Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor Gameplay Trailer

Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor introduces a new Legend: Loba, Season Quests, a new Battle Pass, Ranked Series 4 and more! http://x.ea.com/63044

Pursue your fortune in Apex Legends Season 5. New Legend Loba has arrived to hunt for answers — and revenge. Discover hidden secrets and rewards as you take on waves of prowlers in the all-new PvE Season Quest. Explore a Kings Canyon that has been transformed by Loba’s explosive entrance. Skulltown and Thunderdome have fallen into the ocean, while a dangerous new area, Salvage, sits in the newly formed bay. Grab the new Battle Pass to instantly access exclusive items like the Legendary Hemlock Retrofitted skin and three new Rare Legends skins. Then battle through Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn unique rewards like Apex Packs, XP Boosts, and skins. If you’re up for a true test of skill, drop into Ranked Series 4 and prove you’re the squad to beat! Get out there and show the Outlands what you’re made of! After all, fortune favors the bold.

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.

Learn more about Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor: http://x.ea.com/63044.

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“Hungry Like A Wolf”
Performed by Hidden Citizens
Courtesy of Silver Side Productions

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85 Responses

  1. Awkward Boi says:

    50% of this comment section: Jokes about Lobas thickness.
    The other 50%: Jokes about her finisher
    “I’m so proud of this community”

  2. SHADOW says:

    Me: loba got to kill revenant.

    Everyone in the comments: THICC!!!!.

  3. Prasun Parijat says:

    I am seeing this video for the 3rd time now and yet “u need to smile more” looks more lit every next iteration. Respect the Apex creative team for such gripping punchlines and awesome trailers😌.

  4. DUxMORTEM says:

    I assume her passive is if someone sees her from behind the character has to stop and say “DAYUM” before doing anything…

  5. Tara Elsea says:

    Everyone: no one is thicker than wattson

    Respawn: hold my beer

  6. Erick Sanchez says:

    *New apex character comes out
    Rule 34 artists: “I am speed”

  7. Gavin750 says:

    I love that when wraith gets down(1:35), Loba and Pathfinder just dip like actual teammates

  8. Dundi says:

    – You should smile more
    – I literally have no mouth

  9. Franklin Delano Roosevelt says:

    Season 4 :
    “What the hell are you?”

    Season 5 :
    “You should smile more”

  10. mar is bad says:

    to the people who say apex is dead: this game is going on its 5th season including continuous updates, it releases trailers and backstories, and this video has 1mil views in 4 hours giving it #1 on trending for games. this game is great.

    • Johnnie J says:

      Only complaints I hear are the sweats that rule the game

    • Dreel 37 says:

      @Ham Boba lol 350 million registered and only 2,300,00 people play it lmao plus most of registered accounts are smurfs idiot

    • Bulbous Bungleton says:

      They’ve been saying it was dead since halfway through the first season. Not sure why, because this game has been THE shit for a continuous year now. And it looks to just be getting better.

    • Silent 1 says:

      Who said it’s dead… its the best battle Royale by far… coming from a lifelong COD player

  11. Carlos Medina says:

    I’ll repeat what I said in the 1st vid… what if they’re teammates…?

    Loba: You should smile more…
    Revenant: Give me heavy ammo…
    Gibby: I gotchu brotha!

  12. Abasnail Playz says:

    Man, every single gameplay trailer gives me this warm fuzzy feeling, and makes me excited for the next season after months and months

  13. HeebeeJeebees says:

    *Jumps into my first game of Apex Legends Season 5*

    Announcer: This is your champion.

    Loba: 100k kills
    Damage: 70000000000
    Season five wins: 7000

  14. a3sth3t1c r4t says:

    they even changed the og squad with wraith, path, and loba and replaced mirage. that’s how invisible mirage is.

  15. Rhys Higgon says:

    “You should smile more”

    *Hits for 10 damage*

  16. Teenuh Bear says:

    Most of everyone: Loba thicc

    Me: Did Bangalore get a Karen haircut? 🤔

  17. Yeshua Castro says:

    1:16 I think that the battle pass level 100 is a legendary reactive wingman skin

  18. Maksym NY says:

    00:33 revenant change his opinion.

  19. NoNeed2Report says:

    loba is smarter than her mother
    finally she added a hop-up to her p2020

  20. Sophia I МА!ST!URB!ÃТЕ W!АT!СН VI!D!Е0 says:

    Everyone: no one is thicker than wattson

    Respawn: hold my beer

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