Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event Trailer

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event Trailer

Take on the “Armed and Dangerous Evolved” limited-time mode, discover the new Crypto Town Takeover, and unlock up to 24 exclusive items! http://x.ea.com/63549

Find what you’re searching for in the Lost Treasures Collection Event. In the new “Armed and Dangerous Evolved” LTM it’s snipers, shotguns & Evo Armor only, with no Respawn Beacons. Instead, you’ll be able to revive your fallen teammates with a new item: the Mobile Respawn Beacon. You’ll start each match with one in your inventory, so choose wisely when and where to deploy it. Complete challenges and visit the store to unlock up to 24 exclusive items. Journey to the new Crypto Town Takeover to take advantage of the all-seeing Holographic World Map. Complete the collection to call yourself a champ and unlock the new Mirage Heirloom. Happy hunting, Legends!

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.

Learn more about Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor: http://x.ea.com/63044.

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77 Responses

  1. finn makepeace says:

    Who’s Is that voice coming from the drone, is it cryptos sister mila

    • Josh Red says:


    • finn makepeace says:

      @Pizza _ Yt yea but that’s only on that piece of paper, mira and ash would actually fit into lore and have both been teased, also it would make sense cause broken ghost sounds like its describing ash, cause she’s a robot and she ‘died’, also the legendary charm is ash so I’m rooting for her more. Also the artifact looks like a robots skull wich 8s probably ashes and that’s why hammond wants it

    • Juicy Gaming says:

      In it’s the trailer forever family

    • BMX!!! says:

      Scowlyface octane.

    • Anonymous Bidoof says:

      Mila is dead, why do you think crypto’s on the run, he was framed. The person talking to him is probably the same person from the “one unread messages” backstory note.
      Edit: everyone in these comments needs to check there facts and have some common sense, if you’re going to get involved in character lore and speculation you have to have more than incorrect details you got from apex, two bit YouTubers, and your ass crack. Maybe play the titanfall games (yes both, I know titanfall 1 is hard to play rn but give it 20 min)

  2. khalil mansour says:

    Crypto’s sound in this trailer makes me feel like i’m watching a National geographic documentary

  3. Caustic says:

    Me:Shows my mom this video
    My Mom: *Phasing*

  4. Drolsey says:

    Respawn: *Adds mirage heirloom*

    My bank account: *chuckles* *im in danger*

  5. mrsNefca says:

    Mirage: have heirloom
    Wallet: *am I joke to you?*

  6. BarneyAb says:

    everytime i hear cryptos voice im just imagining johnny voicing him. hes soo good

  7. James Owiriwa says:

    crypto: you’ve got to watch your back because no one will do it for you.

    also crypto: watch my back, i’m logging into my drone.

  8. James Jesus says:


  9. soy dylanッ says:

    Mains Lifelines: **fangirl scream**

  10. Patorikku Desu says:

    Me : Cool! Mirage Heirloom I want that.
    My Wallet : *Sad wallet noises*

  11. TheDwarfishjoe says:

    “Few find what they’re looking for…”

    But the wallets keep on looking

  12. Miklós Rédei says:

    When u think that Crypto can’t get more hippster… If it continues like this next season he’s gonna open a vape supply store or a barbershop

  13. Jack The Dum says:

    Mobile respawn beacon: *exists*
    Fortnite: *lEtS aDd mObIle rEsPaWn BeAcOn*

  14. アレックス says:

    Why should I carry a mobile revive beacon when all my allies leave after getting downed

  15. Xp Ruinz says:

    The mirage heirloom would be so much cooler if it showed your skin.

  16. a mystery says:

    “it’s hard to be afraid with an eye on the sky”

    10 secs later “MY DRONE HAS BEEN DESTROYED!”

    • CapoFantasma97 says:

      @That one guy idk it only has 30hp. You have to land your shots first.

    • HD Upbeat says:

      That one guy idk yeah I hit it with the g7 like 7 times til it broke once

    • Noah Ottesen says:

      Idk how they shoot at such a small target, I can’t shoot like that.

    • Revenant says:

      Noah Ottesen easy. Use a shotgun

    • Fariko Wishless says:

      @CapoFantasma97 Stop acting like you know when you clearly don’t. We all land out shots I’ve dumped entire magazines into it. But since you clearly only believe streamers even Aceu and TSM pto players have talked about the hit registration on it. They say it’s 30HP but 10 bullets far exceeds that. Either they made it higher or bullets simply don’t register even though you see and hear it’s forcefield being penetrated.

  17. Barti 246 says:

    Fights in trailers: shooting
    Fights in game: spaming
    btw I said that crypto’s drone is getting voice line but now i know that was his sister xD

    • Hammad Khan says:

      @Brick Fort why flame fortnite in a video where you can talk about the event together as a community? Seriously? Also, nah, I can assure you as a player from day 3 of release that the fights in apex are vastly different in the trailer. The trailers always have bizarre trick shots, and pulling off things that would be very hard to do in a situation with people ACTUALLY playing.

    • Darling In The Franxx Is Hated On For No Reason says:

      1. How tf do u spam in apex….
      2. Cryptos drone doesnt talk it’s his sister trying to communicate with him

    • Barti 246 says:

      @Darling In The Franxx Is Hated On For No Reason i know its his sis my mistake and for example spamming is when you have rr99 with all upgrades and shoot everything on a one guy

    • Darling In The Franxx Is Hated On For No Reason says:

      @Barti 246 ohhh, yeah its annoying

    • Darling In The Franxx Is Hated On For No Reason says:

      @Barti 246 r-99 spam is the worst

  18. TriStaN 20 says:

    This is a great event! Probably the best Revenant skin, the Mirage heirloom, Lifeline buff and loads of awesome skins!

    • Daniel Hoxhallari super3 says:

      Idk rev has the best skin in the event definitely but I like the unholy beast more. This skin is closer to the default model which isn’t bad nor good. But hey this could just be me being salty after finding out that it will cost 2400 crafting material.

  19. Micha says:

    Gibraltar: alright lemme just steal lifeline’s abilities
    Lifeline: bro give me that shield

  20. HichtedHail8766 Xbox says:

    Anybody talking about how lifeline can revive without being there. A much needed buff in my opinion

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