Anthony Joshua confirms he will exercise the rematch clause in his contract following his shocking defeat to Andy Ruiz Jr in New York.
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61 Responses

  1. chivas 217 says:

    Respect from México to this great champion

    • MADNEW YORKER says:

      +Will Steer

      But don’t count AJ out!!!

      I guarantee you that he will get those belts back.

    • MADNEW YORKER says:

      +Will Steer

      Nah, at least give AJ a chance for a rematch before Ruiz moves on.

    • MADNEW YORKER says:

      +Mr. Jones

      Fuck that!!!

      AJ is still a melinated brotha from across the pond, and I want to see him get those titles back!!!
      How many times have we seen Americans going against an African American fighter??? NUMEROUS!!!

    • MADNEW YORKER says:

      +Will Steer

      Don’t apologize because Mexicans born in America have a nasty attitude towards African Americans, not all!!!

      Mainly the ones from Southern California.

    • MADNEW YORKER says:

      +Level 100 Boss


      That’s the dumbest shit I have ever heard.

  2. leroisansvisage says:

    AJ took this loss like a real lion. Proud of him, didn’t take anything from his opponent. He’s a really humble person.

    • Jameer TheDonProphet says:

      leroisansvisage nah he just took a pure ass whooping a lion wouldn’t get beat like that unless he jumped by hyenas he got raped all 7 rounds u dumb ass AJ fanboy bitch ye

    • Chow Ski says:

      Lion lol..domestic cat more like..ruiz is the lion..came off the canvas to destroy his prey?

    • Roy Hollins says:

      LION ??? He quit !!



    He wasn’t no …”Klitschko “….

    but….RESPECT to AJ…..HUMBLE

  4. The Thinking Man's Templar says:

    Dude spoke like a professional.. hey it happens you win you lose. Always a rematch potential.. just come back ready to get ya belt back

  5. peckerdecker says:

    Question is:
    WHAT would tyson fury or deontay wilder do to chinny Joshua?
    Well done Mr ruiz (first heavyweight Mexican champ).
    Matchroom *sukk*

  6. Emrah N says:

    Float like a tank sting like a fat man, respect to Ruiz, getting up off the canvas and winning despite all odds against him

  7. Irvine M says:

    I like AJ but damn Ruiz has got my respect ✊

  8. Eazylife 1 says:

    Never won a round!
    Better luck next time .HARD WORK ?

  9. Opto Mister says:

    It had to happen sooner or later, AJ is a class act, magnaminous in defeat, a true British sportsman.!

    • angry apple says:

      aspiknf I love fury but you can’t call him a true sportsmen if he’s failed a drug test ??‍♂️

    • Lucas Duncan says:

      chemp Haha, and likewise, he’s not British when it suits you lot … I’m a white Brit, if I was to say that Joshua isn’t British then I would be called racist … you guys need to make your fucking minds up.

    • Olusina Abimbola Sanni says:

      I couldn’t agree more @Opto Mister…. He is a great sportsman.
      Joshua is such a humble boxer who is also full of respect. His bounce back stake is very high. Good luck Joshua.

    • luchadorito says:

      +Lucas Duncan He is UK born and raised, he has a citizenship. That makes him by law a British person, now doesn’t it… a first generation British person since his parents where Nigerian immigrants but British nonetheless. If he would be a violent gang member(as chemp suggests) he would still be British but also a huge cunt who should be locked up. If by british you mean someone with a British ancestry so someone white who’s ancestors have lived in Britain, that he is not(obviously). I dont really get your point to be honest(that might be because of my bad english since its not my first language, sorry) so if you could explain what you mean please…

    • Mr Lee says:

      his name is owefemi he gave up haaa

  10. Haroun Sahnoun says:

    so classy humble boxer .. good luck i know you will return stronger

    • IIsaaac says:

      +Scratch Looper typical casual comment

    • Leon Anderson says:

      IIsaaac How is he a casual? A casual would say that Joshua can bounce back and have the ability to win in a rematch clause. That casual would not consider the fact that he was nervous from the moment he stepped in the building, to his performance in the ring. He didn’t win a clear round throughout the fight. You’re the casual saying that he wouldn’t get sparked by Wilder, he’s a hype job that was found out. Just look at Eddies face it will tell you everything that you need to know about what happened last night.

    • IIsaaac says:

      +Leon Anderson you have to be kidding. Do you know how stupid it is to COMPLETLEY doubt someone after 1. 1 loss? Common now use your brain. A guy like AJ wont be the same sloppy boxer he was in the first fight. AJ most deffinently taking his belts back, that’s most likely. Wilder would’ve looked much worse. Ruiz deserves it though. A guy like AJ will probably get 3x better. Didnt canelo?

    • Olusina Abimbola Sanni says:

      Joshua is such a humble boxer who is also full of respect. His bounce back stake is very high. Good luck Joshua, good luck the Mexican..!

    • Ivan Valencia says:

      Apparently stronger is not what he needs he needs that Ruiz godly body

  11. Shubham Garg says:

    Joshua : I’m undefeated
    Drake : Hold my camera !!

  12. The713Sonic says:

    Thos shots were precise and fast at unexpected moments. Thats skill.

  13. Aks Aks says:

    Well to be fair AJ handed Ruiz the belts at the face off…now Ruiz really took em lol

  14. Anthony Dayspring99 says:

    Respect to Ruiz. Took his Opp. but AJ, no shaking, #StillMyChamp✊???

  15. Adam&Qi ZR says:

    “Joshua realises that night that Ruiz doesn’t just have quick hands at the buffet table”

  16. Long Live says:

    Ruiz!! It was only about the counter punches ,, he’s a smart boxer

  17. TheSenseiwong15 says:

    AJ still a champ, great humble response, no doubt he will be back…. all the greats do!

  18. Giles B says:

    That’s one hell of a classy and composed interview by Joshua, given what happened.

  19. Talya Vlogs says:

    He should first regain his confidence before he pursues the Wilder fight. Sorry AJ, hope you bounce back soon ??

  20. Shaqsq says:

    “Apologies I know you’re emotional” na he took the piss?

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