Anthony Joshua makes passionate speech & vents frustrations after Usyk defeat

Anthony Joshua makes passionate speech & vents frustrations after Usyk defeat

Anthony Joshua took the microphone in the ring after his defeat to Oleksandr Usyk to explain his post-fight frustrations and congratulate the Ukrainian.

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36 Responses

  1. Jose Armando Gómez Rocabado says:

    Man… that was a meltdown, I feel kind of bad.
    I’m glad Usyk is a gentleman as no other heavyweight would have allowed him this.

  2. Vercetti says:

    It’s definitely a hard loss for AJ after working endlessly to win, but throwing the belts out of the ring and confronting Usyk is a complete embarrassment and disrespect to the sport.

    • Ruth Frank says:

      @LozzaBurger he clearly had a melt down

    • Plipo Gamez says:

      You must have watched a completely different video.

      It appears he admires Usyk. Joshua saluted his opponent. Throwing the bekts out of the is a sign of frustration, rather than anything derogatory aimed at Usyk.

      There is no honor in the various boxing federations. Joshua has done lots for them, and increased the profile of the sport. I have thought Joshua was soft and lacked fire. This badboy behaviour – though it should not be encouraged, it does demonstrate he has passion. And, probably will fuel him for his next ring encounter.

    • LozzaBurger says:

      @Master however, by your response if the person making the comment is a nobody compared to AJ that makes him a somebody? An athlete, a competitor someone who has decided his entire life is devoted to competition, and then AJ…THE SOMEBODY looses a fight and throws a tantrum, if he’s that amazing and that much of a somebody according to you can he not lose with honour the same way he wins with honour? No, he lost a fight and was angry about it and rightfully so, but all of his actions afterwards were completely disrespectful and undermining of Usyk and so he’s not a somebody, he’s an athlete in a competition who clearly has no respect for the other competitor.

    • Ruth Frank says:

      Are you a boxer? Do you know how a loss feels? George foreman said he went into deep depression for a year after he lost against Muhammad Ali.

    • ezriderzzr says:

      1 fight a year is hardly working hard, he’s a shirker as Mr. Strickland would say

  3. T995 says:

    This was no speech. This was a complete meltdown.

  4. The Rusty Technician says:

    I’ve been saying for years that eventually the real AJ will come out one day but man I didn’t expect it to come out in such an embarrassing way. AJ is and always has been a wooden one trick pony and his fake gentlemanly persona was smashed to pieces last night. Eddie Hearn will be heart-broken his cash cow has inevitably been found out. The way Usyk handled himself during this career killing speech was everything AJ had been trying to be. Usyk displayed such class. Mad respect, champ!

    • Captain Mutato says:

      What about this was embarrassing??

    • O DD says:

      It’s easy to be a good sport and a gentleman when you’re winning. Maybe Usyk will meltdown when he loses to Fury. I dont think he would, but some didnt think Joshua was like this.

    • Aled Williams says:

      @thamananm that last part about Cornwall made my day dude 😂

    • Aled Williams says:

      @iatealready Aye, but that was forgivable. Wearing the Ukrainian flag whilst throwing a strop was unforgivable. That’s why Usyk took it away from him.

    • James Maloney says:

      My theory is that for years he was the nations sweetheart (from the media pushing it) and after fury’s comeback he’s been overshadowed and cannot hack that he’s no longer the main man. Showing his true colours as you said and I’m not surprised

  5. Beatlemaniac says:

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
    – Napoleon Bonaparte

  6. Robert Miller says:

    The Quite man Usyk says nothing and gets all the respect for saying nothing. What a great champ you are Usyk

  7. S C says:

    Lost a lot of respect for Joshua. Easy to be humble when you’re on top but to steal the limelight from Usyk is disgraceful. He probably thought he was doing a good thing but he shouldn’t have done that.

    • Ante Jokić says:

      It look like he was very passive agressive with his praising of Usyk and stealing the spotlight from him.

  8. Sparky Bojangles says:

    Wow. Usyk could clearly see that this was a brain snap, regardless of the language barrier. That was rough but congrats to Oleksander Usyk on retaining his place as the heavyweight champ.

  9. Benjamin Wilson says:

    EMBARRASSING! The energy and aggression he had at the end would have been better spent in the ring!!

  10. David Leighton says:

    Someone from his team should have stepped in and sorted this out. It’s disrespectful to Usyk and Ukraine to not let him have the first moment. He’s understandably frustrated and lost his head for a moment but everyone ring side did nothing to stop this. Easy enough just to switch the mic off????

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