Anxiety Baking is The Hot New Trend

Anxiety Baking is The Hot New Trend

Americans have turned to baking to cope with a nationwide increase in anxiety. In fact, there’s even a new show about it: ‘Anxiety Baking.’

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68 Responses

  1. Brent DeBoer says:

    In Oregon, anxiety baking means something entirely different.

  2. T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE says:

    Hypochondriac cookies anyone?

    • Daniel H says:

      Lmao. This is just a normal morning for me. Usually followed by a panic attack. Has nothing to do with politics though or world affairs.

    • Gisa W Slonim says:

      Alice B. Toklas (companion of Gertrude Stein) but some strange little weeds in her famous cookies. Everyone loved them, especially Gertrude which might explain her having written “A rose is a rose is a rose…”

    • sdfkjgh says:

      T.BONE: That sounds like an SCP.  Like, you eat the cookie, and it makes you think you have a disease.

  3. Napoleon I Bonaparte says:

    Where’s the friendly shot of wine?

  4. sloetree says:

    American angst – a result of Trump’s fear mongering!

  5. RIPHitchens says:

    That cook is literally lady Stephen Colbert

  6. Vickie Norgrove says:

    Huh, no wonder I suddenly got better at cooking and baking over the last three years: school and social anxiety, and the Trump administration.

  7. GrandiaKnight says:

    Well that’s explains why Great British Bake Off is so popular. It’s a way to cope with Brexit!

  8. kevinmuehl Muehlkevin says:

    I feel personally attacked by Stephen Colbert.

  9. VulpeRenard says:

    I’ve baked more homemade cookies, cakes, and donuts in the past year than I have in my entire life, and I’ve never heard about this before.

  10. carli max says:

    Treasons Greetings ! Everyone 🙂

  11. New Message says:

    Since they legalized it in Canada, my anxiety baking is wayyyy more effective.

  12. Stacy Cecil says:

    I know a buddy that’s been ‘anxiety baking’ for years. Good thing it’s finally legal in this state.

  13. RMAGGR says:

    This gave me anxiety.

  14. Benzaiten says:

    I guess I’m old fashioned but I still find anxiety drinking to be more effective.

  15. Sean Sunser says:

    The actress in this skit is great! Two thumbs up .

  16. gemini star says:

    I could have watched more of that skit. Loved it. That was an excellent comedic actress.
    Before any do-gooders get on their soapbox about making fun of mental health; I have an anxiety disorder and I found this f**king hilarious.

  17. poptart6662012 says:

    I’ve always done this. Unfortunately it comes with anxiety pounds.

  18. Adam says:

    For the love of all that is good and holy, PLEASE change the outro. It is awful and MUCH LOUDER than the rest of the clip. Obnoxious.

  19. Commenter Person says:


    The volume of the music (at end of video) is way too loud.
    Your web-audio team are still not listening to the YouTube audience.
    I’ll keep thumbing down all your videos until this _ear-drums-abuse_ is ended.

    Stephen Colbert Audio “Engineer” —> -Idiots- _Incompetent_

  20. Soymaid says:

    That actress is amazing. Please put her in everything.

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