Antonio Brown sat down with Brandon Marshall’s “I Am Athlete” show to discuss everything from mental health to his NFL future, his budding friendship with Kanye West and much more.

“There is nothing wrong with my mental health,” the former Tampa Bay Bucs wide receiver said. During the full interview, which drops Monday 1/24 on the I Am Athlete official YouTube page, AB also opens up on the infamous sideline incident with Bucs head coach Bruce Arians and explains why he doesn’t plan on apologizing to anyone.

Marshall — along with co-hosts Nick Young (ex-NBA star) and Jared Odrick (former NFL 1st round draft pick) — also ask Brown about his relationship with Tom Brady, his thoughts on CTE and plans after football.


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52 Responses

  1. Joseph Witty says:

    We needed Ocho in this one fr fr 🤣💯💯

  2. m ‘ says:

    I know this finna be a crazy show, both ab n Brandon is going to over talk each other 😂

  3. Rob 0582 says:

    Somehow I knew AB was gonna appear on this show. The viewers needed this.

  4. Daniel Darden says:

    Wish we had the originals for this one. Chad, Fred, and Channing would’ve been something we needed to hear and see

    • Teasley1990 says:

      Facts he always doin this shows with ppl who act as if they afraid to challenge him mentally n give him honesty

    • Truly Blessed says:

      @Sniper909 very well said! Brandon is chasing bags and in the process disregarded the premise of the show, WHO, and what made it a success. That’s why he has now “PIVOTed” back to NFL players and the likes as guests. RC is professional and does a fantastic job at hosting and steering the conversation. We want to hear what the guest has to say, not someone screaming over them and not allowing them to get their point across. Brandon is very self absorbed and seems to be controlling as well.

    • Sniper909 says:

      @Marie Settles probably wanted to explore more of the New York market as a chef which is fair. It’s okay when b marsh wants to separate but when others want to he becomes sour

    • Sniper909 says:

      @Teasley1990 it’s an alpha male thing. He’s not a natural anchorman aka he lacks the ability to be able to 1) allow dialogue to flow and 2) keep it moving rather than mention mental health

    • Sniper909 says:

      @Truly Blessed agree with you my guy!!! Tbh I’m just here cos of the guests and I want to hear what they say. Bro look at the fat joe ep, b marsh is slammed in that, man can’t even handle his drink…dudes just trying to blend so many different things he’s lost what his podcast was which ultimately hate it or love it was that core group of chan and Fred.

  5. Marcus Hester says:

    Can’t wait for the whole interview. Need the original crew for this one

    • CANTDIE says:

      shit aint ever happening, them dudes aint even friends any more

    • Will says:

      @Silverback Racing TV your assessment is off. This was a business decision not loyalty. B Marsh was the owner sp he kept it all. His vision for the show was different so he had the right to go on the path he thought was best. So did they. I still never shade people for respectfully deciding to do something different. I can’t co-sign on your response.

    • Silverback Racing TV says:

      @Will I respect your opinion. However sometimes the collective is stronger together then being seperated.

    • Silverback Racing TV says:

      @3ClapsandaRicFlair I respect your opinion. The thing is is who knows if when he signed up fpor the Nascar deep cut that their had to a certain amount of coverage to fulfill a contract. He also shined a light on a sport that we were not all familiar with it

    • 3ClapsandaRicFlair says:

      @Silverback Racing TV yes he shined a light but it’s a light not many wanted or cared about. I liked when they went and rode in the cars I even liked when they interviewed the black crew members but then it became too much nascar not enough of the essence of the show. Like Fred says “you gotta keep the main thing the main thing” they expanded too much at once I am nascar, I am woman, I am vegan, then brought the I am athlete LA it was just too much

  6. Chiseled Adonis says:

    The one thing i’d like to see from this interview is accountability…

    • IVAN7I3 says:

      Who are you again??

    • Bald Eagle says:


      This guy has gotten so many second chances. The problem is that they keep giving me him a chance instead of making him pay for his mistakes

    • The Youngstown Strangler says:

      @WeTooDeep you musta looked in the mirror while reading my comment which ultimately mindfucked u as u realized this applied to u as well, you fit the description of a sensitive scorned puppet, dance 💃 haha

    • Tall_N_Opinionated says:

      @Quincy Wallace That’s your opinion. It’s easy to say if you’re not affected by what happened. He’s not reacting that way for no reason. He didn’t account for why he did what he did. You may not like it. That’s on him not you.

    • Tall_N_Opinionated says:

      @Grichka Tayou I’m not gaslighting anything. You brought up the NFL. I’m calling out how the NFL has handled situations that effects players. You may not like how AB handled the situation. You’re not him. You can’t tell someone how to react when they feel disrespected. He explained why he did what he did that’s his account for it. You don’t have to like it. It’s that simple.

  7. Bobby M says:

    Miss the old squad. Something that will never be the same and might hurt the show.

    Taylor would have definitely told Brown 55/50 (55% Patience and 50% Professionalism)

  8. TOO REAL says:

    We need Ocho and Fred for this .. the vibes not right on this one without them.

  9. Roberson De says:

    I am so happy to see our fellow former professional athletes sitting around the table to discuss and debate everything.thanks for bringing Antonio brown on his show sometimes we all speak on emotion and bipartisan .keep it like this bro.much love and support for you.peace and be smart.

    • Stephen Tyra says:

      What do you mean by our athletes your referring to our as being American Athletes right

    • Roberson De says:

      @Stephen Tyra bro don’t take it personal i am not trying to hurt nobody feeling.the world has much thing going on his is not the time to talk negative lets make it better for a great future for our young kid.

  10. Jesse Hugley says:


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