Apple Be Like

Apple Be Like

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83 Responses

  1. Kyle Exum says:

    Thank you guys for watching! Make sure y’all like & subscribe! (70K likes and the next video drops). What types of videos do you guys wanna see from me in 2019?

  2. Mallory mathews says:

    2:30 “yES, I got the new apple water! Can’t wait to try it out with my new apple ice”
    I’d buy it tho 😀

  3. Frozen Banana Gaming says:

    Guy: we got the new Apple car
    Kyle: where are the windows?

  4. Brandon Torres says:

    Just dropping a Apple comment

  5. bobby elmi says:

    “Twice as many hydrogen molecules as oxygen molecules” ???

  6. omarien mccorbin says:

    This is why i use samsung

    • Pedohan says:

      +FR Rockstar
      “What the heck we care”
      Hey bro watch out.
      Your grammar is leaking

    • Pastel Seba! says:

      +FR Rockstar They’re talking about how Apple often breaks so they use samsung.

    • You can save 15 % or more on car insurance says:

      +Pastel Seba! It’s because Iphone models have little to no shock absorption. Keep in mind Android is an operating system, not a phone. A lot of poorly made phones that run on Android have crap glass, a terrible battery, and the shock absorption is so poor that it can break in your pocket if you fall on it. The Iphone vs Android debate is stupid! BECAUSE IT MAKES NO ABSOLUTE SENSE!

    • Sapphire jewelll says:


    • Pastel Seba! says:

      +You can save 15 % or more on car insurance Oh okay, sorry.

  7. Hunt3d says:

    “Ah dang… Should have got that apple care huh” ?
    And this part was funny to: “ Hey! THIS IS APPLE NO WINDOWS” if you don’t get it it’s like the software, windows

    Edit 2: OMG 108 LIKES ?? Thank you!
    Edit 3: oh my god 148 likes…?

  8. Chevgaming50 says:

    Never forget Apple care my guy XD

  9. The Gaming Monster says:

    An apple a day will make you broke!

  10. The Greatest says:

    no facts ?
    my apple watch dropped from the top of the stairs face down, and it didnt break or get scratched, but when i dropped it like 10 cm off the ground, it shattered

  11. Sanaa Dupree says:

    And this folks is why I’m rolling with Android for life boo. Like if you is too.

    • TatianaSlays says:

      Sanaa Dupree Android is trash not gonna lie. My friend switched to apple yesterday. Barely anyone on YouTube has an android ?????????

    • You can save 15 % or more on car insurance says:

      +TatianaSlays Wrong, a lot of youtubers run Androids. Marques Brownlee, Linus, Sam Beckham, Techmeout to name a few.

      Android is an operating system, not a phone. I’ll give you a few reasons why I think Android is better than IOS.

      1. It gives you the option to look into the files using a 3rd party app on your phone without the use of plugging your phone into Itunes.
      2. You can download music from 3rd party sources like Amazon, Bandcamp, or Soundcloud DIRECTLY on to your phone WHILE USING IT and not plugging it into Itunes or plugging in to a computer.
      3. Android gives you the ability to change your launcher, the style of the lock screen, the default music app, and even the bar on the top of your phone that houses the percentage of battery, the time, and your notification.

      I know you guys will hit me with the camera and the battery argument. The camera has nothing to do with the operating system, it is sorely based on the company that produced the phone like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Mi Mix, or Google. I think the best camera to date is Google Pixel 3’s camera, and guess what (wait for it) IT RUNS ON ANDROID, it also allows free unlimited cloud storage!

    • Wow. says:

      JWelchTV It is

    • J S says:

      My I phone glitches and froze only 2 years old …my first galaxy lasted 6…YEARS! Just got note 9 … love it

    • Mercury says:

      My condolences

  12. Troy Vinson says:

    Me: hey how are yo-
    Ni??a with apple water: **SLURP** I dont speak broke, sorry

  13. Big Chungus says:

    Steve had 10 candy bars. He gave one to Michael. How fast was the wind blowing?


  14. Chance Roberts says:

    Android users watching this video be like….

  15. CTMG BREEZY says:

    Don’t Press Read More

    God Will Always Protect You❤️❤️

  16. Tayla Little says:

    I started laughing so hard when he said “if u want something cheaper they have androids right around the corner”

  17. Michelle Boller says:

    April 1st 1976: apple was introduced

    2019: ” I want the new iPhone XR mom “

  18. Christian McFadden says:

    It would be better if it was apple juice instead of the apple water

  19. Will Johnson says:

    Apple: easy to fix your self if you no how.

    Samsung: hard to fix by your self if you no how.

    Apple: if broke you can take it in to get fixed or do it you self.

    Samsung: are phones never crack or brake so no need to take it in to be fixed or need to be easy to fix.

    Apple: …

  20. Kadz says:

    People who have EarPods can’t afford the air

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