Anthony Davis should want to go to the Lakers – Stephen A. l First Take

Anthony Davis should want to go to the Lakers – Stephen A. l First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman weigh in on the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics as potential landing spots for New Orleans Pelicans’ star Anthony Davis.

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105 Responses

  1. Cero ! says:

    Where should SAS want to go after carrying ESPN for 20 seasons?

    • NatarisX says:

      Carrying ESPN? Their ratings are in the fkn toilet lmao. SAS is carrying them into a dumpster fire.

    • Ivan Tomic says:

      Lakers!…what kind of question is that?….Helen Keller is signing too….

    • 0987754 9086 says:

      Animal Planet ?

    • Ivan Tomic says:

      +0987754 9086 – lol…imagine that shit….”a little baby giraffe has just been born in the african savanna, its too cold for him to go to Boston zoo…number one!….number two, its just a waste of talent for such a long necked animal to not play with Le-Bron-James…bacous in todays league its immposible for LeBron to win without at least two long necked animals”

    • Victor Vasquez says:

      Stephen A wants to go to LA

  2. Stephen Curry says:

    ESPN also want Captain America and The Hulk to join the Lakers

  3. Show Out says:

    Stephen A want the whole league playing in LA ?

  4. Vasilia Votzakis says:

    That’s why I like Giannis. Everybody else is trying to go to this and that team. Greek Freak isn’t trying to build a SuperTeam

  5. Voncé Knight says:

    This nba is not gonna last long with all these damn stars not wanted to build a team and stay put a build they own damn legacy! Instead of always wanted to have lebron attached to their legacy which only bigs lebron up and dilutes the other persons career

    • Demetreis Bankhead says:

      Im pretty sure no player that cares about winning wants to see a franchise fuck around and waste their prime on a rebuild, while their friends win multiple chips together

    • sorry, idgaf. says:

      Goku Black that’s a lie, anyone like Kyrie who wins with Lebron will not be looked at in the same light as a curry or someone else because at the end of the day someone like me can say “Well.. he played with Lebron, of course he got a ring also.” That’s how it will be viewed. Period.

    • NATE DIAZ says:

      Well I would join a super team too because I’m would want to win nobody beating golden state with just a star and dome role players its all about winning fuck the bs

    • NATE DIAZ says:

      +Goku Black well kyrie game got better what about lonzo please dont be a pussy

    • vincent vega says:

      The casual fan will

  6. Lil Dagga says:

    Anthony Davis should go where he wants to go it’s that simple y’all making KD look like a genius right now

  7. Ty C. says:

    He should want to go to Boston. Once lebrons 4 years is up davis will be on the lakers by him self.

  8. Ze says:

    He’ll become the next Kevin Love…..forced into a stretch 5 so he doesn’t clog up the lane for LeBron. don’t forget K love averaged 26 and 13 before coming to the Cavs and being marginalized by LeBron fanboys and media fanboys……

    • Jesse A says:

      +MavBoy90 Add another name to that mix being Bosh & your common denominator changes to one LeBron James… And their tanking is a management issue not because of K Love who last played in October…

    • MavBoy90 says:

      Jesse A Bosh health killed his career. How stupid do you sound saying lebron the best in the world is the problem. Lmao bruh. Bron hate make you say anything

    • Jesse A says:

      +MavBoy90 Bosh affected by health later not early arriving in Miami… Facts only hurt you if your are fan as oppose to a rational thinker… I guess I struck a nerve cause you have to included an insult in your argument… Lets try to be civil in our responses…

    • Sam Balaskas says:

      Jesse A GSW are an anomaly. Not the norm. They have no true ball dominant players outside of KD who can still spot up. If you have 3 of the greatest shooters of all time, you aren’t going to struggle getting each of them spot up shots. Now if all 3 players needed the ball in there hands, you would find two would do great and the rest would struggle. Lebrons greatness is on ball not off ball and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just GSW have some shooters that are just outrageously good off ball.

