Arcade Fire – David Bowie Tribute Parade

Arcade Fire – David Bowie Tribute Parade

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20 Responses

  1. rinaldo selvanathan says:

    Wonderful tribute, from a guy who lives in David Bowie’s home grown town of
    Bromley. We are hoping our local council comes up with a permanent
    something to our great local hero.

  2. Dan Soto says:

    You misspelled “Louisiana” in the opening. Just letting y’all know.

  3. Gatoncho :3 says:

    2:53 seems like it was a cold day…

  4. kumsitas says:

    MAGIC <3

  5. Kasino80 says:

    I gotta get to New Orleans!

  6. Kidraver says:

    Dave would really dig that, New Orleans fucking rocks, so well done,
    cheers, he lives forever.

  7. OwlyRose says:

    So sweet. I’m sure David is watching this and that he’s loving it :)

  8. Pablo S says:

    Bowie Gras!

  9. Mia Lentz says:


  10. phil wien says:

    so many heroes! <3

  11. Hailey B. says:

    Thank you Arcade Fire for this amazing tribute to an unforgettable man.
    Bless you Bowie!

  12. Hannah Brower says:


  13. placebooracle says:

    Thank You for doing this

  14. Marietta Chávez says:

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  15. Oscar Sanchez Santana says:

    The king is dead, long live The King!

  16. PINEOMusic says:

    Beautiful and unique tribute!

  17. Geoffrey Hughes says:

    Excellent !

  18. Eliot Butler says:

    Incredible ❤

  19. Movie GIrl says:

    So appropriate, an amazing tribute!

  20. S.EliseMartin says:

    Thanks guys *Love* “yawl”