Anthony Davis needs to demand trade to end up with the Lakers – Stephen A. | First Take

Anthony Davis needs to demand trade to end up with the Lakers – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman see the only way Anthony Davis can join LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers is to demand that the New Orleans Pelicans trade him.

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102 Responses

  1. OGMillyMillz says:

    Stevie A needs to demand a new barber

  2. DontReachYoungBlood says:

    Yall gotta talk about something else now

  3. David Muller says:


    • Xavier Woodley says:

      +Seito Stockman Well, that’s not entirely his fault, he’s the best player in the world, so media is always around him. They never want to let go of him. He tries his best to not worry about them, but media people will never let him live.

    • Mike Diaz Fitness says:

      Xavier Woodley what are you talking about it’s Lebron aswell always begging for help and saying I would love to play with AD that’s tampering idc

    • Xavier Woodley says:

      +Mike Diaz Fitness Well of course, he would love to play with AD. He’s a great player. The, I need more help narrative, is thanks to haters. Haters will say, “Oh LeBron is selfish a d Cocky and thinks he can all things by himself, he not a team player.” But if he got AD, Haters would be like, “Oh You’re not the best player in the world. You’re getting carried by AD. I thought you were the best player in the world. You should be able to do ALL things by yourself.”

    • David Muller says:

      +Mike Diaz Fitness in all fairness, no Lebron hasn’t begged for anybody to come play with him this season. The reporters asked him a question and he gave them an honest answer just like any other star would have.

    • Cuh Nation says:

      They can talk about how great of a story DROSE is this year, or how players like Mike Conley still aren’t in the all star game but why do that when you can talk about the Los Angeles Lebrons

  4. ryen mcdonald says:

    The media is trying real hard to get help for their cash cow ?……did they not hear him yesterday?

    • ryen mcdonald says:

      Chris TcRRoR You’re just another sheep created by the media that repeats the EXACT same shit he hears on FS1 or espn. Lebron with no rings and a bunch of choke jobs was better than a 5 time champ lol,..thinking that was moronic. Its crazy how some fangirls and media clowns seriously think they know more about basketball and who is batter than ACTUAL Nba players and hall of famers…..the vast majority of which say kobe was better.

    • Chris TcRRoR says:

      +ryen mcdonald Okay, buddy. My opinion was crafted by the media. It has nothing to do with actually watching Kobe, Jordan, and LeBron play in their primes. Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense.

    • Łeone says:

      Chris TcRRoR uh no hes not

    • ryen mcdonald says:

      Chris TcRRoR That lebrons been the best player since 08(years when he was choking and ringless included?‍♂️) bullshit started by his fanboys in the media in the last few years and they repeat that all the time. Colin cowherd and nick wright repeat this crap. Of course, lebron fans also just happen to also say the exact same things they do…….but yea m sure that’s just a coincidence ?. Yea… u watching them their primes, if that’s even true, makes u immune from being a sheep for the media right? ? Stop it. I know I’ve said this multiple times but the vast majority of ex players and hall of famers aka the people who know basketball THE BEST don’t agree with u….let’s not ignore that fact?

    • Chris TcRRoR says:

      +ryen mcdonald I’m sorry, but I must be the exception, not the rule. I’ve had this opinion for longer than a few years. I’m sorry that you view LeBron fans all the same, but my views are all my own. By the way, I was born in 88, I received the Bulls video about their six championships around 99 as a gift.

  5. Trevel The Critic says:

    Goddamn the same topic everyday smh.

  6. lwazi says:

    ESPN stay on lebrons nuts

  7. A Real Good Guy says:

    Here they go again with this.

  8. sam Brown says:

    Espn is just trolling viewers at this point

  9. James Harden says:

    Omg same topic every day! It’s getting ridiculous

  10. Loony T says:

    ESPN disrespectful to they own fanbase by this ridiculous begging lately. They officially sold they soul to “helping lebron”

  11. TheYoungblood46 says:

    Someone needs to tell Stephen A. Smith that not every NBA superstar wants to play for the Lakers.

    • Donald Hammond says:

      @Theyoungblood46 In ESPN’s mind, Lakers, Celtics and Knicks are the only teams in the league.

    • A Will says:

      It’s a couple teams they NEVER mentioned before

    • resColts says:

      Actually there isn’t a superstar in the league who wouldn’t want to play for the Lakers most of them are content and loyal to current franchise but if option was there by getting drafted to Lakers or getting trade to Lakers no superstar is going say no to that. Like the all-star Klay Thompson he would obviously love to play for Lakers but hes loyal to Warriors and as long as warriors want to keep him to will stay, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to play for the Lakers. Just like Lebron before everyone would’ve claimed no one wants to play for the Lakers, Lebron never even took meetings, but now LBJ is a Laker because obviously the history of franchise was appealing to him. PG13 would love to be a Laker, but choose to give westbrook OKC a chance to do something doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to play for Lakers. Kwahi leonard same thing but now that he got traded to raptors and its working out hes likely going to stay. Dame Lilliard is another one hes going to be loyal to Portland but if portland doesn’t want him his #1 preferred option will be the Lakers but even if that never happens it doesn’t mean he didn’t want to be a Laker. It’s not that simple!