    • Michael Morrow says:

      Magic Johnson not having that shit

  9. God pigeon says:

    If the Lakers trade for Anthony Davis , David Stern would come out of retirement just to veto this trade

    • Brett T says:

      +Archie Vazquez except thats what happened. the team had no owner. No team wants a mediocre team with huge contracts like odom and martin, since Gasol went to the rockets in that deal. The hornets could not sell that. The clippers deal was better. The lakers deal made the lakers better and hornets mediocre. you dont want to be mediocre in NBA you would much rather be bad.

    • Santana H. says:

      On god

    • CeeWorld says:

      cortezmauricio1989 but you’ve never done anything note worthy with your sorry life and you call someone a name……ok lol

    • GiovannisSanctuary says:

      +Mr.sowhat In the Boston area where I’m from, we hate Joos too.

    • lord beef 23 says:

      Nba didn’t want to have kobe win another ring cause lakers was gonna get a team together with just kobe and Paul

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Espn should make ones of those sarah mclachlan commercials for lebron. “With your help and the help of 1 superstar. You can make lebron believe he will get far in the playoffs”

  11. Brixzus Jaeger says:

    ESPN wants Lebron to win championships so bad.

    • Dark Soul_23TM says:

      Dumb!!!! If espn wants that badly for LeBron, then in cavs day they loaded lbj with all the players he wants, but gay warriors i think espn wants that, just a hater and and putting dumb comments here!!!

    • Bigp352 says:

      It’s kinda sad when you think about it.

    • Jones Dee says:

      You’re wrong dude!

    • Bigp352 says:

      They could say other teams such as the Bulls, Clippers, Milwaukee who have young talent AND cap space, but they only bring up the Lakers EVERY SINGLE DAY. That’s not an overreaction either, since LeBron came to the Lakers they’ve talked about them everyday. So you’re spot on, even if they don’t think like that, the perception seems that way.

    • Erick Laser says:

      Seriously. They were on KD’s ass when he joined the Dubs…none of that shit about Lebron now. SMH.

  12. ShowTimeGaming says:

    Pretty sure AD has a preference but NOLA controls the destination at the end of the day

    • Cory Fessenden says:

      For real. People forget Kawhi wanted to play in LA, so Pop deported his ass to Canada.

    • cortezmauricio1989 says:

      +Cory Fessenden so nba doesnt let paul join kobe but they want davis to join lebron

    • Cory Fessenden says:

      +cortezmauricio1989 Lespn wants him to join the LLLakers, not the NBA. Im sure the NBA would be haplier if he signed the supermax in NOLA. Thats kinda why they set up the contracts to be bigger if you stay put. A supermax as a FA wont be as much as resigning a supermax.

    • Cap'n Savahoe says:

      cortezmauricio1989 you gotta understand that David Stern was the commissioner of the NBA at that time and had complete control over New Orleans because they didn’t have an owner, because of that he vetoed that Chris Paul trade because he didnt want the lakers to be a juggernaut (which was influenced by the other owners) hes gone now and the current commissioner dont care for super teams so anything can happen

  13. Calvin Robb says:

    No Steven A you need to look up the Derrick Rose rule. The Celtics can trade for AD after they resign Kyrie in the offseason without moving on from him. It’s clear you wouldn’t know this because you don’t pay that much attention to sports hence seeing your chargers take from a week ago. The best trade for AD is clearly the Celtics. They can package AD with Hill and Moore to get up to 43m and get Hayward, Brown(RFA) and Rozier(RFA) +Picks that are good. The Lakers can offer Ingram(cant shoot) Lonzo(cant shoot) and KCP(1year). I know the entire NBA media is attempting to force AD to the Lakers but clearly Boston has the better players that the pelicans would want if they are forced to move on from AD.

    • Oblivion Royale says:

      Danny P Danny P lol nothing like a triggerd Celtic fan the clover and grass has never been greener you are the delusional one for thinking that I thought the Celtics can beat the warriors without a good player you poor simple misguided creature here is where you fail to lack knowledge the Celtics even if they got AD would have to do ridiculously trading what’s the point if you get AD when you lose the players that you would need to be a serious contender now if you caught on you would have realized that the Celtics are better of waiting for AD to be a free agent if as you think that he doesn’t want to play with lebron then as a free agent he should be free willing to sign with the Celtics but let’s cut the bulls!! Me and you both know that he would rather go to the lakers than the Celtics but hey what does a Fortnite need like me know

      *fixed need to nerd*

    • Valour says:

      why u talking like he actually reads these lmaooo. and also the take is on acquiring AD THIS SEASON, not next offseason

    • GiovannisSanctuary says:

      Teamwise, Boston is the best team no doubt, but hardly anyone wants to play in Boston or lets say live in the city ,get heavily invested in it. Larry Bird doesn’t even live in Boston now.

