Aperture Desk Job Trailer

Aperture Desk Job Trailer

Introducing Aperture Desk Job — a free playable short made for Valve’s new Steam Deck, set in the universe of the modestly popular Portal games.

Desk Job reimagines the been-there-done-that genre of walking simulators and puts them in the lightning-spanked, endorphin-gorged world of sitting still behind things.

You play as an entry-level nobody on their first day at work— your heart full of hope and your legs full of dreams, eager to climb that corporate ladder. But life’s got other plans, and they all involve chairs.

Playable on the Steam Deck, Desk Job walks you through the handheld’s controls and features, while not being nearly as boring as that sounds.

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33 Responses

  1. Mahsira says:

    Valve made even the most boring job look enticing

  2. CJUGames says:

    Always good to see Valve making games.

  3. SpaceTaco 27 says:

    Looks really interesting, I’m curious to find out what role the 1970’s Cave Johnson portrait will have. All the orange pipes and equipment shown makes me think of the 70’s Aperture aesthetic too, so seems like we might be getting some story or hints about that era of the lore.

  4. Rocco Leader says:

    I like how aperture is the main “virtual office” of valve, its where every tutorial is

  5. Taipei101 says:

    I absolutely love how with almost every item they come out with, they make a portal thing to come with it. It’s the best way to have a demo for people who want to learn slowly, or chaotically

  6. CoreyLaddo says:

    Source 2 looking fire fire, glad to see Valve finally making games again

    • inferno says:

      Too bad they can’t fix games anymore

    • TheFatToads says:


    • James Rosky says:

      @Nirmal Singh Where is the source 2 water? Where is the source 2 massive world support? Source 2 still has those limitations from source 1. Where is the full developer tools? Where is the support for physics simulations? Source 2 is great in it’s own context, but the unreal engine 4/5 are commercial engines, made for people outside of Valve to use. And Unreal engine 5 is being used to make animations right now, since it’s still new. This is changing slowly with S&Box though, as people work more on it, things like lack of development tools and source limitations will become obsolete.

    • Elevator829 says:

      umm Half life Alyx came out 2 years ago? only the best VR game of all time

    • Overcharged Dev says:

      @bebul well… you are right but, this give hope ya know?, this is better than nothing

  7. schrodingersDipshit says:

    always good to see more portal content in the works, even if it’s just for a glorified tech demo. *especially* good to see said content takes place in 70’s aperture! can’t wait to see what that entails

  8. MarshyMellowYellow says:

    This is huge deal! Maybe we’ll see a 3rd game one day. Hopefully.

  9. Rasmus Tagu says:

    Absolutely love the fact you guys made a tech demo for the deck! Such good ideas for new hardware, glad it’s more adopted

  10. Mystery Man says:

    Amazing to see valve making things again and acknowledging their franchises. Hopefully we get something, anything for TF2.

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