Apple Watch Ultra Impressions: Polished Overkill!

Apple Watch Ultra Impressions: Polished Overkill!

The Apple Watch Ultra was just unveiled, and it’s positively thiccc

Check out the iPhone 14 hands-on:
That shirt!

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41 Responses

  1. Owen Patterson says:

    I do a lot of mountain biking and back country skiing and this is the first time I’ve been excited for a new iPhone since the X, and the first time I’ve ever been interested in getting an apple watch. Sat phone, wayfinding, crash, and fall detection would all be hugely valuable things to have in the backcountry, I’ve definitely had some close calls where each of these could have potentially saved me. It’ll be amazing to have all this without tons of extra expensive gear

  2. angrymikko says:

    For me the battery is a huge plus and I wish that was a feature they’d add to the normal version.

    • MollyZ says:

      The normal one would be so chunky with a larger battery which is why they won’t do it. For the Ultra though it doesn’t matter because it’s about function over form.

    • TinyT says:

      They cant make that a “feature” on the normal watch, a bigger battery is only able to fit into the new watch since it’s huge. Unless you are talking about the low power mode, which will be implemented on all watches from the aw4 onwards with watchOS 9.

    • deep says:

      If you want bigger batteries then you are touring to pay 1000 dollars for the rest of the watch.are u ready?

    • Nara Hitesh says:

      @Den Lim or those satellite features consume more juice…

    • Den Lim says:

      the added battery might be because of a bigger battery as the watch is thicker and bigger

  3. Sam Bowmer says:

    Note: 100m water resistance doesn’t mean you can dive to 100m depth with the watch, it means the watch can withstand the equivalent water pressure of *sitting perfectly still* at 100m depth.

    Obviously when you’re swimming with a watch on your wrist it’s not sitting perfectly still, and so the effective water pressure on the watch is higher. For this reason most divers wouldn’t take a 100m water resistant watch anywhere near 100m depth.

    The general rule of thumb watch enthusiasts use for depth ratings is:
    <30m: Dress watch. don't get it wet.
    30m: can survive getting rained on or splashed.
    50m: You can take it for a dip safely, probably even a swim.
    100m: Sports watch. You can swim, snorkel, and recreationally dive with it safely.
    200m: True dive watch. You can professionally scuba dive with it.
    300m+: Starting to get into serious professional deep diving and saturation diving territory.

    • Quantum Infinity says:

      @Gabriel Most of their devices have exceeded what they are rated for quite considerably, we will have to wait and see, but I do think it’s very likely it will be OK if you bring it to that depth.

    • R D says:

      Normal divers don’t go below 40 meters…. And a good diving computer will cost you allot more then a Apple Watch ultra.

    • Herald says:

      ikr, but i wonder do pro divers use those seikos or omegas to dive or they just slaps gshocks?

    • Ajay Sasikumar says:

      @Ape together strong yepp

    • Julian Paolo Dayag says:

      If apple says so that it’s 100m then most probably it would be. Apple is known to underreport the specs of their devices. so if they say it’s 100, in reality it would be more than that. like for example the iPhone7 when it’s released. They didn’t mention that it was waterproof but in reality there was actually waterproofing to it.

  4. Sasan Moshirabadi says:

    Apple has improved it’s power saving algorithms significantly with recent watchOS updates. I get double the battery life because I don’t use it that frequently. I think ultra would last 4-5 days easily without the need to recharge. It seems to be the logical amount of time for a smart watch to last.

  5. Jan L says:

    Well since the Apple Watches have had the Water mode for a long time already, I can only assume that an update would bring that shortcut to the orange button. This stops the water from messing with the touch screen as far as I know. I feel like the Ultra really sells a dream more than a useful watch. You’re buying this for the same reason you might buy other cool gear for any sports, which you end up using once or twice. Also, I feel like it is too big for many, including my own wrists. Other story when having something like a wetsuit on, but as you said, that’s only for a maximum of a few hours a day. The rest of the time it would just look bulky and stupid, especially if you’re known to be or look like someone who is not really into extreme sports…

    • KezboardGaming says:

      I think you’re underestimating the amount of people that actually do not use an AW because it can’t keep up with certain activities. I used to have one and I liked it, but I couldn’t use it for long endurance events which were 5 hours plus (a normal hike or bike ride) without worry, it didn’t last an Ironman, it was annoying to use in the swimming pool because of the lack of buttons, the GPS accuracy when swimming was poor, it was difficult to use when skiing because I needed to take my gloves off all the time. In general the lack of physical buttons was the biggest annoyance.

