AP EXCLUSIVE: Witness Captures Capitol Landing

AP EXCLUSIVE: Witness Captures Capitol Landing

Police arrested a man who steered his tiny, one-person helicopter onto the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, astonishing spring tourists and prompting a temporary lockdown of the Capitol Visitor Center. (April 15)

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19 Responses

  1. cranberry6pointOh says:

    Nut job with a gyro-copter!

  2. Kz Bear says:

    Washington over reacting again with there evacuations. I guess the
    terrorist did win. Oh, my mistake, good reason to take off work. Its not as
    though they do anything anyway. 3 cheers 4 the postman.Serious problem
    requires serious action.

  3. Brian D says:

    what if he was actually have a vehicle malfunction and picked that nice
    open area to land in rather than crash and burn on a bunch of people

  4. drevilatwork says:

    News over nothing. Now this is all we gonna hear in the news for the next 2

  5. blah deBlah says:

    The decline and fall of the West continues apace.

  6. Aaron T says:

    So what? Nothing happened.

  7. makigott19 says:

    THAT BITCH is OVERREACTING sooo much!!! really come on!!! shes a hypocrite
    as well pacifist my ass!!

  8. theguyisinthailand says:

    Another Capitol Hill protester makes his mark- In Vietnam monks set
    themselves on fire & Tunisia a street vendor did the same when
    protesting… Less then week ago a protester seeking social justice put a
    bullet in his head. Now this protester goes this far to show his cause
    (Americans have more style & money/education then to simple pour some
    petrol on em & strike a match). Waiting for a Capitol Police news

  9. Tom Peranteau says:

    Hey, it’s our capital. What the heck.

  10. Mike T. says:

    Obama’s amerika

  11. 1nterwebs says:

    holy cow

  12. 1nterwebs says:

    Actually thats the new Airforce one after senate budget cuts.

  13. Big J Enterprises says:

    haha, first a guy jumps over fence dashes in the white mosque now a chopper
    lands. Ole bathhouse Barry’s SS troops are a joke. Take some of the SS
    off your “advisor” (ooops, i’m sorry, master, also unprecedented for
    advisor to have SS protection) the marxist muzzie Valerie Jarrett troll to
    help out.

  14. Haliotro says:

    Dough Hughes. Mailman. Gyrocopter pilot. Protesting Citizen’s United:


  15. Big J Enterprises says:

    Notre Dame marching band and Boston Philharmonic can storm onto the
    lawn for impromptu performance, seems open for business

  16. EveryThirdNotThursday says:

    It’s just a misunderstanding. Someone ordered an old man from Amazon and
    he was delivered by drone to the wrong address.

  17. jim zorger says:

    The security people in DC must be quaking in their shoes. It seems
    restricted airspace can be penetrated at will. Also it’s a gyrocopter not a

  18. XR269 says:

    Good man. Nice landing.

  19. JeriCurl says:

    Stingers on all corners of the capital building, some LAV-AD near good
    vantage points and recon at the dome. Put in a Patriot missile for good
    measure. These flying heli people need to be brought down to earth.