April 14 Stimulus Update: IRS Get My Payment Tool Update, Disgusting Stimulus Marketing, and More

April 14 Stimulus Update: IRS Get My Payment Tool Update, Disgusting Stimulus Marketing, and More

In this video I give you the latest stimulus update as of April 14, 2020. In this video I talk about:
– a disgusting marketing campaign that takes advantage of people’s stimulus hopes
– what Mnuchin said at the press conference yesterday
– the IRS Get My Payment Tool being released tomorrow
– why some states are so behind with issuing the additional $600 in unemployment benefits, funded by the feds

The stimulus I am referring to is the CARES Act that was signed into law on March 27, 2020.

The information I am sharing is current as of the morning of April 14, 2020.

However, the government is changing its mind on the stimulus on an almost daily basis, so any information stated in this video may change tomorrow.

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99 Responses

  1. Ko Hey says:

    I file taxes in February so I should be in the group on the 15 right

    • Anthony Williams says:

      Mac MF Mud how did u pay the fees out of your refund money?

    • Marie Kelly says:

      @Anthony Williams I don’t understand the logic behind that either. They have the card information so what’s the big deal? Makes no sense. Can you go on the IRS website to put your information in there?I know it’s all scary and I’m sorry you’re having these struggles.

    • Marie Kelly says:

      @Anthony Williams I paid using my debit card

    • Barry S says:

      I filed in January and BIG zip so far.It’s ok as I plan to pass it on to others that need it more then I do.

    • Marie Kelly says:

      @Anthony Williams did you actually call the 800 number on the back of the card? That’s where I got my information. First it tells you about your taxes being done and then it stated the IRS accepted my refund.

  2. jen l says:

    I swear they dont know what the hell they are doing. It’s all over the place SMH…

    • Connie Pitts says:

      @Ray Penn what do you expect from a low information voter,,,IGNORANT of how our government really works,,,CIVICS some people need to take a class since they don’t teach it in school anymore……..

    • Mathew Bryant says:

      @Dragon Fyre it shed light on much much more than that 😉

    • Dennis Daugherty says:

      @Frosty NY UK Trump done his job he signed it so that ungrateful people like you will have something to sustain and make it through. Not being a dick but it really has nothing to do with him it’s the irs and Treasury that’s moving slow. And they absolutely have a right to move slow look at the volume of people that they have to send shit to.

    • A Heimdahl says:

      They don’t and it is ridiculous.
      The Social Security Administration has the SSN of EVERY American in the US (including US Citizens living abroad) Men, Women and Children.
      After all, they are the Agency that issues Social Security Numbers and that Number is necessary to access any Benefits or Service that Government renders, regardless of whether that Service or Benefit is at the Local, State or Federal Level.
      To make it simple give ALL Eligible Adults 1200.00 and Children 500.00 across the board (KISS=Keep It Simple, Stupid).

      All SSA should have to do is Compile all of the SSN’s, subtract the SSN’s of People added to the Social Security Death Index (because they are dead, they don’t get a Check) and then send that info to the IRS, along with the Direct Deposit info that SSA has on file.
      In the meantime, IRS then should have set up a Call Center (for those with no access to a Computer) and Website to give People a chance to Update their Address and Direct Deposit Information if necessary.
      Then IRS should take the info from SSA and compare those SSN’s with the SSN’s and Tax Returns filed so far to see who made over the allowed Threshold for the Stimulus and subtract those SSN’s because they won’t be getting a Deposit or Check.
      Also out of that same Tax Return info, determine who has a Direct Deposit Account and who doesn’t and delete one of every Duplicate Direct Deposit Account Number between SSA and IRS info so Folks don’t get an extra Stimulus Payment.
      IRS then should do a second ‘Run” to catch stragglers and late Filers – the ones that don’t make enough to File just use the damn SSN by itself already, should be no need for them to File.
      After Folks have Updated and all the sh1t has been Compiled/tested and everything, then IRS should run whatever Disbursement Program they are going to use to start doing Direct Deposits and Printing/mailing Checks.
      Not only that but the Federal Disbursement System is robust enough that all of the Checks could have gone out in a relatively short time (not Months).
      Yeah some work will have to be done and Programming tweaked but in the Grand Scheme of Things, this isn’t Rocket Science.

      I mean w.t.f. 🤦‍♀️

    • Riya M says:

      brianne bohr that’s why I am so confused. I hear something different everyday

  3. johnmonk66 says:

    The stimulus is like the virus, we all hear someone got it but not us.

  4. Glitzy Glam says:

    So Technology is the holdup as to why some states haven’t implemented the extra 600 weekly in unemployment? But if we all owed that money I’m betting technology wouldn’t matter.

  5. Dirk Diggler says:

    This is the only guy in YouTube that tells you straight.

    • A G says:

      I like the Asian tax guy but this guy cool too

    • El Coyote says:

      The Asian guy is pretty good too.

