Anthony is Leaving Smosh

Anthony is Leaving Smosh

Anthony’s Channel ►►

As for Smosh, we’re not going anywhere! In fact, we’re still bringing you the same Smosh shows you love AND we’ve got some new stuff coming very soon! Look out for Smosh Summer Games coming in July and even MORE awesome new stuff coming later this Summer! 😄

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20 Responses

  1. Smosh says:

    Thank you to everyone for staying positive and supportive. You truly are the most incredible fans!

  2. furstinna babe says:

    who honestly thought that this was a joke because a lot of youtubers are making these as a joke?

  3. BicoloredCow1 says:

    the one time I wished this was clickbait

  4. Lou G says:

    I wish this was click bait SO BADLY!!!😞😞😞

  5. Stella Repnau says:

    ian even cut his hair……so it can’t be like the good old days😭😭

  6. Mangekyou Sharingan says:

    I’m breaking down inside why 😭😭😭😭😫 don’t just please I will never be the same

  7. Nakai says:

    Fuck I can’t stop feeling depressed. But hey, I’m excited for you two.

  8. Anton T says:

    You guys made every day of my childhood more amazing than I ever could’ve been. Thank you!

  9. Aidan Johnson says:

    If smosh decides to do a food battle I hope it’s Ian and his donut versus anyone of our choice

  10. Takiyah Jeter says:

    We will miss you Anthony! Have a great life!!

  11. Nathan Kelly says:

    First Nicky V from Linus Tech Tips, and now you? why!?!?

  12. TamaHawkUpYourButt says:

    Well… without Anthony… the videos Ian and Anthony are gone now and honestly their videos are better than the “big what of” or the “what if” or “every ___ ever” videos the other crew does so… I guess the good videos are gone ;(

  13. A peppermint tea for 2-D says:

    now it’s time to rewatch old videos

  14. Johnny Bosco says:

    The first video I ever saw of smosh was real life voodoo doll. Felt like ages.

  15. pople789 says:

    does this mean phoungs coming back?

  16. hell's forgotten God of destruction and death says:

    definitely no food battle now

  17. Mr. ShortGuy says:

    I Low Key wanted to cry but oh well at least they are still friends😉

  18. Nate's Nostalgia says:

    And with that the last of my childhood dies 😭😭😭

  19. Miguel Moreno-Silva says:

    Ha read the description first during the add

  20. DerpyCookiesAreGood YT says:

    Tell me why this seems like the old wasabi productions

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