Anything Can Be Sexy with Dakota Johnson

Anything Can Be Sexy with Dakota Johnson

Jimmy and Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson take turns saying unsexy things in their best sexy voices.

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Anything Can Be Sexy with Dakota Johnson

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20 Responses

  1. Roarc Ivv says:

    She’s cute but not sexy at all, sorry.

  2. kangaroo69ful says:

    she’s very cute not sexy

  3. Rashid Al Tamimi says:

    +MohammedsWay A miller

  4. Vivien Cheng says:

    Girl, you need some good concealer 

  5. cookiesncream789 says:

    She’s pretty adorable and innocent for someone who’s in a sex movie. 

  6. Rachel Kim says:

    jimmy fallon has never heard of ‘first is the worst, second is the best’
    before ???? haha yo these 2 hard working adults in the tough industry need
    some SLEEEEEEP. also i love dakota johnson’s teeth like something about it
    not being so squarey or absolutely perfect makes her look ‘unique’ and cute
    despite being quite typical/ average-looking

  7. Autumn Fall says:

    She is Sexyy^_^

  8. Anthony Tran says:

    Her whole appeal is girl next door in a big city and I mean, I get it 

  9. Alejandro Ramgoolam says:

    Can’t wait for 50 shades

  10. V Girl says:

    Nice to see her have a humorous side. Jamie dorman’s was the best though. 

  11. Don'tellasoul 13 says:

    Nothing can be sexy with Dakota Johnson.

  12. e.i mccool says:

    she’s a junkie.

  13. Justaneet says:

    Her bags under her eyes add to her beauty. 

  14. Mark Dice says:

    So…the most anticipated film now is about a dude who likes to tie women
    up and beat them in his secret sex chamber. America has failed. Satan is
    king of this country.

  15. 2000coco says:

    Gorgeous Dakota

  16. anidubidumdum says:

    OMG +Jimmy Fallon i got a Charles Bass moment there !!! very nice

  17. NWBroadcasting says:

    Who’s going to see Fifty Shades of Grey for Valentine’s Day?

  18. nicky nm says:

    *idk if this is odd but her voice would be perfect for a phone sex line
    it’s so appealing and for all of you saying she is not sexy or beautiful
    because of her bags oh please! I bet you look worse when you stare at the
    computer screen for too long or takeoff your concealer, her’s are not even
    that bad!*

  19. Tiffany Montalvo says:

    Ahaha she’s just gorgeous :)

  20. Yahya Aldairi says:

    Is she high look at her eyes