April Fools Video Prank in Math Class

April Fools Video Prank in Math Class

I played a trick on my math class for April Fool’s Day. In this one, I’m showing a “homework help” video that gets some trigonometry wrong. How embarrassing!

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20 Responses

  1. belengvereng belengvereng. says:


  2. Zodiak34 says:

    his voice reminds me of Jon Lajoie

  3. Ala ben abdallah says:


  4. Jesse James says:

    That is awesome!

  5. Hoody Hatchola says:

    That was sweet. Thanks man.

  6. sam bishop says:

    Best teacher ever so creative 

  7. Mark Bradley says:


  8. Daniel J. Layton says:

    This is excellent

  9. u Pasha says:

    i bet somewhere out there is some PC dipshit that wants this guy fired.

  10. GnatGamer says:

    Lol how did you do the thing where you threw the desktop icons or moved the
    video window? Does anyone know what program he used or how he made it?

  11. Michael T. Mann says:


  12. v7w37 says:

    How’s that a college class? That’s 9th grade geometry on the projector….

  13. MrSaad909 says:


  14. algaetodiesel says:

    a=29, b=96

  15. Robin Lee says:


  16. goatanything says:

    That was brilliant!!!

  17. Pedro Sanchez says:

    if you’re reading this, you’re luckier than me. good for you. bye

  18. Cindy Marcone says:

    Best teacher ever

  19. 3icepwn says:

    is this the guy who sang mc vagina?

  20. Landon Rivers says:

    why text answers?