Apple Vision Pro – Is it worth $3500?

Apple Vision Pro – Is it worth $3500?

My full impressions of the Apple Vision Pro AR and VR headset!

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41 Responses

  1. Mrwhosetheboss says:

    Took me a little longer to put this together than I expected, but as always, I hope it was worth the wait – I need to sleep now been up for 24 hours lol – love you guys
    Also thank you for 15 Million! ♥

  2. MrUnknown says:

    I was literally dying when they showed a father recording their kid’s birthday in the presentation. Imagine being a kid blowing out candles and your father is wearing digital ski goggles ffs apple 💀😭

    • Anton says:

      Lmao bought account

    • Yakuzaka1412 says:

      Imagine everyone using a Smartphone all day… oh wait. It is just normal now.

    • Sanket Jadhavar says:

      Yeah but its equally awkward although much common for people having huge devices in front of face recording the birthday! We are already a society of idiots, no harm in going all the way😂

    • Valentin Bonsi says:

      I think you forgot 25 years ago you were blowing out your candles with your father holding a 50cm long cinema camera

    • Orion says:

      There no different when 80s the dad using big ass camera to capture the moment

  3. Leo Castillo says:

    Love this take. Clearly explains the possibilites and how risky it was for Apple to take this step. As they saw though, high risk, high reward. Let’s see how this pays off.

    • Miguel Arias says:

      I agree with you but I would had hope Aron to cover the security and privacy risk for the consumer with this product.

    • HHHavenn says:

      @Miguel Arias Yes, this is next level stalking!

    • TheProCat says:

      i think what will happen is people see the vision pro and try enter the vr market and buy a cheaper headset (for average people)

    • Gomet says:

      Some people are gonna make the craziest porn that’s ever existed.

    • HHHavenn says:

      @TheProCat Ohhh, imagine if they cannot watch movies or do anything together due to the fact that they have different branded headsets.

      That’s more than likely to happen and very typical

  4. Luke Yager says:

    To address the screen close to your face issue: the problem isn’t the screen being close, it’s in straining your eyes. When you look at a phone your eyes narrow in to look at something up close and that can be damaging over time. With a VR headset, even though the screen is close, your eyes are more spread out because you are looking at something that appears to be far away.

    • Spectre says:

      Very true

    • Regina Trans says:

      Steve Jobs would be working on holograms over this non sense, a lot of us cant use VR cause we get dizzy and stuff, plus what u say, Steve left a good number of great designers for sure and they’ve been followed his legacy really good, but we all know the brain there was Steve Jobs, its been literally 12 years since Steve left, at this point we would have MacBooks with fully touchscreen keyboards that resemble a foldable phone, we would have iPhones as thin as a card or a just a transparent screen, we would have holograms, and paper screens all over the world, not a VR headset that obviously will be detrimental to our actual vision, even the Retina display, it improved my visual damage I had with prior retina display computers, still its not perfect and i cant be on the screen all day, imagine having screens in your eyes, theres a reason why developers stopped working on the other VR headsets

    • Zaid Khalifa says:

      There are multiple ways that the human eyes perceive depth. Mainly 2, stereoscopic focus, and idk what to call this but just normal focus, which the eyes adjust by changing the focal length of our eyes.

      Focusing on things too close to our eyes is not good for our eyes, but VR headsets take care of this as they have a lens in the eyepieces that “move” the screen backwards, so your eyes actually focus farther away.

      Since VR headsets still don’t have varifocal lenses this means that the screen has to be a fixed distance away from your eyes, somewhere between 25 cm and an infinite distance away.
      Some people feel dizzy or get headaches from VR due to this mismatch of depth info from the stereo focus, and lens focus.

    • Rebel says:

      @Zaid Khalifa you sound like you should work at one of these headset companies

    • KisasterBochraceur says:

      ​​​@Rebel He probably used Ai to blabber this nonsense.

  5. 1k subs with 0 vids challenge says:

    Funny ✅
    Educational ✅
    Straight to the point ✅
    No sponsors ✅
    Cool pfp ✅
    Rickroll ✅
    Awesome haircut ✅
    Hats of to Arun, there’s nothing he can’t do! 😂

  6. J Logic says:

    My first thought of a great use case for this is, the future of manned space flights to the moon and Mars. I feel like this is going to be essential for long trips confined to small quarters, the immersion of being back home or living earth experiences could virtually eliminate mental health issues in this type of confinement. This is just one use, I can see this being the start of the future. It’s nice to be excited about a tech product again.

    • Zero™ says:

      future Military use as well. pilot a drone or an f16 from the headset while having a brew at Starbucks

    • Rob M says:

      Another possibility would be to send sophisticated robots to Mars and equip them with high resolution cameras so we could move around the surface of the red planet right from Earth via wearable tech like the Apple Vision Pro, perhaps even build a base there so that when the first humans arrive our accommodations are ready. We’d have to tweak the time lag of send and receive, but that’s probably right around the corner too, judging how we eventually overcome limitations how ever impossible or improbable they seem at present.

    • UnfixedCarp803 says:

      @Rob M Unless we are about to learn how to send and receive data faster than light, this wouldn’t really work as a method of controlling a robot on Mars.

    • El Kitch says:

      Great! I bet NASA will order like… 10 of them!

    • blibblub says:

      @Rob M Umm… tweaking the lag of send and receive is literally impossible. Can´t go any faster than the speed of light…

  7. Zain Ul Abideen says:

    I don’t think any tech in my life has gotten me this excited and this terrified at the same time.

  8. Lucky Mandragoran says:

    Apps like Big Screen solve the isolation thing. You can watch together without even being in the same room, its quite good and actually helped me with being isolated the other year. This is a genuinly impressive bit of kit. I am not going to ever buy one, I use apple products for work and absolutely despise them, especially at that price. But for them to put something like this together is hopefully going to drive the VR/AR technologies from other companies, so a good thing all round. I cant wait to replace my quest and finally delete facebook forever

    • Duck that edits says:

      Ur top comment..

    • Adrian says:

      You’re alone, even if the feeling of being alone is diminished. Stuff like this is NOT healthy for humans. I love the tech, but humans are not remotely programmed to be isolated like this. This is one of those “we can, but should we” times, like a nuclear bomb…WE CAN do it, but SHOULD we do it? But humans being humans, hindsight being 20/20….We charge on anyways because money.

  9. David M says:

    And this is the reason why you have 15mil+ subscribers! Always well thought out, scripted content with excellent execution! Kudos 👏🏼

    • Ivan M says:

      You can really tell by the comments, on all the other videos ive seen commenters are shouting in all caps “who this is for?”, “why is apple charging them so much?” “Kinect already did the same thing!” etc etc… and everyone here just gets it and has a conversation, because the video actually explains it well.

    • denziiey says:

      It’s the voice for me. So soothing and clear. Personality is another plus!

  10. YoursFaithfully says:

    It’s almost terrifying how crazy this is. I mean this could be the next iphone? Who knows we could all be expected to own a pair in the future. I get motion sickness from VR, so I wonder how this will effect that

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