Apartment Fire

Apartment Fire

Me and my friend, along with some strangers, checking an apartment for people/pets during a fire. Saved three dogs and no lives were lost. I monetized the video but all the money we make will be donated to the Rapid City Fire Department here in South Dakota.

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20 Responses

  1. Mock slowmotion says:

    ive always wanted to kick down a door

  2. Bonbadil Moi says:

    Dear robbers, watch and learn.

  3. FlyingSamosa52 says:

    FAKE! How can there be fire if it’s raining? If you’re gonna make a fake
    video at least try.

  4. Magnum Handout says:


  5. Colin Cassidy says:

    There goes my hero watch him as he goes!!!

  6. Sweetfly Rachel says:

    You are awesome!

  7. Doctor Soup says:

    Why did you censor out the swear words did it really matter?

  8. dkellzam says:

    this scares me that we live in an environment where people can’t even
    rescue people from a building without taking some form of selfie.

  9. smilingbuder says:

    Was listening to Foo Fighters’ My Hero while watching this.

  10. Michael Pogodin says:

    My dream is to be such a brave and doing the best to help person like you.
    hope i will be when something like this will happen to me.

  11. bakerXderek says:

    Good work guys !

  12. ragestew says:

    *Lmao obvious CGI is obvious.*

    *The part where they messed up is that it’s raining in all the shots, so
    there’s no way there could be a fire. Pretty good work though! Haven’t seen
    good fire like this since The Witcher 3.*

  13. Joshua Galloway says:

    Nice Job!!

  14. MsCakefan says:

    Thank you so much for your courage! It’s so wonderful to see people who do
    the right thing even in scary situations. I am truly amazed by how
    wonderful you and the people in this video are.

  15. mobspeak says:

    That’s a pretty slow fire department.

  16. crosshairs3 says:

    Hate corgie’s that’s why he wouldn’t listen

  17. james delaurier says:

    True American hero

  18. Cee gea says:

    big mama shaking her ass 7:04

  19. justin cowell says:


  20. herpderpmonkey says:

    Jesus, yell a disclaimer before you break in. what if someone was sleeping
    and thought you were robbers and busted out a firearm.