April Update for Xbox One Out Now

April Update for Xbox One Out Now

Larry Hryb, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson highlights the April Update for Xbox One, including updates to Party Chat, the Achievement notification and What’s On.

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20 Responses

  1. RalphyPlague says:


  2. Marcio Indau says:

    I want to turn off screen saver. 

  3. Jay LifeI says:

    Can yall put party chat settings

  4. David G Short (Yosh) says:


  5. abo asa says:

    Hi xbox l have a problem with bf4 l can’t get the Surfer way?

  6. PROPHET GAME says:

    Yes more updates! We need them! When I first bought the xbox it was really
    buggy, but its getting a lot better.

  7. DragzEditing says:

    We definitely need a background music update! I’d like to olay GTA5 with my
    own music. Thanks Xbox!

  8. WonderMePartyStrip says:

    Lel 360 has have all these thing before XOne.

  9. Jaime Enrique says:

    I love my Xbox!!!! <3

  10. superman prime One Million says:

    I need help didn’t see voice Messaging on my xbox 

  11. John Mcgarvey says:

    Could you add a feature so it always does a hard shut down (change on and
    off in settings) or an option when you hold down the (big/main) x on the
    controller for a hard shutdown instead of holding the on/off button because
    mostly when I turn my Xbox off it makes noise in the background.Please get
    back to me xbox on this.

  12. Cany0 says:

    Will we get a new template accommodating for the “What’s on” tab? So we can
    make our xbox themes accordingly?

  13. y00gurt says:

    когда NAT:Strict можно создавать Party?

  14. Blade Voltz says:

    I updated my console and I didn’t get the what’s on feature added to my
    dashboard can somebody help me with that 

  15. UnknownGamerMC says:

    I have updated it, but there are no voice messages

  16. Spooney Rooney says:


  17. TheBittar10 says:

    OMG!!!! XBOX>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OfflineStation 4

  18. Samt13ful says:

    I want to hide the snap while i listen my music when i play my games 🙂
    (Sorry for my english xD)

  19. NoobSaibot307 says:

    We got Bloodborne so…. suck it, Xbox players.

  20. MechaG2 says:

    Sweet! Looking forward to giving this a go. Nice work, Xbox. :D