Apple’s New Mac Pro – My thoughts…

Apple’s New Mac Pro – My thoughts…

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Apple’s WWDC came with a LOT of great announcements, but the new Mac Pro may be the most hotly anticipated in a long time. Was it worth the wait?

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58 Responses

  1. Antoine Fauconneau says:

    Maybe that was their plan!
    Perhaps – bear with me here -perhaps Apple’s target consumer group are Youtube reviewers who will buy their MacPro at any cost, just to tell the rest of us how bad of a deal it is. And the most outrageously expensive it is, the more they’ll sell. Genius!

  2. Юрій Бондарчук says:

    They better ship that stand with a stand arrow for those $999.

  3. Richard Opoku says:

    I think I’m gonna save up and by the Pro’ stand, first of the parts I need to build a MacPC

  4. Hail Sagan says:

    6:46 yeah but NVlink doesn’t mean anything in non-gaming tasks. 3d programs will use whatever vram you have available, regardless of sli/nvlink, so this very edge-case advantage isn’t really a thing.

    edit: did some research and NVlink does have some advantages in high-intensity applications, that being said, my original point is still valid. For almost all non-gaming applications, like 3d work, NVlink/sli don’t really matter. The program will use whatever resources you have available.

  5. 1000 subs by commenting challenge? says:

    Stand which costs $999
    725 garlic bread which costs $999
    which is better?

  6. Lunacy says:

    Family: Why is the bank here taking the deed to our house?!
    Me: I bought the new Mac Pro.

  7. Benjamin Wang says:

    Linus: “iFixIt’s magnetic project mat will keep you organised, and keep your screws in place”
    Demonstrator: *writes “some screws” on the mat*

  8. MAK says:

    Sold my Mac to afford the stand…

  9. imaner76 [Him n' her 76] says:

    Linus: So I’m going to by one.
    Apple Repair: … intensifies

  10. Simon Manuel says:

    Just when you think Linus isn’t going to drop anything 6:02

  11. vinicius naoke says:

    Waiting for the “we got 1.5 tb of RAM” video

    • Lothar Scholz says:

      Every threadripper can address 2TB

    • Zoro22thegod says:

      So they will get the max config one? 1.5 TB is for the 24/28 core one i whould like so see a maxed out config for an actual head to head with intel and amd workstations

  12. Mister-Tea says:

    Apple being like: “They can’t review it and trash talk us, if it’s expensive enough!”

    • Minh-Khoi NguyenLe says:

      +Mr.Rexxyy well its not that dude trust me
      can’t do dat shit without a mouse and kb

    • Mr.Rexxyy says:

      You guys need to understand that the target audience of this machine most likely is not thinking about the cost. This computer is for highly specialised purposes such as visual effects, simulation etc. The average user is not going to be doing anything even remotely close to capping this machines limits.

    • gfin Chen says:

      The stand is made from gold.

    • INS4NITY says:

      +Mr.Rexxyy Going into broadcast engineering, I’m pretty much the definition of the target consumer for this device. Trust me, at the price it’s being sold at I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, I’d so much rather build a Threadripper machine for my organization at that point. Which is a shame, because one of the on-site professors has been waiting for a new Mac Pro to upgrade his iMac for 5 years

    • Alvatore DiMarco says:

      +Mr.Rexxyy The so-called “best machine on the planet for media creation” is $35,000. That’s not “the most expensive”, that’s “an abhorrent case of blatantly unbelievable price-gouging”.

  13. Leo André says:

    -Recommended resolution for the 580x?

  14. Danny Winget says:

    Best breakdown so far of this Mac Pro. Exciting but severely overpriced.

  15. Radan Valenta says:

    AT the end of video Linus already regretting the purchase 😀

  16. Bud King says:

    “pedestrian 32gb of ram”

    Thanks Linus, just cause I don’t have a car.

  17. Lolly Stacey says:

    apple: iPhone X: $999
    everyone: oh god what next
    apple: hold my prices
    *Pro Display Stand **_$999_*

    • Arauka Nizimo says:

      stand + screen + basic cheese grater = 12k maybe the wheels 999 more ???

    • Arauka Nizimo says:

      amd threadripper ll + rtx = more power… i think ???

    • Arckanum says:

      Galaxy Note 9 is the same price, but I guess only Apple gets the brunt of it.

    • Adam Younes says:

      +Arckanum did u actually just compare the note 9 with the iphone Xs? Cuz fam, the note 9 is better in every way and it costs more than $100 less, than the standard iphone xs…

    • IggyM says:

      +Adam Younes 100 less? Go look at the Samsung site right now…you will see they are still charging 999. Even the Note 8 was 950 when it first came out. Samsung plays the same game Apple does.

  18. Bud King says:

    *Linus Tech Tips uploaded a video*

    “DIY Apple Monitor Stand for under $99”

    • Too Sick For You says:

      Actually its a great great opportunity for third party to sell Mac pro stand at affordable price. Imagine some Chinese company selling replacement stand around $50 .. . Most of then will buy it and save $950 !!! ???

    • Phaedra says:

      I would duct tape the freaking thing onto a broom before paying 1k for a goddamn monitor stand. This is an absolute outrage

    • Jacob Pritchett says:

      Honestly, I would just buy the VESA mount and a cheaper stand.

  19. 류엶Ryuyeorm says:

    When Apple hears that Samsung is preparing galaxy fold for $2000

    Apple : Then lets sell monitor stand for half a price of the fold!

  20. Jose Lara says:

    Y’all notice how Apple stopped all YouTube live streams to stop all the trash talking??

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