ANVIL Vs. CAR from 165m Swiss Dam!

ANVIL Vs. CAR from 165m Swiss Dam!

Probably the most insane game of darts ever played haha.

After 4 years we finally return to Luzzone Dam in Ticino, Switzerland for more epic content. This is the first of 10 vids we filmed there and we can’t wait to release them all for you legends.

Watch all our 2018 Swiss Dam videos here:

We want to say a big thank you to all these amazing people for helping to make this trip happen:
– Debora and Carolina from Ticino Bellinzona e Valli Turismo // @bellinzonaevalli //
– Officine Idroelettriche di Blenio SA
– Niklas and Philipp from Angele for driving all the way from Germany to bring us anvils and forging hammers to drop, you guys are legends!
– Gonser who provided a heap of the items/targets for the drops including the trampoline and Rexy’s mannequin!
– Ticino Film Commission

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23 Responses

  1. How Ridiculous says:

    Thumbs up if you’re excited for TEN Luzzone Dam videos!

    Our crew worked their butts off to film 10 in 10 days which was an insane effort especially when you see all the crazy stuff we pulled off. Can’t wait for you all to see it.

    Any guesses what other videos we filmed? 😬

    • TheZohan says:

      Yo nice sale on the dummies :p gonna pick up 1 of each

    • Nick Grosvenor says:

      If the water filled ball didn’t hit the manikin then the bowling ball wasn’t a direct hit it broke then hit the car

    • Brett Stanford says:

      @Simon Multiverse it’s a concave wall so wouldn’t work

    • Brett Stanford says:

      @Brad Laughlin you should get there it’s beautiful!!

    • Simon Multiverse says:

      SUGGESTION: find a way of putting a bowling ball on the surface of the dam wall so that it rolls down. Maybe a big wooden ball, so you could pull a string to release it, then the big ball rolls and probably tears itself to bits once it’s spinning quickly enough.

  2. Jeff Dillon says:

    Can we just for a moment appreciate the best slowy since rubber band ball on giant axe? That exercise ball flattening the mannequin was … unsettling, but also mesmerizing. Well done boys!

  3. richie peacock says:

    Yes, 75 points just simply for the epicness of that shot and slomo footage!!

  4. Morgan Quinn says:

    Back to the roots of dropping things! Love it! Stanford 75 points. Robbed. How could you ever hit the thing under Rexy…

  5. Sarah Wright says:

    That was a huge smash of rexy and manikin. Definitely deserved the 75 points!

    So looking forward to the rest of the series 😀

  6. Jake Smith says:

    100% with Stanford! If you don’t want to count rexy and the mannequin together then don’t put rexy in the same exact spot 😂

  7. Lauren Conradie says:

    Jeepers, I have missed you blokes!! How do you guys consistently make videos that are both hilariously entertaining and lifts the spirit? Stay the epic legends that you are, you deserve the 11 million subs. God bless you guys

  8. Tommy Shyng says:

    Totally with Stanford on this one, 75 points.

  9. witchcraft98 says:

    Best video in a long time, so stoked to see you guys dropping stuff and having more time for banter in the video. Extra props to Editor Jack for the trampoline frame burn, amazing 😂😂😂

  10. Bobby Webb says:

    Give Stanford the 75!! He nailed both! Glad to see the dropping series back!

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