      You may be right that most people buy the dream, but for me, this is a step in the right direction and I may even consider an AW again over the Fenix 6 I currently use and love. There is definitely a big crowd of endurance athletes that might feel the same.

    • Bacon Axolotl says:

      i mean depending on what field you are in it would be good for some military personnel as well scientists and historians who work in the field

  6. Dabber65 says:

    I’m not in the Apple ecosystem, but I always appreciate their hardware. Both Apple and Android OEM’s take inspiration from each other and can only improve for all of us.

    • Dave Is Great says:

      You might not be in the Apple ecosystem but, you should. I was Android when Android began and never ever wanted to get an iPhone. I HATED Apple purely because it was Apple and I HATED the “have’s vs the have not” reputation I took away from them.

      In short, I reluctantly changed 2 years ago when I got the iPhone 12. I never will go back to Android. I would be here all day telling you why and I simply don’t have time. I will say this, you’ll understand what I mean once you understand! Trust me it will all make sense when and if you change!

  7. Jake Kelsick says:

    The Ultra is super appealing to me. I do a lot of kitesurfing and been rocking and loving the SE but they usually die within 6- 8 months due to water damage. The beefed up waterproofing alone is a big plus!

  8. Chris Diver says:

    Would be interesting to bring up the fact that Apple states that “waterproofing will deteriorate over time”. That’s a pretty massive detail for someone considering it for diving.

    • Sid says:

      @C A you obviously don’t own any Apple products so have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Dumm Assce TubemastaC says:

      I got an Apple Watch 4. And I still go swimming with it. It’s been 4 years now. And it has two deep scratches on the glass.
      But going hella deep is questionable on this watch

    • AJ says:

      @C A Apple support is better than any other brand I’d say, and you should know that waterproofing doesn’t last forever, Apple has just decided to be transparent about the fact that, yes, it will deteriorate over time. That’ll eventually happen regardless of what device you have. Yes, their devices are typically not repairable but at least the support network exists.

    • Travis Bowers II says:

      @C A Apple support has been fine for me but all of the Apple devices I own have been so well-made and reliable that I haven’t needed much Apple support over the last several years. Explain that to me.

    • y e e says:

      @C A I don’t know if Apple support has gotten worse over the last few years, but I only had good experience with them. Maybe 7 years ago I got a faulty new iPhone and they replaced it for me. That one was also faulty, and for the third phone (which was working) I could choose one of their cases/accesories free of charge. I was pretty happy with that

  9. Bryan Reyes says:

    This is the first Apple Watch I’ve ever wanted, that price tag is insane though. If it goes on sale at some point I could maybe justify it lol

    • threepac3 says:

      @Milan Stojanovic I guess if you buy it from Apple directly… But Amazon has sales on their stuff all the time.

    • Milan Stojanovic says:

      It will next year when the new one comes out 😂
      Apple never had items “on sale” however you can get it maybe through your sim carrier on Black friday or some special occasions. I got my iPhone X few years back for 500$ only on Black friday at Verizon, one year later though! 😊

  10. Tilion Lieberman says:

    The low power mode is available now with the watchOS beta. I’ve tested for the last 12 hours and I’m at 81% on a s5. So definitely excited to see how much I get when the ultra arrives

    • threepac3 says:

      @HDvids 101 Like the troll, but you’re wasting your time and ours.

    • Alan Xu says:

      @Spo8 until solar panel on watch like Gshock does, iwatch will keep suffer battery issue.

    • Ravioli says:

      @HDvids 101 So you’re complaining about people buying smartwatches… on a video about a smartwatch? Also I don’t think you understand the point of buying a smart watch or fitness tracker. It’s not about being to tell the time 24/7/730, it’s about tracking your health or helping you train, get better at the exercises you do and add convenience to daily life. If you want to complain about people who enjoy using smart watches but want to change some things go to some obscure forum on the internet where you can find other people who feel the same, not a tech youtubers video about new smart watches.

    • GamerZone says:

      I’ve been using my smartwatch for 24 hours now and it is at 98% lol

    • deep says:

      @Daniel seriously Now you will tell us this too

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