AP: One dead after car runs into Charlotte protesters

AP: One dead after car runs into Charlotte protesters

Hospital officials say 19 are injured after incident

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20 Responses

  1. uncensoredClassics VEVO says:

    the alt right needs 2 stop now!

  2. Ha Ha says:

    Not enough blacks were hurt.

  3. Mike jr says:

    Who else came straight to the comments

  4. Some Banana says:

    *just deal with it.*

  5. Bruh Bruh says:

    Wow fuck all you anti Americans pieces of shits, were all AMERICANS, not alt right liberals conservatives or whatever the fuck our corrupt jewish controlled politicians use to divide us in!!!!

  6. Bojangels says:

    if this had happened at a black lives matter protest the video would go on for 10 minuets but because it happened at a right wing protest they make it as short as possible so that the right wingers look as evil as possible

  7. AmericanMan44 says:

    I’m a conservative trump supporter, but this is ridiculous, don’t stoop to low levels of violence like this. I pray we can coexist and all get along.

  8. Blink says:

    Was the car a MUSTANG?…😃

  9. Jesse Link Reporting says:

    The driver of the car was completely innocent & being attacked by a crowd of unruly motherfukers

  10. Web Surfin says:

    Just like a Black Lives Matter rally…. the only difference is that these people have “white” skin!

  11. Mr Parker says:

    This is what you get for voting for donald trump. If we had obama or president bush or probably even hillary clinton. This type of s*** wouldn’t happen. Just like he putting a stop to everything else I’m talking about donald trump. He can stop all this violence and b******* that’s going on. Oh I forgot he did speak on it. He said it was said? f****** idiot! I have a feeling of the allies we have now is it going to turn against us because of donald trump. and if any of you don’t like what the f*** I said about Trump. stick a Confederate flag up your ass and find him and suck his dick you dick right in faggets. and this goes out to whoever pertaining to my comment I just made. go f*** yourself

  12. Pussy Slayer says:

    I smell Civil War

  13. Rick Piano says:

    Why are liberals so violent? That’s all I see in these videos.

  14. Chris Oneil S says:

    I am black and yes white prople have a right to March and express their beliefs. Even if you disagree. You don’t see them blocking roads, Burning Down Their own Neighborhoods attacking the police and beating up black people. Unlike the black live matter garbage selling victimhood, when we kill each other more in one day than all the cops in America can do in 100 years. The fake news media brands whites peacefully marching white supremacist and white nationalist. While it labels violent, rioting, black lives matter thugs social justice warriors. Then have the audacity to blame Trump. The fake news media run by liberal lunatics creating confusion and division. Wake up people and stop being blind dumb sheep. You better believe I am black.

  15. A JAX says:

    NAZIS WANT THE FULL FORCE OF AMERICAN D IF YOU SUPPORT THIS NAZI HATE GROUP YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN YOU ARE A NAZI WHY?! “why a nazi ” they use the same ideology as nazis did believing they are better than everyone else and what they believe is right and think their race is better I’m ready to destroy some nazis And defend this nation

  16. docbar says:

    Sorry, I don’t feel sorry for a bunch of anti American, anti white Democrats that got run over. They got what they deserved.

  17. Parmesan Stark says:

    Notice how only left media are showing Protesters with Nazi symbols and Confederate flags.

  18. ILY Namjoon says:

    But when black people make a peaceful protest, there’s like 9000 cops

  19. Aunt Jemima says:

    Thank you antifa, if it weren’t for your bullcrap this woulda never happen

  20. YoungSleepy says:

    That was not an accident that was murder. Jesus christ get your shit together.

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