Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor Launch Trailer

Apex Legends Season 5 – Fortune’s Favor Launch Trailer

When she was nine years old, Loba Andrade witnessed her parents’ murders at the hands of the simulacrum Revenant. Orphaned and tossed into the system, Loba fought tooth and nail to overcome the adversity of her childhood. She grew up to become a famous high society socialite by day, and the Outlands’ most infamous thief by night. Now, her parents’ seemingly immortal killer has re-emerged, and she’s tracked him to the Apex Games. She’s looking for answers, treasure, and a way to take the one thing that’s always been out of her reach: revenge.

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.

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“I Know Your Secrets”
Performed by Tommee Profitt ft. Liv Ash

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98 Responses

  1. Ocasus says:

    Anyone gonna talk about how skull town is now destroyed by what happened in this trailer?

  2. MaxUKBG says:

    That awkward moment when you’re teamed up with the guy that killed your parents

    • slippery slaping sluge says:

      @Sir Bibton dude respawn is known for there work and one developer has toys in his office that is titantoons

    • TGA Super Plays says:

      MaxUKBG 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Thanks says:

      the gaming cook That awkward moment when you copy someone’s comment

    • Marian H says:

      @sir bipton look for example at overwatch. they ve different random hero interaktions (dialoges) for almost all of their heroes.

    • Edward Garcia says:

      theres coding in the game that confirms their customized quips between characters and the devs have slightly hinted at it

  3. I Mr Cardinal I says:

    “Game over, Tin Can!”

    The game ain’t over when our Brother Gibby’s on the field!

    Good luck and see you on the field; my fellow Apex Legends!

    I Mr Cardinal I :Xbox One

  4. Outfold says:

    0:25 Loba’s flashback from third person?

  5. TheComplayner says:

    Maybe Revenant is just being controlled by the assassin, so when Loba says “for now” it means she will just make do with destroying the Robot and eventually come for the real one

    • KAIRI says:

      Nice teori my boy

    • Martin Soendergaard-Jensen says:

      Revenant is a simulacrum, basically when he died they preserved his brain and his mind is projected into a new simulacrum whenever he dies. The problem with Revenant is that his “ego retention” system failed, which basically means that the system that makes him think hes still a human failed. This means that he’s gone insane and says stuff like “why can’t i just die already” because he knows that he is no longer a living being and is just an insane shell with only the aspects of killing left in his heavily eroded brain.

    • ShikiVibe says:

      Wouldn’t it make more sense for her to go after Hammond Robotics. Revenant is just a former pilot mercenary who was turned into a simulacrum. Hammonds name was also over that underground location Loba was in so you would think she would take down the shark rather than the fish. You can’t kill revenant since he’s technically already dead.

    • tara lamalam13 says:


    • Zarzar says:

      Congrats genius, you got it

  6. Davide Caruso says:


  7. beeverthatrocks says:

    SHe used a p2020, Imagine if she brought a whole azz Devotion to the room

  8. Juan Salt says:

    So revenant actually knows loba! We can now remove the “I dont even know who you are” meme from endgame lol

    • Martin Soendergaard-Jensen says:

      Loba is the little girl from the previous trailer, he knew her the whole time. He just didn’t kill her because we was only killing the people in his way, for example the mother.

    • Jkaig says:

      Yeah he definitely knew becuz he says in game “I’ll never forget this match. Every scream is encoded, stored forever.”

    • Zarzar says:

      Well, seeing as that was a very monumental day in his history due to his wiring being messed up, as well as the fact that he has the capabilities of a computer to remember and identify any human he has come into contact with, it would make sense that he remembers her. Her name even pops up on his HUD if you look in this trailer

  9. AeonWorm says:

    Respawn is in on the joke: when the legends pan out they’re all in teams of 3 except for Revenant who is by himself. 🧐🤣

    • Bryan Cruz says:

      @Rhinos r neat Lol

    • #LOL says:

      @Morpheus Bott yep that’s exactly what I’m saying but it being cinems doesn’t mean the core of the game suddenly disapears, what are you trying to prove? I think you meant that to the other guy

      Edit: which comment were you commenting that too? Cause you know that one were i said his teammates were looting is in a jokingly way (even though it’s most likely true) you would know that if you even play apex and by the laughing emoji

    • KTAS says:

      ajit pai your not weong

    • pereda jose says:

      Revenant works alone

    • Zarzar says:

      But where’s Crypto then? 😉

  10. CubertZ says:

    “come to kill me little girl?”
    “some day but for now… I need a hop up, Hammerpoint”

  11. Ryan McNeill says:

    Mirage: “Game over tin can:
    Gibraltar: “What did you think you were going to do? win against me? Hahah”

  12. Ya like jazz says:

    Respawn: adds Stalkers.
    Titanfall 2 veterans: *War flashbacks*

  13. Black Bimma says:

    Pathfinder is never being killed. Literally. Make him also die in some trailers. Poor Mirage has always to suffer.

    • UnityFusion says:

      Pathfinder died in the season 3 cinematic, he got sniped by bloodhound

    • What?! A Ghost! says:

      if you want pathfinder to die play Revenant and get all purple poses

    • The One Dank Guy says:

      He was literally sniped by Bloodhound and killed by Crypto in the Season 3 trailer.

    • Experience Master says:

      Launch tralier, Killed with Mirage by the grenade
      Season 1, Mirage wipes Pathfinder and Gibby with the dragon havoc
      Season 2, Path never shows up
      Season 3, sniped by bloodhound, got styled upon by Gibby with a havoc
      Season 4, Path never shows
      Season 5, only times he shows up is to be saved by gibby

    • tara lamalam13 says:

      Black Bimma

  14. Aigeanion says:

    Loba: “But for now-“
    Caustic: “Marvelous! Another willing test subject.”
    Also Loba: O_O

  15. Mysterious Mysterio says:

    Gibraltar: *farts*
    Caustic: “My vision is clear”
    Bangalore: “Smells like victory”

  16. Sword Of Peace says:

    Best thing about Apex is how the characters have ties with each other and that there is a bigger story which could make for a fine campaign.

  17. iLoganberry says:

    Why does everyone hate my boi pathfinder 🙁

  18. Pagz says:

    Everyone’s looking at Loba because she destroyed skull town, rip.

  19. Chencho says:

    Thanks to Loba, we got a new religion: Jehovah’s Thiccness

  20. Andres Uribe says:

    Loba: ‘shoots rev with a p2020’

    Rev: “just like your mother, no hammerpoints”

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