Apple Store Force Touch Table

Apple Store Force Touch Table

Apple Store San Francisco and Apple Store New York just got new tables which respond to the force touch thru an iPhone 6S.

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20 Responses

  1. Michael Braverman says:

    What a nice germ collecting table.

  2. Flanker X says:

    indoctrination tables

  3. Akin Pang says:

    an tap can’t do that?

  4. jjr1123 says:

    how are the phones charged?

  5. jlcontarino says:

    very cool

  6. Scale & Repeat says:

    Which New York store is this? 14th street? Upper west side? Upper east

  7. Tristan Pope says:

    Is the phone being wirelessly charged…..

  8. Jonas Ng says:

    Cooler if the fish can swim outside and come back.

  9. iUpdateOS says:

    This is so cool. Thanks for the share!

  10. Rolf Kroeger says:

    very cool – unfortunately New York is about 6.000 km away :>))

  11. Edward Marines says:

    It’s gotta be wireless charging! iPhone 7 wireless charging, here we come!

  12. Haig Chahinian says:

    Thanks for the footage! But it’s called 3D Touch guys. Just a heads up.

  13. Devin Oct says:

    damn, that looks so awesome!

  14. Elliot Lee (E) says:

    It’s called 3D Touch :)

  15. bluemacdash2000 says:

    Which NYC store has this table? Thanks.

  16. Димитрий Пискун says:

    вот когда жк будет реально перекатываться в виде волн , физически , тогда
    можно ставить лайк !

  17. Felician Cadar says:

    See Microsoft PixelSense (Surface) from 10y ago… iTable, much amaze, such
    cool, wow!

  18. Alejandro L. Zuvic says:

    It looks cool I guess but I’d say it’s also confusing.

    I’ve seen many people touching the screen of the iMacs displayed in my
    city’s shopping mall because they think it’s a touch screen. I imagine a
    similar situation with these tables.

  19. Jesse Newell says:

    this is only to show how the 3d touch works. it is just a gimmick to get
    you into the apple store and waste your time on a still lackluster product.

  20. Pat Marcolis says:

    Most useless, minimally cool table ever. Technology is getting ahead of
    itself. My Iphone wont keep a charge for very long, but look it does the
    water thingy!! Stupid.