Antonio Brown has been an ‘absolute embarrassment’ with his behavior – Stephen A. | First Take

Antonio Brown has been an ‘absolute embarrassment’ with his behavior – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Damien Woody react to the Oakland Raiders fining Antonio Brown $54K for not showing up in training camp and Brown’s reaction to the fines.
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65 Responses

  1. Sir Blasian says:

    Who else just seen that he’s about to be suspended? ?

  2. Steven Pooler says:

    Stephen A.. Everyone seen this coming besides you.. Shannon Sharpe been saying that about his character for a while.. Lol..

  3. Kevin Marray says:

    Ryan Clarke’s been saw this coming.

  4. Junior Hernandez says:

    UPDATE; AB and Mayock got into it Wednesday morning, and Raiders are now planning on suspending him.

  5. The MBP says:

    Passed on Zeke,then he signs,draft AB,now suspended.I lost this fantasy season before I even started.

  6. Tony B says:

    Antonio Brown has Aaron Hernandez level CTE but instead of murdering people he’s murdering his own career

  7. SammyTV says:

    Bro I was straight livid when the Steelers only got a 3rd and 5th for this guy but jeez maybe they made the best deal possible

  8. John Tzintzis says:

    Dang…CLARK should have been on this segment…i’d LOVE to hear his FIRST TAKE!

  9. Garret Snyder says:


  10. Noah Hoder says:

    Watch he’s gonna get released and end up with the patriots ?

  11. JayBaddAssCutler says:

    Burfict had to hold back AB…

    Let that sink in.

    The dude who almost killed him a few years ago, had to be the bigger person and keep him from getting physical

  12. Fabrizio Lorenzo says:

    “There wasn’t a track record of AB being a headcase.”

    *laughs in Days of our Steelers*

    • Smucky ! says:

      There’s been a track record of AB being a diva from his college years, and the Steelers were fortunate to have gotten AB’s talents before they got AB’s ego. That rookie year where he wasnt on the 1st string team must have humbled him a bit, cuz once his starts and stats starting growing, his ego grew back to those childish college years. Geez, imagine if AB had been drafted by a team that needed a rookie to be a starter week 1… He’d likely have diva-ed his way into being Josh Gordon sans the drug problem.

    • FPS Larry III says:

      Fabrizio Lorenzo dude was arrogant, but wasn’t a headcase. This Raider situation is beyond being a diva.

    • Tim Powell says:

      Fabrizio Lorenzo hilarious bc this has been goin on for at least 5 yrs ?

  13. It annoys me says:

    Looks like Stephen A wearing Bear Bryant’s hat. Lol

  14. Robert Fahey says:

    Brown could not shine or dance in jerry rice shoes not even close in comparisons JR class act whole career

  15. BornRunnerBorn says:

    My pittsburgh-steelers look like natural born geniuses for letting this man go

  16. CrispierJmoney1 says:

    AB is competing with Joaquin Phoenix for joker ? of the year…. this dude is a clown !!?

  17. James Marrero says:

    I think Antonio Brown has CTE or is bipolar. Of course people that don’t understand will judge mental illness as erratic behavior. These dudes sit behind a desk and don’t take hits everyday to their heads.

    • Slade Wilson says:

      Just your typical narcissist.

    • Michael Bigl says:

      James Marrero 100% agree. I’ve been saying that since he started taking shots at juju. He’s totally irrational with his actions. I am not judging him for his behavior but I believe he needs professional help asap. Otherwise it’s only gonna get worse. Guy has all the talent and money in the world but this will all go to waste if the people around him don’t realize that he actually needs someone who understands his mental state.

    • Gary Potter says:

      @TrillTandon he’s a grown ass fucking man, stop blaming everyone else his actions are his fault nobody else’s.

    • Mr. Marshall says:

      He is what JAY Z said….product of an emotional single mother. These dudes act like women, and they learned it from their mother.

    • SWARK NUK says:

      If ab took hits to the head every day he would be retarded

  18. faq whatyouthink says:

    NFL players need mental counseling and mental health help. A lot of retirees are asking for it.

  19. mike vincent says:

    Oakland Raiders: We are one player away from the super bowl.

    Pittsburgh Steelers: send them the Clown ??

  20. Jerms21 says:

    Ryan Clark said that the monster was coming after he got paid…. prophetic dude

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