Apple’s WWDC 2022: Everything Revealed in 14 Minutes

Apple’s WWDC 2022: Everything Revealed in 14 Minutes

At WWDC 2022, Apple revealed a ton of new software including iOS 16, iPad OS 16 and Mac OS Ventura. The company also introduced a new M2 processor for a redesigned MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

00:00 – Apple announces iOS 16 at WWDC 2022
00:22 – iOS 16 Lock Screen
01:09 – iOS 16 Widgets
01:59 – iOS 16 New Messages Features
02:45 – iOS 16 Dictation
03:09 – iCloud Shared Photo Library
04:10 – MacBook Air with M2 chip
06:10 – Apple M2 Chip Specs
07:35 – MacBook Pro M2 (13 inch)
08:31 – Apple announces macOS Ventura
09:24 – MacOS Continuity Camera
11:05 – Apple unveils multi-display CarPlay
12:32 – WatchOS 9 with improved health tracking

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34 Responses

  1. peterpanda1970 says:

    iOS 16 is like the dream of the security and reliability of iOS with the versatility of android… Can’t wait to give it a try

  2. IVM says:

    Car Play is a game changer… they’re preparing people for what an Apple car would feel like 😜

    • Andy_T says:

      @Kevin02Era there’s also Mercedes that have leds that adjust to nighttime driving, pretty sure apple will do that as well.

    • Andy_T says:

      @Kevin02Era there’s a Honda that has the same thing, and it’s just fine.

    • Ocean X says:

      @Von Doom I know but it’s quite different than other companies presentations

    • Von Doom says:

      @Ocean X to captivate the audience or demand their pockets

    • Ocean X says:

      Apple be like: We are bringing Car Play to everyone. This is the technology you need. 😂 It’s new design and functions are futuristic and special.

      Why do they always speak like that?

  3. Matt Halpain says:

    Thank you for the condensed synopsis of WW DC 2022 very helpful and easy to follow to see all the products and events unfold

  4. Alex Bassett says:

    “You can now use your iPhone as your Webcam”
    Great, so now Apple doesn’t even have to upgrade the Mac camera for the foreseeable future, lol

  5. Sweet N' Sour Man says:

    Honestly bringing Magsafe back is what I’m most excited for! Makes me want to buy all by itself

  6. David says:

    How is the table view thing even possible! That is so impressive.

  7. Ron Leedy says:

    All the pertinent info without the marketing fluff. Thanks!!!

  8. Toastyy says:

    I’m truly excited for iOS 16! Great event today!

    • Damian Wójcikiewicz says:

      @Lode Van den berg I’m not addiction to using S22 for a whole day. People are zombies, no life.

    • Lode Van den berg says:

      @Damian Wójcikiewicz and S22 doesn’t have as good battery life for the same price🤷🏼 phones shouldn’t all be the same.

    • Kishor Kumar says:

      @Sagar Sethi iphone 8 and above qualifies

    • Kishor Kumar says:

      @Austin Howells20 iphone 8 and above qualifies

    • lIIIlllllIIIllllIIllllIII says:

      @Damian Wójcikiewicz is this the only reason for you hating on the iPhone 13 when has any android device had a good update like this

  9. Jaitee says:

    I really hope that we can loop our background at some point to be animated or even swiping animations. This already is a W and can’t wait for more to come!

  10. Kody Duncan says:

    Literally all my dreams for lock screens and messages are finally coming true!

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