Apple Watch – Tattoo-gate!

Apple Watch – Tattoo-gate!

Apple Watch won’t work with tattoos

I received the watch on launch day, Friday 24th April. When I set up the watch, I noticed it kept constantly asking for the passcode. I had read that it should only ask for the passcode for added security when it loses contact with the skin, for example being stolen from your wrist.

It became very annoying having to enter the passcode every few seconds, so I disabled it completely and forgot about it.

The next few days when using the workout app for outdoor walking or running, I noticed it would constantly pause the workout every few seconds. I would have to manually resume the workout by force pressing the screen, only for it to stop again automatically. Very frustrating mid run. The heart rate readings were also all over the place.

This lead me to call Apple support, who came to the conclusion it must have a faulty sensor.

Later that day, I decided to try the watch on my left wrist. By surprise, the workout app, wrist detection and security features worked perfectly. The only difference with my left wrist, it not having tattoos.

So it seems having tattoos will cause major problems with usage.

The wrist detection features are relied on for Apple pay to work. Another one of the main reasons why I bought the watch.

I had waited patiently since the announcement in September to own the watch only to be left completely disappointed after using it for only a few days.

I tried on the watch in store after preordering, but had no way of knowing it would have problems with tattoos as the watches are locked to a demo loop.

I am very disappointed that Apple never picked up on such problems during testing over many years.

Still waiting on a response from Tim Cook & co.

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18 Responses

  1. ThisCreatedAccount says:

    Like if you have tattoos.

  2. VoiTuboUser says:

    Apple Fantards everywhere, its a cult.
    More than 50% of the ratings are dislike and this is a real issue . . .

  3. Paul Herring says:

    whats the music.
    It’s not sandstorm.

  4. josabad munoz says:

    ❤️Jesus Christ Lord God Loves you!
    Only God Can Fill Hearts! Discover the evidence!

  5. Caron A says:

    hater video… he pressing the button intentionnaly when right handed to
    make the Watch stop current activity and become in a attention mode…

    look at the video and see how he raise his hand to make the “long click on
    button” event occurs…

    This Watch have been designed to be wear like… a Watch… in the left
    hand… and is why this button are on this side of the Watch. On the left
    hand it have no problem cause he are not able to intentionnaly press the

    The poor moron that post this video just want attention… yes, your mom…
    hate you! see stupid thing you do!!! Moron.

    • Michael Lovell says:

      +Caron A the crown button doesn’t pause the workout. it would take the
      watch to the app home screen if pressed. plus the app would carry on in the
      background if pressed. Have you tried using the watch?

  6. TheXluV says:

    Surprise. That watch is crap. $350 dollars for a pedometer that doesn’t
    work. No, thanks.

  7. chettee says:

    The Apple watch hasn’t got problems with tattooed arms. Guys with tattooed
    arms have got problems with the Apple watch. That’s an important

  8. David Carrington says:

    music- darude sandstorm

  9. Kenny Yee says:

    I seriously don’t know what the problem is, and the video is way too boring
    and uninsterting to watch. But if the tattoo did affect the sensor some
    how…. holy shit Sherlock. I found out, after my arms went missing, that
    the Apple Watch doesn’t work on my armless arms. ArmGate.


  10. Duong Pham says:

    Does anyone knows what’s the song playing in the background? (I heard it
    somewhere before.)

  11. Italo Falcao says:

    It’s really a crap product. People must be retard to buy garbage from this
    shitty company

  12. Bullshit Detector says:

    Shitty tat

  13. STEALTHYCOW says:

    Austin powers has taught me to wear it on my left hand. So you should do
    the same and chant “spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch” every single

  14. dimi1326 says:

    Oh noooooooooooo…what a tragedy!!!!

  15. Paul Schlotter says:

    So toll ist die neue #iWatch ! Wow…