    • Belak says:

      TheYoungblood46 for lebron***

    • Lakers/Eagles says:

      But Anthony does

  12. The Blakk Era says:

    Y’all are so desperate for LeBron to get AD

    • Infinity 1 says:

      Just like kd was desperate to join curry, klay, and Draymond… ?

    • The Blakk Era says:

      Infinity 1 I’m talking about the media pushing this narrative trying to get AD out there. Don’t be fucking stupid

    • Kungfu Kenny says:

      Infinity 1 bron fans reply with the literal dumbest response you could possibly think of. He compared the media as in nba tv and espn, pushing every single star to LA to help his king, to KD joining the warriors ?

  13. Compton 187 says:

    has there ever a player in the storylines as much as Lebron ?

  14. Jeremy Hayes says:

    This is getting ridiculous guys. It goes from Anthony Davis should join the Lakers to Anthony Davis will join the Lakers to Anthony Davis must demand a trade to the Lakers. At this point just say you want him to go to the Lakers

    • Łeone says:

      +Osmin Smalls by getting rid of his old trash agent and getting the same agent as John wall who played at Kentucky as well who told ad to sign with rich paul means he wants to join LeBlame bum ass? ?

    • Parth Shah says:

      How is it not a weak move for AD. 2 top 5 players in the same team? Especially if KD leaves you are just creating a new super team.

    • Eduardo Valencia says:

      Maybe AD doesnt want to go to the lakers damn

    • Fhalloween says:

      Jeremy Hayes AD will definitely end up on the Lakers. It’s just facts.

    • JuicyMcnamus says:

      +Osmin Smalls he hired rich paul for a nike deal.. Rich paul manages 5 or 6 guys who aren’t even thinkin of becoming lakers. Don’t let the media trick you

  15. Hasram Shivcharan says:

    Management says they ain’t trading Anthony Davis, Anthony Davis says he’s got a job to complete in New Orleans, Lakers don’t have the pieces to get AD, stop talking about it.

    • Kungfu Kenny says:

      resColts but it makes sense to give up AD for Kuzma and Ingram ? Bron fans are delusional. wolves got better players for Butler than Kuzma and Ingram. Ingram been developing his “superstar potential” for 3 years. Kuzma is a efficient scorer but can’t play any defense outside the post. What dumbass would just hand AD over for those two?

    • Graig Denis says:

      +Joe D AD they’ll trade him to the Celtics if they trade him at all AD isnt getting traded this year so the fact that they can trade him their until july is irrelevant the celtics have better assests and play in the east so the pelicans wont have to worry about playing against AD but AD has said he doesnt want to get traded he wants things to work out in New Orleans

    • resColts says:

      +Kungfu Kenny I didn’t say it made sense for Pelicans I’m talking about making sense for those teams. But LMFAO your such a biased tool letting your hatred for Lakers effect speaking actual truth and facts the wolves did not get better players for Butler than Kuzma and Ingram they 30 yr old bayless, 28 yr old covington, 24 yr old saric and a 2022 2nd rnd pick. Bayless+Convington+Saric doesn’t even add up to same amount of PPG as Kuzma+Ingram. Saric the only young player out of the group is avg 11ppg on 36%FG and 30% 3pt, Bayless avg 8ppg, Then convington the best player out of the group is 28 years old avg 11ppg. Lakers could easily of traded just Kuzma for Saric, Convington, and bayless but that would’ve been steal for 76ers as Kuzma avg 18ppg, while Ingram avg 15ppg. Stop being silly.

    • Kungfu Kenny says:

      resColts you really a dumbass lol. Ingram average 15 points shooting 32% 3PT and 62% FT LOL superstar numbers right. Covington 1st team all defensive, average 14 points and 2.2 steals. Saric actually shoots 50% FG, 36% 3PT and 89% FT dummy learn how to read. It’s funny how y’all got so much good young superstar potential talent but won 35 games last year? I’m biased but you saying it’s in NO best interest to trade AD, who hasn’t asked for a trade, next door to LA for a few role players.

  16. Sanctimonious Max says:

    Damn, LeSPN isn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

    • Rich8927 says:

      Lol right? They’re really tryna’ force this man to play with LeBron. Just because of that, I hope he doesn’t.

  17. Teezy says:

    ESPN Operation: Find lebron a co star in LA

    Is in full affect I see

  18. Purple and gold says:

    Lmfao I’m crying loooooool It’s tampering at this point

  19. Offtopic K says:

    KD was right.. y’all are some Lebron fanboys

  20. MasteR BlasteR says:

    So espn is actively trying to push trades? I think i smell a lawsuit coming!

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