    • GiovannisSanctuary says:

      +Atomatic Games Ya and maybe keeping this collection of young guys together, at least in Bostons case just shows that whenever a superstar comes available, you take that trade. Danny might not have had the wrong idea, he just did it for 2 aging stars in 2007-08. Theres for sure no guarantee that keeping Big Al was the thing to do as he hasn’t had a winning career despite good numbers and Gomes really wasnt getting better either, they still may not have won nothing. Durant could have come sure, but he also could have left if he didn’t wanna be in Boston and that would curse this team also in its own right.

    • Jimmy B says:

      Calvin Robb Kuzma (can shoot) and Hart (can shoot)…. seems like those guys are pretty great assets too

  14. LA Clippers says:

    Lakers lack the depth. If JaVale or Tyson are missing, the Lakers plummet back to mediocrity. AD can’t erase the 45,000+ minutes played on LeBron’s odometer either. ?? ♿

  15. Joseph Dormon says:

    ??? First it was Kawhi, KD, Klay…..they need somebody to WANT to play with LeBron soooo bad. ???

    • Joseph Dormon says:

      trey smith

      LEBRON had 2 other AllStars and still choked against Dirk

      Fuck outta with that shit

    • strawhats100 says:

      +trey smith if i remember correctly, the Warriors were up 3-1 against LeBron(on the brink of another Final Loss to Steph Curry with no KD)…One can make an argument that he needed Draymond suspended, Ezeli and Bogut both out injured and Harrison Barnes bricking the whole series, not to mention that same guy people clown on for last year’s game 1 blunder, J.R. Smith scoring sclutch buckets down the stretch of that 2016 NBA Finals in game 7+ Kyrie going off for 40+ points in mutliple games plus Kyrie hitting the clutch 3 over Steph just to beat the Warriors.

    • jy de says:

      And one can also say that LeBron was up 2-1 against them when Irving and love went down. One would say if at least one of them was playing the warriors would of lost

    • jy de says:

      Hell Kerr is on record and their GM said they couldn’t handle LeBron that’s why they recruited kd to offset LeBron

    • Ivan Tomic says:

      Little baby Jesus + Hercules….coming to the lakers

  16. Torin Shields says:

    Oh my God they are pushing this narrative so hard this isn’t happening. right now the Lakers do not have the assets to acquire Anthony Davis. More of the point the pelicans aren’t interested in lonzo ball and Caldwell-Pope.

    Sothe simple fact of the matter is the best gm in the league the most crafty GM in the league Danny ainge has been building up all these assets for the specific purpose of a getting Anthony Davis. the moment this summer is over with and they resign Kyrie Irving so that the rose rule doesn’t apply they’ll go after Anthony Davis he will most likely give up Terry rozier Al horford and jaylen Brown plus a few first round draft picks for Anthony Davis. the simple fact of the matter is if you’re the pelicans the Celtics have a much better warchest of assets to choose from then the measly offerings of the Los Angeles Lakers plus you also get the added benefit if not pulling a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in sending your best player to your rival in the west.

    • Kalin Crampton says:

      Torin Shields also with lebron being in LA…he will have an inside track to getting whatever he wants in LA because randy mims is an executive and rich Paul represents AD and Bron….you have bron with the commitment you do whatever he wants basically

    • Kalin Crampton says:

      Torin Shields aa

    • Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot says:

      Torin Shields lol the pellies want washed ass horford and average Rozier with the lesser of the young forwards but don’t want Lonzo and BI and picks? GTFOH. It’s all AD. If he wants LA, he’ll be in LA.

