Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons: Ben Affleck on Deflategate (HBO)

Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons: Ben Affleck on Deflategate (HBO)

New England native Ben Affleck has impassioned feelings about Tom Brady and Deflategate.

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20 Responses

  1. RobinNJ1963 says:

    just like when he acts, he’s emotionless and lacking in facial expression.
    what a sad sack.

  2. Jacob says:

    he sounds drunk

  3. John Lemus says:

    Where was this emotion in Batman VS Superman.

  4. American Tyranny says:

    The NFL is communist!

  5. curly73ful says:

    Tom Brady is a fucking cheater. Don’t stick up for him cause you’re from
    fucking Boston. Fuck the Patriots!!!

  6. Lord Jim says:

    I use “fuck” in conversation on occasion, but using it 50 times in 4
    minutes is pretty fucking lame. Simmons’ Show is disappointing on so many
    levels. Hey Bill, did you dumpster dive a local Good Will for your outfit?
    And program note – putting two Boston townies on Cable to “fucking”
    circle-jerk each other might be orgasmic for Boston Townies, but for the
    rest of the universe, that hates your sports town – it’s “fucking”
    I wrote fuck a lot, so I’m edgy and cool.
    Not a good Show, Simmons. Stick to writing.

  7. The Batman says:

    Most kids here commenting don’t know jack shit about sports or how
    filmmaking industry works.
    Go play minecraft and let the adults do the analysis.

  8. jack wesley says:

    he won because he cheated and before you say anything look at baseball pete
    rose was banned for life cause he gambeled so its ok 2 cheat but not bet

  9. Moe says:

    This Nigga’s drunk brah!

  10. mark norris says:

    apparently no IQ test to be a hollywood star

  11. Bill Bitterass says:

    Bitch & whine all you want pussies, but the assholes cheated, again.

  12. alex sherry says:


  13. Broadwaymungo says:


  14. luis martinez says:

    Why does anyone cares what celebrities think. They get paid to entertain
    me, I give their opinions about as much worth as I do those of a trained
    monkey. Actually, most monkeys are smarter than most celebrities, so
    apologies to the monkeys.

  15. Stephen Yates says:

    Fact, Brady and the Pats scored more points in the second half after they
    re-inflated the footballs. Fact, deflating the footballs was meaningless.
    It had zero impact on performance. Fact, Goodell is butthurt.

  16. Kevin Walsh says:

    I loved the Town, but ben, surely u know profanity is intellctual laziness
    and surpressed dormant shame..?

  17. Jarvbs Jones says:

    The guy does one drunk interview and he’s a scumbag and an alcoholic? lol
    wtf. you people are so judgmental. Projection much? I wonder how many of
    you judgmental assholes claim to be Christians on Sunday.

  18. TheGuthar says:


  19. vintagevideogamegeek says:

    who the F cares?

  20. franknshadow says:

    I was raised believing that gratuitous profanity is a sign of ignorance.. I
    believe it now more than ever..