April Meets The Hamburglar

April Meets The Hamburglar

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20 Responses

  1. SeñorFartFace says:

    Stop trying to be a viral video, it’s not going to happen.

  2. footytang says:

    What is this, like the nigger public access channel? I understand this if
    Fox “news” but this is just fucking retarded, even for that dogshit

  3. Steve XXX says:

    Someone needs thicker skin!

  4. Eaton Beavers (Infidel Kafir al-Amriki) says:

    The original clip was funny, and she is just fine.

  5. AngryPuppeh says:

    What a spoil sport. She comes off as a huge bitch.

  6. lyokofans says:

    LOL black people drama.

  7. ihazcheese says:

    What a salty bitch, damn…

  8. iIllusionStudios says:

    It was in all good fun at first, but then they really started to harass
    April. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sue the Newstation out of harassment,
    she would win the case if she did.
    She wasn’t in a good mood for sure, and the crew kept pushing in their
    joke. They should had stopped or apologized after the hamburgers were
    This is not acceptable behavior during work hours, I know I would never
    want to be harassed like that during work.

  9. Carl Collins says:

    What she should do is take this insta-fame and turn it into something much
    bigger than a local news job. The whole world knows your name so do
    something about it…Normmmmmmm!

  10. Nin13666 says:

    damn whats with that bitchs left eye its wonky as fuck.

  11. Dan West says:

    Shit I am no hamburglar but I would have snatched my fat ass some of those
    for lunch and ran out that news room.

  12. Steven Fallon says:

    She looked pretty good in the “Hamburgler” shirt, maybe they were just
    jealous. They did stretch the gag a bit too far tho, it wasn’t that
    hilarious to begin with.

  13. lurker782 says:


  14. Muffin Man says:

    Kill it with fire!

  15. PossumCheckers says:

    That Hamburglar has boobs. Haha, obvious chick in there.

  16. ChoLateEnt says:

    Thats mobbing, she should sue them and switch up to a good News Station.

  17. Daniel Rowley says:

    This is news!? 

  18. burnzy3210 says:

    she’s cute, i like her, she looked really nice in that striped top

  19. Sergeant MayMay says:

    Reddit has made this video famous. Bow down to your overlords, and send
    offerings in the form of dank may mays plebs.

  20. JD Green says:

    wow – relax !