Antonio Brown is a ‘team destroyer’, says former Raider Howie Long | FOX NFL

Antonio Brown is a ‘team destroyer’, says former Raider Howie Long | FOX NFL

The FOX NFL Sunday crew share their thoughts on Antonio Brown’s move to the New England Patriots, with former Oakland Raiders defensive star Howie Long having a particularly strong perspective on Brown’s recent actions.

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Antonio Brown is a ‘team destroyer’, says former Raider Howie Long | FOX NFL

Fox Sports

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85 Responses

  1. Orta Potty says:

    How else would you describe him besides a clown or diva?

  2. daniel kelly says:

    of course Michael Irvin defends him on another network along with Kurt Warner and Mariucchi. These guys (howie, terry, jimmy and strahan) are the only ones telling the truth. Bad behavior just got rewarded.

    • Rick Hernandez says:

      Irvin needs to get off that coke again

    • Michael Marshall says:

      I love Terry as he always says it like it is.

    • Follow the brick road says:

      Larkisky27 Just because Michael Irving had a drug addiction and off field issues does not mean Jimmy john likes bad behavior or never tried to correct Irving behavior .

    • ijirving says:

      How was he rewarded? He lost 30 million in guarantees, the Pats definitely aren’t paying him anywhere near what he lost. Why are people acting like AB came out on the right side of this?

    • DOJAx707 says:

      @ijirving because people are stupid. These idiots defending him want you to believe that the most selfish player in the league gave up an extra 21 million guaranteed as a favor to join the Patriots.

  3. FOX Sports says:

    What are your thoughts on Antonio Brown ending up with the Patriots?

    • R G says:

      I think they’ve neutralized him. They don’t have to defend him on the field now, but they should give him like 46 catches for 3 touchdowns all year and ruin his 100 catch streak.

    • David LeValley says:

      @The Jumpmaster no. AB is the worst!!

    • Konstantino Rentoulis says:

      Hopefully he gets cut he don’t deserve to be a part of a team of men that have one goal only he is a selfish egotistical diva that he thinks he is above the game

    • Rupert Murdoch says:

      Fox News is the devil, and all they do is lie and brainwash people which is why trump is president. Anyone who supports Donald trump is brainwashed at no fault of their own. I have all the necessary facts to fix it, please give me the opportunity.

    • ECduzitgood says:

      @Rupert Murdoch Trump derangement alert.

  4. Ten Second BuickGN says:

    This is a cultural problem that no one wants to talk about because it’s politically incorrect.

    • corey lahey says:

      @Ron Black so black people are the only people that have a “culture”??? Nobody else can have their own culture is that it??? ???????

    • Moore Jeffery says:

      Culture and politics???…i thought he was just a drama queen oh no who knew??

    • Ron Black says:

      @corey lahey
      If you know how to read, I asked what did the person mean by the word ” cultural.” Since the word is a broad term.

  5. HF1DRUMMER says:

    I appreciate their honesty.
    It’s refreshing to hear.

  6. Chris A says:

    Pull this nonsense with Bellicheck and he’ll be doing sit ups with TO.

  7. mars laredo says:

    Set up. AB always wanted to go to NE. He’ll do what B&B want him to do.

    • Lady Queen Bee says:

      @Shimeka Covell -DHS- Baltimore City I am not understanding your response to me. I was merely asking another commenter a question. Your replying to me makes absolutely no sense. Exactly how am I “bugging”? Explain in greater detail please.

    • Curtis Blyden says:

      Stephen Sporman ? find me a Super ring worth 29,000,000 and I can promise u I can find a cure for cancer. U talk like he left recreational money on the table. Somewhere deep in his mind, AB regrets he went about his business this way. He destroyed his own self interest. At 31 with his reputation, he’s not getting anymore long term contracts. Im gonna presume you are a smart dude, but that was not a smart perspective.

    • Curtis Blyden says:

      reyes roberts long term contract moving forward? AB is 31 years old. If teams think he will be on a best behavior on short term deals then why would they offer an aging WR a long term contract. Go ahead, name me the last WR on the wrong side of 30 to get a long term deal?

