Apple iPhone 7 Plus hands-on: new cameras and no headphone jack!

Apple iPhone 7 Plus hands-on: new cameras and no headphone jack!

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20 Responses

  1. Luke et says:

    so it’s like the features of a note 7 and lg v20 had a baby nice took the
    waterproofing and dual cameras

  2. Allan Calderon says:


  3. MiracleWarriors says:

    It all started with Kyocera then came Sony making water resistant phones
    for the high-end phones and then Samsung followed.

    Now with Apple also making water resistant phones I expect that by 2017
    every manufacturer raise up their game as well and hopefully even those 400
    dollar phones will also como with WR.

  4. jagveer singh says:

    Need to sell my KIDNEY to buy a new one … So fckng expensive as alwys

  5. wideup123 says:

    So its a iPhone 6s+s???

  6. Niels Zomer says:

    Apple releases two new colours, makes video about rosegold. You must be
    either blind or stupid.

  7. 최근호 says:

    iPhone 7
    Retina display by LG display
    Semiconductor by Samsung, SK hynix
    Dual Camera by LG innotek

  8. Tha Caribbean says:

    so earpods sold separately, i’ll wait for 7s or go with note 7 explode

  9. CreatorPK says:

    looks dumb is there any point of getting it theres like nothing new

  10. Naji Humadi says:

    they reversed what i expect a wireless charger and 3.5mm jack now it is
    wireless earbuds and wire charger 🙁 :(

  11. Tim Tommy says:

    Not to mentiom Apple has always sucked, but now their phone has no
    headphone jack, rip.
    the earpods only have a 5 hours battery life…. and if they fall out good
    luck catching them or finding them. apparently the charging slot and the
    headphone slot will be the same. So goodbye listening to anything while
    charging your phone. The highlight of the phone is the brand new cameras
    but they upgraded like 2mp. +++ almost forgot the speakers on the top and
    bottom of the phone. HELLO CRUMMY NEW CASES. ( atleast the batteries dont
    explode………. yet )

  12. Dree says:

    This video was better than Apple’s.

  13. max web says:

    When you shit all over people and they still sleep in lines to buy your

  14. leo knight says:

    Nothing that special. Imma just stick with my iPhone 6s and wait till
    iPhone 8 to come out.

  15. Michael Perez says:

    So we would need our own bluetooth headphones?

  16. yay says:

    So we have to buy headphones separately?

  17. Tumor Boy says:

    le adio jack so old who even use that XDDDDDDDDD ado jack shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    camer also ver old REMOV CAMERA.

    weel 2 pls i h8 wel old ppl onl us weel and weel is bad. VERY COURAG Apl!
    this is tha start of a new GOLDEN ERA 4 APLE INDED!!!

  18. Garrett Ivy says:

    And this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Android here I come!

  19. Civsuccess2 says:

    If you listen to your music, you won’t be able to charge….so give up,
    Apple fans.

  20. DoodleKaboodle says:

    reasons I will NOT be buying the new iphone 7:
    – No backward compatibility with my gamecube
    – No bacon dispenser as rumored on macworld
    – Siri is STILL a female voice when we now know there are well over 7.2
    million genders out there
    – My uncle Tony says the iPhone 7 is just part of the illumtiatnaiti maybe
    – i’ll leave this space blanket and come back to it when i think of more