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  1. Vagner Vigui says:

    Eu podia esperar o crush me da OI do que Beyoncé lançar um CLIPE assim do nada

  2. Haider Hasan says:

    *Migos on the adlibs 🔥🔥*

  3. Bianca de Oliveira says:


  4. Tauz Copyright says:

    Cadê os BR???

  5. Jeb Farneth says:

    These people really are illuminati

    • HULK likes green charts says:

      This clip has some dark vibes. i dont like it somehow.

    • Joshua Sundberg says:

      They arnt illluminati, they are simply fan boys that support it. I may wear a Spider-Man costume, don’t make me Spider-Man.

    • Bill Hicks says:

      Hahaha. Did you see that Jeb? I called it nigger music and they all starting to quack like ducks. If they sing about being a nigger, and I have to go to the mall and hear this garbage, then I have every right to call it nigger music, do I not?

    • Bill Hicks says:

      “Get off my dick” yeah totally enlightening lyrics. Play this slim in front of my children and I will punch you in the fucking face.

    • Everything Emmanuel says:

      Look, it’s comments like this that make them have to call y’all out on a song. They really don’t have the time to deal with that. You probably don’t even know what the Illuminati is, so save your comments.

  6. Scout The City says:

    This just blew my fucking mind. How do you do a music video in the Louvre in front of the Mona Lisa!??? I mean, if this is not goals then what is?

  7. Chucky chuck says:

    What ever happened to single ladies Beyonce ?

  8. zSkandal says:

    They just trolled the whole music industry 😂😂😂

  9. Brooke Bartlett says:

    This video just called me poor

  10. Munkers Awesome says:

    Will there EVER be a time when Beyoncé isn’t *the* queen??? I think not

  11. A Bad Player says:

    Last time I went to the louvre you actually had to fight to see the Mona Lisa

    • MakeupForever Kay says:

      A muthafuckin fact,and them people STINK

    • Pauline Cinéphile says:

      I’m french and when I’m going to the Louvre, I’m not gonna see La Joconde, I explore something different ’cause there’s always something you never see at the Louvre. Plus, it’s so sad ’cause it’s a really small painting… See once at 9 and never after that.

  12. The Holy Dream says:


  13. mwm48 says:

    I liked it better when rap was about hoes and 40s.

  14. Fai's Glam Memoir says:

    Omg she raps too GIVE SOMEBODY A CHANCE SIS …. loves it !

    • C. M. says:

      Fai’s Glam Memoir I loved hearing Jay was so impressed with her flow during one of the early Destiny’s Child songs, he said she was singing like she was rapping. So wonderful to see her actually do it lol

  15. Young Orange says:

    Beyonce is so iconic 😍

  16. Young Orange says:

    2 boss’s

  17. Young Orange says:

    cosmo and wanda

  18. IncredibleScience says:

    What just happened

  19. IncredibleScience says:

    Wait and my video gets age blocked for blowing up mentos and soda???

  20. Dr. Sten Ekberg says:

    Wow! Wonder how much she had to pay to reserve The Louvre for a music video.

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