    • Curtis Blyden says:

      Mo Suleiman if he has a good year in NE, the pats will get credit for it, not AB given his severely damaged reputation after the Oakland fiasco

    • Curtis Blyden says:

      Mo Suleiman in what universe? I need to chat with your math teachers ASAP. His contract with NE is a 9 million signing Bonus and the remaining balance is non-guaranteed. In Oakland, he had 29 million guaranteed over two years plus additional money if he attended 85% of team workouts. When did 9 become more than 30???

  8. Juan Chavez says:

    Finally I hear the real truth about AB #Adult Baby ? has talent but not character.

  9. Jimmy g says:

    Karma will strike very soon ☠?

  10. Name Here says:

    4:23 I thought he was going to say it

  11. Say When says:

    The League should *SUSPEND* Antonio Clown & give The Raiders a compensatory pick.

  12. Lillie Thai says:

    His career will be cutting short. He aint no Randy moss. Playing with fire will get him burn.

    • Domanic B says:

      I love Moss but Moss was just naturally gifted. AB worked his freaking tail off to be the best WR in the NFL. You think NE would’ve signed him if he wasn’t a hard worker

    • SheepDog OathKeeper says:

      @Jeremy Jones shut up ab.

    • DEN E.V says:

      @Jeremy Jones
      People get to choose where they work everyday? Career in the NFL it’s just like any job? Also if you actually read it, my comment was not about some barely literate football player with his degree in video games or whatever he graduated with. It’s about the fans. Sports fans, who have no moral compass.

    • Moore Jeffery says:

      Yes facts

  13. State Razor says:

    Never have i ever heard the cast talk so negatively about a player. Dude must be the absolute worst human

  14. Diamond Rattler says:

    If AB acts like an upstanding citizen with the Pats, then it was all planned.

    • beefstewe says:

      But he won’t so…..

    • john smoot says:

      That’s the thing if he plays well New England would sign him for a long term deal which would be the 30 mil he would of gotten but I don’t think patriots sign him again and they’ll keep the third round pick and ab will be open to a long term deal with any team he chooses. So in a way, ab still gets his way almost no matter what and of course unless he got injured or suspended

    • Tom storm says:

      john smoot that’s the thing. There’s a lot of ifs here. If he plays well and if he doesn’t get injured or suspended. That’s why he should’ve went with the guarantee as most players do. It just doesn’t make sense. Yes it could either work out which would make him look smarter or it could fail which would make him look like a fool

    • Shane Douglas says:

      If that does happen expect Belichick to say “I love it when a plan comes together! “

    • john smoot says:

      Tom storm I think the point of him moving on from the raiders is that he didn’t want to play for them because of the fine, and he knew they are in rebuild mode. So I think he was gunna sign with a contender and he signs a one year deal, helps them get a ring and he gets a ring with another team willing to pay 30 mil for him. And of course it’s the pats. Idk theses guys are professional athletes, I think brown knew what he was doing and or is doing. Crazy or not.

  15. obi_dave_kenobi says:

    Thank you Howie, Terri, Jimmy, and Michael. Tired of other commentators and players putting up or making excuses for clowns/divas like this.

    • April Lambert says:

      All these tv divas will say whatever their producer told them to say. Guarantee they will all kiss his but when he wins the Superbowl this season

  16. Juan Rodarte says:


  17. Skip Bayless says:

    Man the Raiders are still felt in LA 3:30

  18. T Co says:

    Belechick just got all 6 infinity stones ?

  19. Jacob-210- says:

    After 6 Superbowl wins, Tom Brady now has the most talented set of receivers in his career ?

  20. Phinesse DaPlug says:

    If it doesn’t work out in New England, his career is over in the nfl. Guaranteed.

    • jagjit bains says:

      Not really…talent like AB will always find a job until he ages…if tyreek Hill is out for awhile…the chiefs will pick him up

    • ExpectFlames says:

      You told us that if you got cut by the raiders ???

    • John Arch says:

      There’s always a dumb team out there, that’s why certain players do this because They know there’s always one dumb team out there if teams had higher standards for themselves leaders wouldn’t be able to do this

    • ExpectFlames says:

      @John Arch what are we talking about here. All of these dudes who play on the league are terrible humans who leave there wives and children to play a game. If your looking to them for leadership that’s sad. Follow politics or literature or history. These are nothing more than regular people who playing a game.

    • ozzyb39 says:

      Naa someone else is willing to swing on his balls… “he’s talented”

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