    • Xilla Stephan says:

      Yea @ClearviewTax aka the Asian Lawyer/ accountant

    • Louis Tuner says:

      Naam Wynn is solid to lol

    • john postlewait says:

      @Xilla Stephan yep. These are the 2 I check daily for the updates. I’m one of the self employed contractors. The information I have gotten from these guys has saved me tons of time and stress. I’m stuck waiting for the get my check tool because if you file 1099 and owe, you can’t put in direct deposit info. Just payment info to give them money. I accept the wait and thanks to these updates I can follow along so I know what’s happening. I really hope that tool open tomorrow. Can’t work when people don’t want you in their home remodeling till this is over.
      And side note: Ohio isn’t paying the extended unemployment benefits yet either. Hang in there people. We can either come out of this way stronger, or at each other throats. Let’s go for the former.

  6. Dasharii Phelps says:

    Who are these millions of Americans? Everyone I know ain’t seen anything.

  7. Franco Barrera says:

    I agree with you speaking out against the dealership. That is truly disgusting!

  8. Phillipos Lemma says:

    Guys there’s a subreddit called r/stimulus checks and they have a spreadsheet of who has received it, pending, and not yet

    • Mary Fields says:

      Shabby Cat but not every bank is on there so how isn’t it false?

    • Phillipos Lemma says:

      O Day what bank do you use? I’m hearing rumors that a lot of banks will clear tomorrow for the checks

    • Mary Fields says:

      Phillipos Lemma German American sorry not trying to be rude but things are getting hard over here because me and my girlfriends roommate fucking ditched us even tho she’s on the lease now we have to pay full rent with no jobs

    • Brenda Porch says:

      Where’s the money they say one thing and doing another

    • Shabby Cat says:

      Mary Fields it isn’t an official documented. A guy on Reddit is compiling that list and spending his time taking proof of deposits to show which banks have received the deposit.

  9. Brendan B. says:

    Dealership by me used thexsame envelopes,i had a little conversation with the front desk at Dempsey Chrysler of plano il. They were supposed to get back to me . Surprise surprise , they didnt

  10. Games2Break says:

    I hope to see my 1200 in my bank tomorrow

  11. Mike Wagner says:

    Every mooring I check my account expecting it to be there. Nope. Nope. Nope

  12. CaliRican67 says:

    Tacky opportunist, there’s a special place in hell for them right next to the gougers

  13. Dean Girl says:

    My mom has Chime and received hers on Monday about 40 minutes after I asked if she got it. Mine should be be in my account tomorrow. It’s pending now.

  14. Tony says:

    In the middle of this pandemic when many of us have love ones in the ICU, just waiting for any news, we get this phone calls from the scammers. I know this has nothing to do with your video, it’s just frustrating to get these calls. God bless you.

    • Rob Marchetti says:

      i know that it’s not much consolation, but i want to assure you that every scammer that calls me regrets it in quick order. I’m happy to waste their time and frustrate them.

    • cannondaleman1 says:

      At least you are hearing some NEW scams. I’m still getting the one that is trying to reach me concerning my auto insurance.

    • Ta Cowboys says:

      Tony I’m also getting phone calls email texts advance stimulus loans???? Like this is sad I’m just blocking all of it.

    • Ta Cowboys says:

      cannondaleman1 new too just put them on block they’ll eventually stop.

    • cannondaleman1 says:

      @Ta Cowboys I need to try that. See if it works. Thanks. I will.

  15. metalgamer28 says:

    any one else not see a pending deposit in their account? should i not be worried about that?

  16. Humanimalz says:

    Payment pending in my credit union this morning. if yours isn’t hang in there. Hope everyone gets it.

  17. Brandon A Newton says:

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Trust nothing I see so far.

  18. James Bond says:

    I’ve been seeing car sale ads on videos also.

    I’m just like, yea we need to buy vehicles right now. Smfh

    • Beth Doss says:

      How can anyone even buy a car when most of the country is barely working

    • James Bond says:

      @Beth Doss 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Tamala Rovaris Stampley says:

      Beth Doss @Beth Doss this isn’t a new problem for Americans! I have known families with a working adult or three and rent is still unaffordable! I fostered a child decades ago and reconnected with him 17 years later and even with his wife him working the apartments available were unaffordable! We live where a house note is $2600 right now! I will more than likely refinance because rates are dropping like a stone off a cliff! I am an essential worker so my income is secure!

      As a caregiver in California they want us working because we are making beds available to the truly ill rather than people who could be home with assistance such as coming in and cooking two meals, washing , cleaning and administering medications and monitoring blood pressure and taking the clients for doctor appointments, dental and such! We don’t work and they would have to establish care for about 600,000 non-critically ill people!

      In California a one bedroom rental no bels or whistles starts at $1200 monthly! Minimum wage is $12 per hour at businesses with less than 25 employees and $13 with more than $25. Many companies won’t give 30- 40 hours because that’s full time and they don’t want to give benefits!

    • Tamala Rovaris Stampley says:

      James Bond @JamesBond California is high cost of living but sadly a lot of people will start making the choice transportation to a job or rent and mortgages

    • James Bond says:

      @Tamala Rovaris Stampley


  19. Jr Monty says:

    It’s in my account pending at least.

  20. God of plumbing says:

    Dear Uncle Sam :
    I don’t have the proper technology to pay my taxes. But once I do you’ll will get the back taxes I owe immediately.
    Thank you in advance for your understanding.
    Sincerely yours
    Buster Hymen.

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