50% from the field.  AD needs to step up.

    • mmcskid 0 says:

      Kangman02 well we can’t tell you don’t watch the game consistently. When has Lebrons second option ever been a spot up shooter? Kyrie and Wade? Tf you talking about?

    • Kangman02 says:

      Stupid asshole I’m talking about Bosh and Love.  WTF you talking about?  READ READ READ READ before you respond.

    • Peek A Boo says:

      Yeah the team has five players, but they have all been injured this season and the depth at the pelicans is absolutely trash, they have no bench pieces.

    • Heysus_10 says:

      Too late for all that bro but you right!!!

    • DeChane Cameron says:

      You guys are comparing guards that control where the ball goes to AD in a guard driven league. Lol. Relax. ADs top 5 and he wants out. Get over it and move on with your lives.

  15. Donovan Howard says:

    These comments are exploding right now lol ??

  16. John Anderson says:

    Pelicans don’t have to trade him until the offseason when Boston is in play

    • Dalton says:

      +OfficialEj1 they could probably get away with zubac,Ingram,lonzo or hart,and a pick. They should try and get rid of kcp as well

    • Steezo Matic says:

      This AD decision tho . Boston fucked up for signing Kyrie plus Tatum and brown, Hayward been playing ass lately

    • ReasonExtremist says:

      If they don’t get the deal done now, they risk AD saying he’s not signing a long-term deal anywhere except the LA & it gives Boston more power to give them less in the off-season. This combined with AD signing to the same agency as Bron puts extra pressure on LA to give up everything for him now. If they don’t, that’s now two marquee players they missed out on which is a bad look going forward. It’s now or never for LA then hopefully they can pick up 1 or 2 good free agents in the off-season & compete for the chip next year before Lebron’s window starts to close. All this drama and no matter how it plays out they’ll still get crushed by GS x) hahaha

    • dennnis2781 says:

      Yes, idiot. But the Celtics have to play with the Derek Rose rule, meaning they must either resign Kyrie or allow another team to sign Kyrie before they even get a chance to attempt to sign AD!

    • Steezo Matic says:

      +ReasonExtremist too late AD to LA , just waiting on LA to match contract deals for kuz,zo,zubac and their pick but knowing new Orleans, they’ll take 3 bags of chips and a lollipop

  17. Thomas Joseph says:

    Lakers can’t offer anything but lebron himself. Enough lakers talk. If you’re the Pelicans you don’t even want him in the West. Deal him to the East. Period.

    • Thomas Joseph says:

      +Shawn Chia Well ur obviously some nerd sitting at his computer using his “Twitter fingers” searching for everyone everywhere who’s actually trying to make sense of this news rather than your ignorant wishful thinking that it’s ONLY to the Lakers or NOWHERE else. You’re tremendously stupid, guy, clearly a Bronsexual and get the hell off my post. If I had “intentions” I’d say trade Draymond and Klay for him or something along those lines but am I saying anything like that? No so how about you crawl back under whatever rock you live under and stay there. I’m only “swearing” because you’re friggin annoying. You don’t know shit about me so don’t go trying to act like you do. I probably have more manners in the nail of my left pinky than you do in your whole family and unborn children. Watch how you talk to me guy.

    • Shawn Chia says:

      +Thomas Joseph u know why its annoying.. cos u know its true, and its hurting u real bad. and pls.. do me a favor, keep swearing and be crude, cos it just helps re-affirm what i said abt u. let me repeat again.. u are just a hypocritical gsw bandwagon that sooooo dislike any team that has a chance of challenging ur precious bandwagon team so u trying feebly to type out a negative comment to try and see if it makes a difference. ppl like u are so sad and the reason why ppl hate gsw bandwagon fans.

    • Javonah Henderson says:

      Thomas Joseph right no way this trade happens without ball or kuzma a D Jeep saying Boston has more to offer Tatum and brown haven’t played that well this season albeit Kyrie is back that really shouldn’t be an excuse ball when completely healthy can defend any backcourt in the league kuzma is a gifted scorer Ingram imo if traded will probably reach his potential quicker I think he’s under too much pressure to step up right away Hart can score and defend even Zubac when given playing time is highly skilled and also can defend and Boston’s young players tend to go ice cold at bad times and n.t.m they’re in the west Boston’s young players kinda have it a lil more easier and by far better coaching but those players I named mos def would have to for AD to come to L.A

    • Pdg Gaming says:

      +Devin Summers
      Who would they give up that would equal enough value. The pelicans would better off waiting till summer for Boston who can trade for AD then

    • Devin Summers says:

      +Pdg Gaming They have the talent to give up,They should trade AD to lottery team get zion and love and compete. That’ll be a slap on the face ? ( the Cavs were in the finals last year they’re contenders ) ??

  18. Mikhail Subero says:

    Julius Randle Must be saying I shouldn’t have left the Lakers lol?????

  19. Stephen A Smith says:

    So Jokic has led the nuggets to the best record in the west behind the warriors, but when Anthony Davis cant’t buy a winning season in his career he gets mvp considerations and a PASS to go to a bigger market. Smh

  20. deharleyva says:

    Fake news. ESPN is pressuring the Lakers to trade for AD.

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