Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event

Apex Legends Spellbound Collection Event

Enchant your opponents in the Spellbound Collection Event. Limited-time mode Control returns to the Apex Games: drop into 9 vs. 9 battles and team up to capture control points on the map, with infinite respawns keeping the action going. Unlock 24 entrancing limited-time cosmetics, with Legendary skins for Vantage, Seer, Mad Maggie, Mirage and more. Unlock them all before the event ends and you’ll automatically receive Seer’s new Heirloom, the “Showstoppers”!


Apex Legends is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.

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41 Responses

  1. Macro says:

    Dang Seer’s getting an heirloom before Horizon and Fuse? 😔

  2. NuKe Em says:

    Bringing old time events back, but making it look like something never seen before is truly an apex experience

  3. Mash says:

    Seer getting his knifies before his massive nerf. Truly and Apex moment.

  4. YourLocalChoccyMilkDealer says:

    I like the part where the seer skin looks almost identical to a seer skin we got from a previous battle pass, truly the Apex experience

  5. 881k says:

    I love the part where maggie says “it’s a great day to overprice out reskins” truly an apex experience

    • Bill says:

      @Zyorus sorry to be that one guy but they announced that they were slowly working on titan fall three. So like I said they need to put this dogshit br aside and actually work on titan fall.

    • Zyorus says:

      @Bill titanfall nevercoming out theyll just bring content from thatseries into apex along with gamemodes and characters, theyre selling out either wayshit asscompany

    • Bill says:

      @ShOwOba same man it helped with my mental health so much you don’t realize what a long grind can do to you. It’s sad how far this game has fallen hopefully they’ll realize that battle royals are dying and they’ll start working on titan fall three hard because that’s what they need to do. Not drop this dogshit skins no one cares about.

    • ShOwOba says:

      @Bill literally me but for a whole year, this game was my favorite, then I saw a Holo emote cost the same as a purple skin and I stopped playing, best decision of my life

    • Bill says:

      I love yall ripping apex apart seriously I stopped playing this game for 2 seasons and literally everyone hates the game now. I’m not surprised at all they really let this game go. Hopefully titan fall 3 is coming out soon cuz I’m never touching this shi again.

  6. 🍌Banana Bill🍌 says:

    I loved the part where seer said ‘keep your ears, eyes, and your wallets open’ and proceeded to take all the players money to give to EA, truly a respawn gaming moment.

  7. TriggerChoco says:

    I love the part when Pathfinder said “Get ready, I’m coming for you friend” then busts into my house to steal all my money. Truly an apex experience.

  8. Andre says:

    I love the part where nothing new came but we still got a $160 heirloom truly an apex experience

  9. Saarang Anand says:

    I love the part when the entire comments section of every Apex trailer is just filled with “Truly an Apex experience”. Truly an Apex experience.

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