ARCADE Game On Your Watch? | 10 Strange Amazon Products

ARCADE Game On Your Watch? | 10 Strange Amazon Products

How cool would it be to have a retro arcade game on your wrist, wherever you go? Today we’ll find out, as I test out this dope gadget, along with other interesting and hilarious products from! Join me as i unbox the coolest tech and the weirdest products we could find, including a new DOPE or NOPE item! Let me know in the comments below which products you think would be worth buying for yourself!

Want your product to possibly be featured in an upcoming episode? Send your product to:
Matthias “Submissions” 24307 Magic Mountain Pkwy Box #617
Valencia, CA 91355

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43 Responses

  1. Eric Davis says:

    change desk to black

  2. ChubbyPanda Videos says:


  3. MacKenzie Campbell says:

    Matt btw owl pellets are basically owl spit up not poop.Anyways love your vids keep it up.

  4. Wintering Gamer says:

    I can only see the fox head over Matthias’s shoulder

  5. Beastin Mimic says:

    Vat19 has a lot of unique board games that you should review, you could then use them as a team edge challenge

  6. Jadrian Santiago says:

    30:07 is the best part of the video

  7. LaFleur Chase says:

    I’m from Louisiana. Im laughing so hard he pronounced it like “Uncle Bow-drows.” Instead of like uncle Boodrows.

    • Krystal Hecke says:

      LaFleur Chase same. I was like omg that’s so not even close. I believe we say things a lot different down here though.

  8. Carson Cook says:

    I like the black paper! It gives a nice contrast to the white background in your face camera.

    It’s also easier for the eyes to adjust to.. I don’t know how easy of a change that is.. but I personally think it looks better!

  9. Tina Hammack says:

    Does anyone else notice the little sassy edits in his newest videos?

  10. Diego 888 says:

    Matthias looks like fixitfelix

  11. blahblahblahxx2 says:

    that arcade watch would have been awesome if i could at least play pac man on it

  12. Silverwolf says:


  13. ToniCat 1620 says:

    Owl?pellets?are?not?poop?. Owls “throw up” pellets of just fur and bones, since they swallow their food whole and cannot digest those parts of their prey.

  14. Tina Riera says:

    I prefer this type of vid, where you go around the office, showing other people’s reactions.

  15. CalmStar Logan says:

    Triggered section 21:45

  16. Raymond Hall says:

    “Ive been on the receiving end of a coach wistle. Like, that thing could be pretty scary.” -matthias 2017

  17. HAZEM ZOOMA says:

    25:20 screenshot ??????

  18. Desiree Heinold says:

    I opened an owl pellet before and we had to sort the bones and it is not poop it us what they can’t digest

  19. Read more says:

    You can clearly tell that matthias is not a “survival guy”

  20. Herschinator_47 says:

    i opened an owl pellet in science class today

    found a skull…

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