Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius Fight Highlights

Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius Fight Highlights

August 12, 2023 — Full fight highlights of Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius from London, England.

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52 Responses

  1. 3.pixelz says:

    Helenius gets so much respect for saving this whole fight card. Boxers on the night received their promised salaries. Props to Joshua but respect to Robert Helenius.

  2. Julian Brown says:

    Thank you Helenuis for saving the event, a lot of people dont understand that if this event didnt happen, people werent getting paid. AJ doesnt need the money but the people on the undercard did, they rely on fight to fight to feed their families

  3. DizGuys says:

    Big respect to Helenius. I actually think he could’ve taken a points win here with a touch more agility/aggression. Joshua appeared to have no confidence in himself, very quick to back away and threw no combinations. Wilder will retire AJ with ease if he shows up like this.

    • Secrets to success says:

      It will surprise you, Wilder will run all through the fight. Wilder doesn’t have the technicality to beat AJ even if usyk and Ruiz did. Fury can’t even knock down AJ , he can only beat him by point if AJ couldn’t knock him down. Analyse the way usyk and Ruiz throw combinations, you will see, it is similar, they can throw 10 punches in a combination, which is will be hard for anyone to escape even if you have the best defence, one punch must get you, that is why Joshua couldn’t handle them. Infant they made Joshua look like he can’t throw combinations at all

    • Secrets to success says:

      Wilder doesn’t throw combinations, anyone can Dodge his punch, his punch can only get you when your attention is not there. Watch all his his fight, he launches on his opponent once he notices they are not paying attention. Watch his first fight with fury. Fury even play too much in the ring that is why he was knocking him down in their trilogy

    • DizGuys says:

      @Secrets to success Wilder will run, from what? A very nervous Joshua, creeping forward with his occasional slow jab? I think Wilder will obviously have watched this and will plan to be all over Joshua from the first bell. If not all over him, he’ll be ready to pounce, as he’s pretty sharp. I agree Wilder isn’t as skilled a boxer as Usyk, but he’s not afraid to let his hands go. Look, Helenius busted Joshua up and barely threw any punches at all.

    • Kasheem Smith says:

      @Secrets to successnaw wilder want run Joshua chin is a bit chinny but at the same time this is heavyweights anything can happen that’s what makes this weight class so exciting

    • Ryan Gibson says:

      Poo fight! If Anyone thinks that AJ can do Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder after that display, they need to give their head a wobble. Usyk has destroyed his mind set, definitely not the fighter he once was.

  4. The Kickback says:

    Decent win for AJ. Hated the celebration after the KO, but can’t take away from the W. HUGE RESPECT to Helenius for accepting this fight and going out on his shield. Says a lot about him.

  5. Chris Silvester says:

    Respect for Helenius for stepping in & basically saving this whole fight card. He more than held his own till AJ issued a devastating right hook into Helenius jaw that proper sparked him out. Trouble with AJ is that he’s proved he’s got the power behind him but still seems abit too timid for me like he’s scared of getting hurt. Needs to man up more be more aggressive don’t be afraid to take a few punches

    • The Black Schwab says:

      That was not a hook. It’s called an overhand right.

    • Lolu Painbuster says:

      Aj is just so scared of being hit that he just doesn’t want to take any risks.

    • Secrets to success says:

      You said it all, I didn’t like how he was so laid back in usyk fight. If he was very aggressive with usyk, he would have won. I don’t think usyk has that power punch for him not to take risks with him.

    • Secrets to success says:

      Chisora fought usyk better than AJ did, Chisora was aggressive with usyk just that Chisora doesn’t have a big knock out punch like AJ and Wilder

    • Secrets to success says:

      If AJ fought usyk like he did Klitschko, usyk would have retired by now. AJ is even more aggressive in this fight than the usyk fight

  6. Marko Vänttinen says:

    Thank yhou again, Helenius. We finns should all be proud of you. I’ve been watching your careeer since 2008 or so. Such a talented young man, finally made it to fight the best of the best, at his last years.

  7. Tony M says:

    Thanks and props to Helenius for saving the night for Joshua and the fans. Kinda crazy to take a fight at this level on a week’s notice and having fought only last weekend. He is a warrior, but you could see the fatigue early on.

    • bonafide jovee says:

      Yeah he definitely didn’t come to win that’s for sure. Even the knock out seemed welcome

    • jim duffield says:

      He is the boxing equivalent of a fluffer to help the big names get their confidence back. Wilder is going to obliterate AJ 😂😂

    • al3rgen says:

      I don”t get this, it is like a fight delete his camp… he was perfectly prepared for a fight.

    • C says:

      Who could say no to a 1.5 million dollar pay check when your career is pretty much over already anyway?

  8. The truth says:

    I m concerned for Helenius he got kod back to back by Wilder and Joshua .What a warrior and he is a winner in my books respect.

  9. Cayman Costas says:

    How I measure a true fighter is how they bounce back after a loss, helenius does and hopefully he will again! Big respect to him on a weeks notice and kept everything running smoothly for the undercards. Real warrior at heart. And AJ…comin AJ your back bro, PLEASE make the fight wilder wilder or fury! I like how both of them were patient in their approach to each other, but what a right hand JEEEEEZE 💪 Big love and respect to all the fighters and may you all get home safely to your families 👏

  10. Dawid Skobieś says:

    Respect for Helenius 👏🏻 Great KO from AJ 🔥 Will it be enough for Wilder? I don’t think so 🫤

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