Archery Kart Battle ft. Luke Bryan | Dude Perfect

Archery Kart Battle ft. Luke Bryan | Dude Perfect

I think we invented a new sport.
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20 Responses

  1. Pascal Dreyer says:

    nic guys

  2. Tamir Khoury says:

    The Bole shoters

  3. Pappy Singh says:

    I love you co by you did it

  4. Ben Unger says:

    Make a crossbar challenge or a soccer edition

  5. Travis Smith says:

    that last shot though.

  6. TJNorge says:

    Team waffols

  7. Team Extreme says:

    Thugs up if you think this counts as Cobys first win

  8. Randy T says:

    Luke Bryan? seriously? dumb. that guy is legally retarded.

  9. Team Extreme says:

    Brand new trick shots channle go check it out

  10. Sanna Uurasmaa says:

    Best moment of the video 6:57

  11. Flami'n Trickshots says:

    +Dude Perfect Team Red’s nAme should be Team Blaze @Dude Perfect

  12. Declan Neilson says:

    Team name should be coke

  13. Nabil Hasnaoui says:


  14. Carolina Mendoza says:

    Luke Bryan babe

  15. Carson Deveaux says:


  16. ulises nunez says:

    so ho is the camera guy

  17. krish shah says:

    he WON FOR THE FIRST TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Dinesh Kumar (Vicky) says:

    Okay what just happened??? :O

  19. Abbe Dabbe says:

    Make a floorball trick shot video!

  20. Ash says:

    LOL WHEN HE SAID im Luke brown i just died