    • Torin Shields says:

      +Kalin Crampton Rich Paul won’t allow?Look I’m not saying that Anthony Davis doesn’t want to be in LA. What I am saying is until 2020 free agency is irrelevant to Danny Ainge. It’s the same concept with Kyrie Irving. When it comes to a trade you just kind of have to hope for the best and hope they trade you someplace good. I’m not saying that the pelicans wouldn’t consider trading him to L.A….. obviously they would. but I am saying that the Celtics can offer more. and yeah if Rich Paul tells them that Anthony Davis told him he’s not going to resign then yeah of course they wouldn’t give up the farm. but just like when they gave the Cleveland cavaliers that first-round draft pick that pic doesn’t mean as much to Danny Ainge as it does to Cleveland. We have five of them so giving them a couple for Anthony Davis isn’t giving up the farm for us. that’s what I tried to tell people during the Kyrie Irving trade when they swore up and down Cleveland got the better deal I’m like that pic doesn’t mean anything to us we got Kyrie Irving we don’t care about the pic we have five more. so would any ainge be willing to give up those three players I mentioned plus a picker to for the chance to get Anthony Davis to resign….sure.

      Let me ask you this question objectively….. If the Celtics resign Kyrie Irving the rose rule no longer applies the trade that I suggested go through even if it’s just a rental and our starting lineup is Kyrie Irving Gordon Hayward Jayson Tatum Marcus smart in Anthony Davis if we manage to get a championship out of that do you think Danny Ainge will care if it’s just a rental?

      You think Anthony Davis I would not hesitate to just go and sign with the Lakers and consider re-signing with Boston if they just won to chip that year?

      I don’t think it’s going to go differently than then the raptors.

      When you get a chance to acquire an MVP caliber player even if it’s just a rental you don’t mind giving up a bit.

      And we have plenty to give up that’s the other thing. Because everybody swore up and down Paul George was going to join LeBron is well and I told people last year that he wasn’t. And the last time I checked I’m not the smartest man in the world but the last time I checked he isn’t playing in LA right now.

    • Valour says:

      boy ainge isn’t the best gm in the league. he wasn’t trying to get AD when he traded for those picks in 2011 lmao. shut yo clown ass up

  17. KEEGAN AntoNY says:

    First it was Kawhi Going to L.A, then narrative switched to Klay, then KD, then Kemba, Then Beal and now AD… Smh, Everytime i see a guy playing well i immediately know that ESPN will find some way to link him to be Lebron’s new teamate.

  18. El Diablo cabron says:

    The avengers should also want to go Lakers ????

  19. Ayano Chikuza says:

    AD Breathes

    He’s going to LA -Stephen A

    • cortezmauricio1989 says:

      +hamza ait 3-6 you millennial reject

    • Charles Cooks says:

      Christy. Celeste

    • StarScream4434 says:

      hamza ait don’t see how you can say he faced an all star team. Draymond Green has gotten worse every year. He can’t shoot anymore he plays defense but never good enough on the perimeter to guard a LBJ cuz that was Iggy’s job.

      They have three all stars and every year except the last for seven straight years Lebron has played with two fellow all stars. If James or his team had been good enough maybe someone else would make an all star team (BOS and Det and AtL all recently have had more than they deserve based on regular season record) but he controls the ball so damn much that he could never play with more than two all stars cuz they couldn’t ever get good enough stats to warrant a selection.

      That all star team couldn’t be that good if all it took was a suspension, few key injuries and a lil help from the refs to come back 3-1 against them and get his one and only title away from MIA.

      Gotta root for LBJ now since I am a diehard LAL fan for life. But there is enough talent on this team to win 45 or so games he has to maximize it.

      Ingram needs the ball n his hand more or just trade him before he loses value. Ball can run offense and let LBJ take more of a breather. Kuzma, Hart, McGee and chandler need the table set up more for them. They are great without the ball.

    • StarScream4434 says:

      Well Max argument makes no damn sense. Why trade for Kyrie? Why trade for a guy you have year of who likes it there for a guy who is hitting free agency who has no intention of even acting like he would stay.

      The closer Sac, Mem stay to playoffs the WORSE those first round picks look. Brown also is in no way a center piece to a trade so it comes down to how good Tatum looks and if Ainge will part w him without a definite agreement to resign from AD.

      If I am Ainge I don’t give up Tatum without a deal on table for five years for AD that is signed the second he gets to BOS

  20. Jordan Davis says:

    Damn AD averaging 5apg?Wtf

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