Apartment Atrocities

Apartment Atrocities

This was supposed to come out like 3 months ago whoops

This video was like a filler that ended up changing my animation/coloring methods and got me back in the groove of making videos since school totally wrecked my upload schedule. I hope to get a shorter video done before the 19th if possible this month.

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60 Responses

  1. Kiley Trott says:

    Wait! You watch My Hero Academia!?!?! I love that anime!!

  2. GamingMind says:

    Tabbes and Let Me Explain Studios ♥️ 1:00

  3. Fangirl trash says:

    4:36 the my hero academia posters lol

  4. any thing says:

    thats one way to stay pg “pillow fight”

  5. TangerineBlast says:


  6. CyberSketcher 11 says:

    5:30 girl you just admitted it on the internet, might want to get rid of those quick.

  7. OnsidGamer OMG says:

    I don’t think that was a pillow fight 😶😶😶

  8. HeroGamer340 says:

    This… summer… THIS?!! SUMMER?!!? *triggered*

  9. Anthunnie says:

    *Warning: Constructive Criticism From Someone Who Can’t Draw xd*

    Since you’re looking to better your animation “career,” might I suggest something for your character designs?

    Now, I love your style; it’s simple, cute, and I want toys of them. The only thing that seems “off” about the people you draw is that, with the way the hair overlaps the eyes, if a specific character, like your avatar, has hair going straight down the middle of their face in a V-like shape, the character looks like they have an angry expression 70% of the time.

    I’m sure you’ve gotten a comment like this at *some* point, and I understand if you don’t wanna change anything about the way you draw/animate, but I feel like if you were to either move the hair up, closer to the top of the head, or to make the eyes overlap the hair instead of having the outline of the rest of the eye appear when the eyes are being covered by hair, it would vastly improve the expressions of your characters, and/or offer you more room to work with when it comes to said expressions. You could also change the outline color of the hair itself so that the outline of the hair-covered portion of the eyes could be more visible to the audience.

    Hope this comment finds you well, keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing your future projects. <3

  10. Crazy Gaming-girls says:

    That dog looked just like my dog! He is a finnishlapphund!❤️

  11. Paper Face says:

    Nice my hero acidamia stuff

  12. Night Fire says:

    Shgurr… that’s clever

  13. Gamers says:

    your slowly are becoming the odds1out

  14. N a t says:

    *”I wAnNa JoIn THe PiLlOW fiGhT tOo!”*

  15. Fang Animations says:

    7:03 *caugh* yeah exercise

    great vid btw

  16. long lost beatle says:

    Bad art advice: stop drawing anime
    Good art advice: practice realistic anatomy to start drawing BETTER anime

    • general-lee says:

      long lost beatle
      TBH, the “anime” art style is wayyyyy overused these days. (I’m not one to talk, my art style is also anime-ish lol but i’m slowly developing it to become non-anime and somewhat unique? idk lol)

  17. Linus Eriksson says:

    ᗪO ᑌ KᑎO ᗪE ᗯᗩE?

  18. Nube Gamer says:

    1:00 Those cameos are so well done!!! It’s like a Marvel movie

  19. Lucas Buttercups says:

    The only thing interesting about utah is the national parks, the snow to ski on, and BYU vs. The Utah Utes stuff. Everything else here is dumb.

  20. Cantoons says:

    the coloring is *amazing* shgurr!

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