Anthony Scaramucci Doesn’t Like Bannon’s ‘Toleration’ Of White Supremacists

Anthony Scaramucci Doesn’t Like Bannon’s ‘Toleration’ Of White Supremacists

Ex-White House Communication Director Anthony Scaramucci renounces elements within the White House he perceives as encouraging white supremacist ideology.

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20 Responses

  1. Sophia N says:

    Who said the left doesn’t allow discourse. Love you Stephen.

  2. dreaminginnoother says:

    gotta admit, this was a pretty good appearance by the mooch. This front stab’s for you, mooch

  3. Gusstavv's Stuff says:

    You’ve got to admit even though he is a Trump’s ass licker, he has the nerve to go to a show where he has been hit several times and hard.

  4. shorgoth says:

    Honestly found him to be much nicer than expected and he has a great sense of humor, I’m suspecting he really has good intentions overall and he earnestly and readily admits his own mistakes. I think with time he’ll be the kind of person to admit he was wrong supporting Trump.

  5. M L says:

    Trump ONLY wanted to be president because he wanted the power. He thought he could go into the White House and tell people what to do and they would have to do it. He was surprised to find out that is not how it works. Also, Trump thought the job was easy and he was wrong. He ONLY wanted the power!!

  6. B BC says:

    Is it just me or is he trying a bit too hard to be likeable

  7. Thomas H says:

    To everyone starting to say Scaramucci isn’t as bad as they thought: Did it ever occur to you that many people you “hate” are that way? Maybe you just don’t look into their points of view enough to see that they are also Americans doing what they feel is best for their community or country? Most people aren’t bad. Even Trump, as ridiculous, narcissistic, and immature as he is, probably means well to at least some degree. Best to approach him and his followers with kindness rather than hatred.

  8. SektundSchnee says:

    “I’m an honest person…” he says without any eye contact. He makes the sounds but there’s nothing of the emotional investment that one would reasonably expect from an honest person: Dodgy as all hell.

  9. David Thompson says:

    Clearly thinks he can be a future president.

  10. Llama Cornmeal says:

    The Mooch should be a character in Game of Thrones!

  11. Wes Cameron says:

    I can’t believe we only got 10 days of this guy. I could’ve gone another 6 months at least!

  12. Karan Chaphekar says:

    Usa is officially a reality tv show

  13. URKillingme100 * says:

    He’s a professional shmoozer. I’ve known guys like him my whole life. You can’t trust them as far as you can throw them. They’ll say anything you want to hear as long as it gets him what he wants. Don’t fall for that charm. While you’re eating up his charisma, he’s stealing your wallet.

  14. Mugu S says:

    1:51 *i’m not some trumptard, but you don’t have to be this rude & defensive, stephen.* _sheesh_ 🙄

  15. Kareem Wilson says:

    issa knife

  16. Lennyy15 says:

    i never really pegged him to be a bad guy. just an idiot who took on a job for a low key dictator. the new york honesty thing is real with that man, i can see that.

  17. Brad says:

    I gotta give it to the Mooch. He doesn’t seem like TOO bad of a guy.

  18. Occo Eric Nolf says:

    This guy proved to be an imbecile, scheming, totally incompetent liar even before he was officially appointed … and now, after a clearly rehearsed 10-minute ‘interview’, people are saying he’s a good guy? I’m beginning to understand how the USA ended up with the imbecile orange orangutan scumbag as their president.

  19. Alissa Johnson says:

    Fuck him! He’s only saying that because he got fired and he doesn’t want to look more like an asshole.
    Last month he was so far up Trumps ass that he didn’t see the train wreck coming.

  20. Joey Yared says:

    Mooch 2020 💯 like if you’d rather see the Mooch in office instead of Trump…jus sayin

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