Antonio Banderas Can Play Picasso, But Can He Draw Like Him?

Antonio Banderas Can Play Picasso, But Can He Draw Like Him?

‘Genius: Picasso’ star Antonio Banderas tells the history of the famous artist with whom he shares a hometown.

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59 Responses

  1. martinaee says:

    Oh man… I actually think this might be good. I haven’t seen a good painter/artist movie since, what, the Pollock or Kahlo movies?

  2. Oxnard Montalvo says:

    Now THIS is an interview!

    good job all

    i approve.

  3. Michael Merriam says:

    He has aged a lot, I didn’t recognize him at all. o_O

  4. Anant Raman says:

    Damn, dude’s changed a lot. Everyone gets old I guess.

    • chinze bo says:

      His eyes are still youthful and lovely!

    • ozkan cil says:

      Michu Beng Tarbull hahaa

    • larryjohnny says:

      shawn figueroa my thought exactly… He was supposed to look old like Picasso.. And. Yes the movie was just finished, hence why he is still in character with the look! Picasso was a player, couldn’t hurt that his dad was an art professor too! Like Kobe learning from Jellybean Bryant, Klay learning from Michael Thompson, and Curry learning from his pops… What lucky dudes and they worked hard too!

    • tori2dles says:

      I think he looks quite handsome, especially in that clip.

    • Wafi Noorulhuda says:

      Unlike Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise he isn’t trying to hold onto his youth with plastic surgery, dude is just aging gracefully.

  5. Anne Sewell says:

    Hola Antonio from La Cala in Málaga province, Spain!

  6. Sterlin Charles says:

    Yes! One of the first. They should have also mentioned him in desperato, such an amazing movie

    • Florian says:

      Sterlin Charles. The movies mentioned were a weird choice in general.

    • Serai3 says:

      Anybody remember _Mambo Kings?_ Now THERE was a performance. Not many actors can do such a great job without understanding A SINGLE WORD of what they’re saying!

  7. Espinosababy13 says:

    I love Antonio

  8. Mar says:

    He’s such a delight ❤️

  9. pamela frew says:

    Looking good there Antonio. 🙂

  10. Total T says:

    The life of Picasso is certainly a heck of a story.

  11. Alice Cooper says:

    Me encanta este hombre!

  12. Nexus says:

    Great to see Banderas, lovely guy. We all get older folks, he’s still handsome and moreover has an awesome personality

  13. Orpheus says:

    I really liked this interview, well done!

  14. CAP198462 says:

    There’s an even more well known story about Picasso. During the Spanish civil war the city of Guernica was bombed by the condor legion, an event Picasso painted. At a showing a German diplomat said, wine in hand, words close to “who is responsible for this horror,” to which Picasso said “you are.” That would have been nice to see.

    • MT Yankin says:

      @Gerry Nightingale. He painted the destruction of Guernica in France.The showing could have been elsewhere and much later after the war.

    • Gerry Nightingale says:

      Yes, of course it ‘could have been after the War’…(I have extreme doubts that it would’ve occurred during the War!) And the ‘attributed remark’ to any German in ‘Reich occupied territory’ by Picasso is rubbish! He would’ve been executed for it…therefore since he survived the War, the ‘statement’ was never made.

    • ERRE OHHH says:

      CAP198462 Fuck Picasso and his ugly ass paintings. That shit is for rich people who spend their money on stupid shit

    • Gerry Nightingale says:

      I have two ‘Picasso works in my house…both of them for five bucks each (copies on paper) What’s the story on you two ‘trolls’?  Both members of the “Ass-Hole Brotherhood of Fuck-Wits?”

  15. Sohaib says:

    That crowd needs to be educated about Flamenco, you don’t clap like that in the presence of a spanish guitar, you just listen

  16. JamieLan2011 says:

    Antonio has not lost an ounce of his charms since the 90’s.

  17. phil chao says:

    he’ll always be zorro to me

  18. Just Killing Time says:

    His voice just soothes my soul. I also want to re-watch Zorro now.

  19. Coyote says:

    ”Zorro and Puss In Boots”
    So Zorro and Zorro, then.

  20. SquareB0t says:

    I din’t know Banderas much outside his films but he seems like an absolute joy to be around! Wonderful interview

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